(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 34

ragini decides to clear everything… she was about to go near Sanskar…. someone pulls her a side…. it was totally dark….

“who is that…” ragini shouts but their is no response, she can just see a structure of muscular body. she felt she know him. “I am asking who is that..” she says again hoping for the response. she feels he was coming closer to her. “stay away” she says as she senses gap between them is decreasing. still she was not able to see his face though, she can feel him, she has this feelings only when he is near her. she never admitted these feelings of her but the truth is she falls week in his proximity may be that is why she tries to stay away from him or fight with him in order not to over power her inner feelings. soon their was no gap left between them.

“Laksh please let me go.. ” she says. he was surprised to know that she can identify him though she was not able to see him. he was lost, her voice made him week he came to warn her but listening to her he was not able to utter anything. he was in a dailama, he was confused, he had dought whether he was doing right by forcing things on her. he was hurt to behave so rudely with her. he know he had feelings for her still he was just not able to figure out his inner feelings as he was bound by the promise he made to himself to never let Sanskar feel hurt due to any reason, he never want to be a hurdle in Sanskar’s life. his every action is hurting him more than her.

” don’t even dare to say truth to Sanskar.. ” he says composing him self in a commanding tone. she felt his breath on her face which is making her more week. she is feeling hell nervous.
” I already told you I can bare anything not if Sanskar is hurt he loves you and you should love only him ” he says as if he was saying it to himself rather than her. she want to say she was not loving Sanskar, she want to yell at him for forcing her to such situation but she was not able to do it. she was feeling helpless just now she decided to be strong and say the truth but she can’t say, not because she was afraid of Laksh because she want his happiness. she don’t know why she is bothered about Laksh more than her.

“Laksh, ragini where are you both. we are waiting ” they heard swara calling.
” coming swara ” says Laksh. they both go to others. Swara goes and hugs ragini.

” I am so happy for you ragu ” she says.
ragini just plasters a smile still her eyes are teary. ” come on ragu this is not the time for tears you should be happy it’s a very important phase of your life. being loved by someone whom we are in love with. you know every one will not get such an opportunity” swara says seeing tears in ragini eyes though she is feeling lump in her throat while saying that. swara never felt such feelings to other guys other than Sanskar, she felt Sanskar is just infatuation but the truth is she never got the time to come out of her infatuation and fall in love with him. it is hurting her but still she was happy as it would hurt her more if something like that happened. forgetting all that she was flying in air knowing that ragini found her love, she felt a relief that finally ragini is out of her past and would step into new phase of her life.

“late this is not fare at last you should have told me. I am your best friend right ” kunj says pouting a hugs her.
” I am so happy for you if janki maa is here she would be the happiest one ” he says a layer of tear had formed in his eyes. ragini fake smiles in order not to show her pain.

“k guys I think we should leave the new found love birds alone and enjoy the party ” adharsh says as he was very happy for his brother.
” yaa come lets go to dance floor. ragini and Sanskar you may take your own time we are not going to disturb you guys” pari says teasingly. all chuckled while Sanskar rubbed his neck with his palm due to embarrassment.
ragini was not breaking her eye contact with Laksh she was angry on her than him due to letting him place her in this situation. she was hurt knowing she would hurt her mystery man Sanskar, her friend who always gave her strength. he was always their for her not physically but emotionally to share her feelings, her pain, her fear. she can’t hurt him but by pretending to love him may be not now but in future she is definitely going to hurt him. she was upset with her self for not able to explain Laksh that this act will only hurt Sanskar more when he come to know the truth.

Laksh was looking at ragini tear eyes he felt SomeOne stabbed him directly in his heart. he was feeling himself as a moron for forcing her do things against her heart. he was feeling pain of her. he is feeling her struggle to choose between truth and lie. he is feeling as if he was the only enemy of her life. he felt he was cheating his mystery girl, his angel.. he was one who was not even able to see a drop of tear in her eyes was now reason for her tears. but he became blind in his love for his brother. he was ready to give her pain though it pains him than her. his heart was saying he was wrong but his brain says it is needed finally his brain won. he left from their not able to see Sanskar and ragini together.

“I don’t know how Karthik would react by all this ” dhruv says taking a sip of his drink.
” even I feel so just knowing Sanskar proposed ragini he went out of control in anger don’t know what he will do now ” soumya says.
” don’t worry guys I know you are worried for Karthik but trust me he always want ragini happiness only so if he knows not Sanskar but ragini also loves him he will not feel bad ” kunj says.
” hope so but where is Karthik he told he will be at 6 but now it is already around 9 ” shrada says.
” I forgot about it only, swara is also worried about Karthik come lets go to them. may be Karthik called her ” kunj says.
“riya I am feeling restless. it’s too late why bai still not yet reached ” swara says being tensed.
” even I am feeling so, please do something swara ” riya says.
” what still Karthik had not called you ” exclaimed kunj listening to their convo.
” no kunj even I called dad also he was not at office and not even at home ” swara sounds worried.
” it’s all because of me he was angry in me that is why he is behaving like this ” riya says. she was crying a lot. tears are making their way from her eyes.
” shut up riya it is not like that may be bai is stuck in some work ” swara says.
” don’t worry riya it is not at all like that. I know Karthik is introvert in matter of girls but he will not react in this way and I am sure swara is right but I will call dad and ask him about Karthik he would definitely know ” pari says and calls sanjay.
” dad is not lifting, once he sees my call he will call back. don’t worry guys enjoy the party ” pari says but even she was feeling something bad. adharsh rubs her shoulder assuring everything is going to be fine.

