swaragini: hamari love life (epi 1)


Hello everyone this is an small ff of some 6-7 episodes hope u’ll enjoy it
Ragini gadodia a rude arrogant beautiful sweet good from heart strict kind natured girl daughter of shekar and janki dadi’s ladoo a typical marwadi family staying in Bangalore alone family is in jodhpur want to be CEO of karma industries hard worker determined towards work . Parents wants her to marry but she’s least interested in marriage for parents she got engaged to laksh sinha totally changed from a fun loving girl to arrogant after her elder sister swara death in a car accident where swara to save her died she blames herself for that she always and still loves her sister a lot unable to forget that incident scared of fire
Laksh sinha son of rp and sujitha sinha. a handsome dashing fun loving boy handleing family business a recognised business man has a crush on ragini loves her alot but afraid to tell her he knows her point of view about marriage so don’t want to create any complications btw them happy that he’s going to marry ragini ragini and laksh are good friends laksh always try to keep ragini happy but he fails to make her laugh change her mindset about marriage and other relations staying in Mumbai
Ragini and laksh are going to marry after two months
Sanskar maheswari son of dp and ap .a big flirt has many gf’s hot handsome rich fun loving boy full of adventure loves taking risks board member of karma industry intelligent has good sense of humour his father wants him to be serious about business but he least care about the world around him does what he wish to do but very talented grabbed many deals a bit childish behaviour ma ka ladala young bachelor a famous personality maheswari family is staying in US
Dp maheswari head and owner of karma industries and arrogant and strict but good man
Ap wife of dp and mother of sanskar and uttra
Ap dp and uttra returned to india at present are living in Bangalore dp is very much impressed by ragini he wants sanskar to learn something from her lets se what happens So the story starts what will happen when their paths cross what destiny has planned for them so lets start
At Bangalore
one boy is coming out of airport his hairs are messed up wearing goggles he came out of airport he stretched his hands
“ ah…….. so finally I am here India this place is so beautiful Bangalore”
He said he’s our sanskar he saw some foreign girls he started to flirt with them
Sanskar: hey beautiful girls may I help u
He talked with them for some time and then moved towards his house
Met his family had a great time with them

Karma industries office
Ragini is made CEO she’s very much happy after all she achieved her dream
Ragini’s cabin
She was working on some deals dp called her and informed about his son’s arrival
All were very excited especially female staffs because they heard a lot about him that he’s very handsome dashing and hot guy
Ragini was getting disturbed by those sounds he came out
(smirti (ragini’s PA) avika vardha subha some employees were talking) ragini over heard their conversation
Vardha: I have heard that sanskar sir is very handsome
Avika: yeah I am so excited to meet him oh my god he may come at anytime
Smirti: yeah he’s looks so cute
Ragini got angry by their conversation
Ragini: what’s happening here
All got scared by her anger
Ragini: u’ll come here to work not to gossips
All were silently listening to her
know get back to ur work she screamed all were know working seriously she stormed in her cabin she called her PA
vardha: smiriti ach toh tu gayi kam se
smirti: areh subh subh bol
she went
avika: pata nahi iski kya problem hai itana gusha
vradha: no one will see her all boys run away seeing her anger don’t know how she got engaged
subha: I heard that she’s going to get married in two months
all didn’t like ragini more because of her anger but they respected her because of her knowledge many were her school friends so they knew the reason
sanskar arrived at office he went to DP’s cabin he met all leaving ragini as she was out of office for some deal
it was lunch time
sanskar was busy in flirting with girls at office their
sanskar was surrounded by all he was in middle of them ragini came she was unable to see him but was clearly saw many girls around him
seeing her all other employees got back to their work sanskar saw the atmosphere getting serious he saw towards that direction all employees standing their were giving way to some one from entrance he was mesmerised to see a beautiful girl coming she’s our ragini her hairs were flying in air her eyes her lips her style of walking a pure beauty from heaven sanskar was totally lost in her he was attracted towards her he felt some unknown connection with her
but every got disturbed by DP who introduced ragini as CEO of the company
sanskar forwarded his hand ragini gave her hand to handshake
sanskar: nice to meet u ms.ragini
ragini: same here sir
dp saw sanskar glaring ragini with love he saw love for her in his eyes they were shinning birght with happiness he never saw sanskar’s this side
sanskar was impressed by ragini’s working style and all he arrogance he loved that
she looked so cute when she got angry
Precap: ragsan together for some deal some fun
Gues plsz comment how it is

Credit to: avika

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    Its a ragsan story….right….☺☺

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    Good start… I feel bad for laksh.. he loves rags na…
    Eager to know HW sanskar will turn ragini from arrogant to a sweet person..

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    Waiting for the next one…….

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    hmmmmmmmmmmm really nice good

  6. avika thank-you so much for this story, really interesting dear

    waiting for the next part

    if possible try to prolong it

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    It’s diff I saw many ff’s where hero l be arrogant but n this heroine… Nyc… Go ahead di..

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    Just truly loved it ❤❤❤

  10. nice epi dear…..waiting for nxt part

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