(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 9

hii friends….
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in clg…
sanky – do it fast we can’t wait for you the whole long day…
Swara – you are crossing your limits now stop this non sense and give me my phone back
kavitha – Oh really if you say to return and we will return, poor girls
kavya – no one dare to oppose us till now so it is better to complete the task and leave from hear
Swara – proposing and kissing is a task for you why can’t you do it your self
sanky (raising his voice) – don’t you dare talk to her like that
lucky – chill bro I will handle it
lucky to Swaragini…. so girl by giving lectures and crying (looking at ragini) we are not going to leave you… so the condition is still on either she (pointing to ragini) should propose the most handsome guy over hear or you(pointing to Swara) should kiss one of the guy so decide fast

riya who came just then sees all the happenings and gets worried…
riya (to her self) – Oh no here these dare devils are bothering Swaragini now what to do I will call Karthik bai he can only do something…
riya calls Karthik…

in hot dazzlers Hall….
Karthik comes..
Karthik – Hey guys what’s up
kunj – Hey
dhruv – your Sisters are joining us na
Karthik – ha yaar they came with me only but I told them to go first
soumya – you done right thing if dare devils come to know about them they are not going to leave them we can not even help them
Karthik – ya I hope they are fine
shradda (by keeping her hand on his shoulder) – don’t worry Karthik we are hear
kunj – ha we will take care of your Sisters
and its just till fresher’s party after that management only will take strict action if anything happens against rules so it’s not a big deal to hide that your Sisters are in our clg only
Karthik – hmm

Karthik gets riya’s call…
Karthik – (thinks why riya is calling me hope everything is fine) Hello riya
riya – (worried) hi
Karthik – anything serious you sound worried
all his friends look at him…
riya – wo actually here at the first gate corridor some people are ragging swararagini and I think it is serious ragini is crying please come fast
Karthik – what k don’t worry I am coming and you just stay away from them
riya – k

kunj (to Karthik) – anything wrong
Karthik – SomeOne are doing ragging and I think its serious ragini is crying riya just called me
shradda – who is this riya
Karthik – Swara’s friend she is also our clg only….
dhruv – k come lets go

in corridor….
Swara – please let us go
yuvi – now you are on right track if you would have talked politely at the starting it self then it would have not reached this long but it is late dear… by looking at your sister I think she is not going to even open her mouth so you are doing it and dragged swara in to the middle where few boys surrounded them
kavya (to the boys standing their) – today some one are really lucky to be kissed by this girl
by seeing all these one boy from the crowd their got full angry….
boy – just stop it you can’t force her to do something against her wish
sanky – here comes the hero of our heroin
boy – I am not any hero just saying not to do wrong
yuvi – being a fresher you can’t question us understand
boy – I am not fresher I am sahil mehta 2nd year
sanky – so what just stay out of this matter otherwise you will be the next to suffer
sahil backs of by seeing his rage…

all boys over their are very eager to see whom Swara is going to kiss…
even Swara is feeling helpless for the first time in her life….
lucky – come on girl don’t prolong it yaar we are really getting bored by your drama..
they hear a voice just stop…
all turn back to see who is that…
till then even hot dazzlers reach their along with Karthik…
Karthik want to stop them but hearing voice he to looks that side and suprised to see crying ragini with determined face…
ragini – just leave Swara I will do it…
lucky (suprised) – really you will do it means you are going to propose a random guy over hear
swara – ragu its k I will manage don’t be stupid
ragini – no Swara I am doing it
ragini looks around and goes near Laksh
ragini – so you want me to propose the most handsome guy over hear right but I will propose most handsome guy of this whole clg
all are looking at her surprisingly…
ragini goes near a guy, who is back of Laksh and says
ragini – I know, I never told you but I respect you a lot, I love you bai (bai is audible to only Karthik)
Yes that guy is Karthik, Karthik and Swara are smiling Without anybody noticing them while all over their are shock.. because ragini said most handsome guy of clg is a hot dazzler by ignoring the great Laksh maheshwari
ragini – I had completed your task so know we are leaving
lucky – you think you are very smart
ragini – what is smart in this
lucky – what do you we will not know you are sister of the most handsome guy of our clg..
all are shocked and this time even dare devils along with sanky….
lucky – you can’t fool us miss ragini gadodia….

precap – Letter to ragini from her mystery man…..


  1. Ashnoor

    Loved….ragni . Totally her bold word’s. Make ragni very bold against dare devil’s.
    Next part soon .

  2. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    ragini has finally admitted that she loves kartik, and try to saved swara from that bitter situation, its a bliss to see their bro-sisters bond. how did laksh know abt rag and kartik?

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