ragini is still in a confusion, her heart is not letting her to hurt either Sanskar or Laksh.
Sanskar is the one who loves her truly, who gave her courage to over come her fears. still her heart is falling for Laksh who is rude to her, who always fights with her, who had not left a chance to hurt her. she was not in a position to understand her state “is my decision to act along with Laksh is right” she thought her self.

“I know ragini it’s totally awkward ” Sanskar said which brought her out of thoughts. she was facing her back towards him. he turned back thinking in case if she turns to face him he may get nervous before he would complete.
” please don’t be mad at lucky, he is still a kid he just want my happiness so without thinking of you he announced your love to me ” Sanskar said closing his eyes not expecting what would be her reaction. he was hell nervous because everything went out of sight the thing which should be just between two of them has came out in public without interference of any of them. finally his happiness over took his nervousness.
“ragini I know you may feel nervous even I am feeling so. things happened too fast I will wait till you get comfortable with our relation don’t ever feel you are alone I will always be with you in every step of your life. I love you ragini and will be waiting for you to say those words to me ” saying Sanskar left not to make her uncomfortable.

as soon as Sanskar left ragini burst out, tears are not stoping.
” why should life be so complicated. I am such a unfaithful person I am hurting him for no reason ” she thought.

Laksh who was watching her was also in tears ” how much I try to convince myself that I was hurting you for your and Sanskar betterment, my stupid heart is paining. I know ragini I am wrong but sorry if it is you and Sanskar whom I should choose then I would definitely will choose Sanskar he is my brother my life. I can bear this pain of hurting you but I can’t see him in pain ” thought Laksh.

” dad do you know where Karthik is. we are worried ” pari asks her sanjay over call when sanjay called back.
” what we are coming ” she says before she cuts the call.
” I think something wrong. we should leave. dad said their is emergency ” she says.
swara and riya gets worried.
” ragu where is she ” swara asks. she was hoping nothing bad should happen.
” Swara don’t worry you leave with pari we will come with ladoo” kunj says.
pari, adharsh, swara and riya left in a car.
“kunj you all leave I will come with ragini ” Sanskar says as he over heard their convo and sensing something is wrong.
kunj, dhruv, sowmya and sharda also leaves.
” I think ragini is still outside, where is Lucky. god please make everything fine I can’t see ragini in pain ” Sanskar thought and went in search of her.

” ragini where are you going ” asks Laksh by coming in front of her. he was following her from the time she is out of the party premises as he was worried for her. she jerks but composes soon.
” that is not your concern Laksh just stop following me ” ragini says walking past him.
” don’t be stubborn ragini come lets go back. all may be waiting for us ” Laksh says by holding her hand.
” don’t dare to touch me ” ragini jerks her hand.
” k I will not touch come lets go back ” he says.
” no ” she moves folding her hands.
” this was last time I am asking just come with me or else.. ” he says fuming.
” or else what you will do ” before ragini could complete Laksh lifts her on shoulder and starts walking back to party venue.
” Laksh leave me dam it ” she shouts.
” how much you shout I am not going to leave you so don’t waste your energy ” he says smriking and walking back.
” idiot, dumbo just leave me ” she shouts.
Laksh who gets irritated by her continuous shouting closes his ear with one hand while other is holding ragini legs.
she is hitting his back to let her free with her both hands making it into a fist.
” stop it or else I will dump you down with a jerk and then don’t complain if you get hurt ” he says to stop her from hitting.
before ragini would open her mouth to reply he starts saying.
” and why the hell you always runs even if you are happy you run away, even if you are sad you will run away, are you trying to participate in marathon” he jokes.
“stop running and start facing ” Laksh says.
ragini was surprised by his words these words are similar to her mystery man.
” what did you say ” she asks being confused.
he realises what he had said.
” what if she gets to know I am the one writing letters no I can’t afford that at this Point she may get soft corner if she knows truth and I can’t let that happen ” he think.
” nothing I am saying don’t run or walk away if you walk away I will get you back like this only ” he says to divert her attention from his previous words.

ragini gets the flashes of a boy lifting a girl.
” I will not let you go away from me ” the boy says.
” if I try to go then ” she says.
” then I will lift you so that you can’t move ” saying he lifted her on shoulders.
ragini fainted on Laksh shoulders feeling weight on her head.

” ragini, why are you not saying anything ” Laksh senses as she fainted and drops her down holding her head in his lap.
” ragini open your eyes ” Laksh shouts tapping her cheeks.
” dam it ” he says frustrated as he was feeling helpless to see her fainted.
” ragini, ragini ” he says again.
” Is any one out their we need help ” Laksh shouts as he sees their was only little distance from them and venue.
Sanskar who was searching for them at the entrance listens to Laksh and runs to them.
” lucky are you fine what happened to ragini ” Sanskar says as he reaches them.
” bai I don’t know what happened to her do something bai I am not understanding how she fainted ” Laksh says panicking.
” don’t worry lucky nothing will happen to ragini ” saying he went to get the car. Laksh was staring ragini emotionless. Sanskar lifted her in bridal style.
he placed her in car back side.
” come lucky lets take her to hospital ” saying Sanskar turned to find Laksh but he was not their.
Laksh was sitting still in that position.
” lucky come lets go she will be fine don’t panic ” Sanskar says but even he was hell worried. he makes Laksh stand and make him sit in the car.

all are confused to see Police in front of the house when they reach their.
” bai ” swara shouts as soon as she enters the house.
even maheshwari family is also present.
adharsh was shocked to see his family their.
” mom (sumi), badi mom (sunaina) where is Karthik bai ” swara asks as she sees them crying. sunaina is sitting in one corner like a life less body while sumi consoling her who was also in tears.
” what is happening will anyone speak, dadi you say me what happened ” she asks.
” they are saying my Karthik is no more shona ” says dadi crying while maheshwari ladies are soothing her to calm down.
swara was shattered by listening what dadi said.
” you are lying dadi, you are angry on bai because he was not ready for marriage don’t worry you all know bai likes riya and even riya likes him so they will not deny for marriage now ” swara says wiping her tears.
” and not even for once say that bai is no more to show your anger ” shouting with peak of her voice. all are not even in a position to say anything to her they all can feel her pain. Karthik and swara their relation is not a bro and sis relation it is more than that.
” oh now I get it, so this is prank, Papa please if you are with bai in this prank I am not going to talk to you ” she says eyeing shekar.
” enough swara the truth is Karthik is no more accept it ” shekar shouts as he was not able to see her in pain.
” shekar ” dadu eyes shekar to keep quite.
” shona I know it is hard to believe but it is truth beta Karthik is no more ” dadu says suppressing his cry.
” no……. bai…. ” swara shouts, kneels down and cries.

riya was shocked she is hoping it’s just a night mare which is going to be finished when she wake up.
” riya ” kunj says and touches her shoulder in order to get her into sense.
she comes out of thoughts.
kunj and rest of them who reached GM are also shocked and crying in loss of their friend.
” riya just let your tears out you will feel better ” kunj says understanding her situation.
” no kunj I will not cry, Karthik likes to see me in pain that is why he never admitted his feelings, he always shouts on me for no reason. if I will cry he will feel happy I will not let him be happy he should come back at least to make me cry ” wiping the tear dipping her eye.
” are you listening Karthik gododia I don’t believe you left this world you should come back for me, for your family. even for whole life I am ready to wait for you but just come back I want to see you, come back Karthik ” riya shouts.

” I can’t believe adharsh how can he leave me and go. you know he was my best friend from my childhood. he promised to be always with me how can he leave me ” pari cries hugging adharsh.
dp, rp are consoling shekar and dadu.
” shekar, is ragu home I don’t think I can handle swayam he is not opening his room door. I tried so much now only ragu can handle him ” sameer says descending stairs while wiping his tears.
” she is coming with Sanskar uncle ” kunj says.

” I hate you all, all are lying to me, Karthik bai is not home because he don’t want to take me for outing see he will come at midnight then they will get to know ” swayam kept saying while hugging his legs to his chest and resting his head on his knees. he was sitting in the corner of his room which is locked from inside. he was not ready to believe anyone. he was determined that he will open the door only when Karthik is back.

“how all this happened ” dp asks. even everyone present their want to know but no one are having dare to know that bitter truth.
” it’s all my fault I should have stopped Karthik from taking this drastic step… ” sanjay cried.
” what are you saying dad say it clearly. how it is your at fault ” asked pari wiping her tears and rage in voice.
” pari cool down let uncle complete ” adharsh handles her.
” Karthik was possessive towards his sisters, when he got to know about ragini childhood and that kidnapping stuff he was determined to find the truth. he kidnapped sahil and asked him to say about his father and the reason they are behind gododia’s but sahil was not ready to say anything, he was saying he don’t know anything, that is why Karthik from sahil mobile contacted his dad and warned him to come and surrender or else he would harm sahil. that’s it I know ” sanjay stopped looking at all who are glaring him some with shock, some with pain and some with anger but no one are in position to react.
” today evng sahil ‘s father was ready to meet us I had a meeting so I asked Karthik to reach first. when I reached the place where sahil was kept every thing was totally burnt. Police said that someone blasted that house. their is no trace of anyone surviving in that blast” sanjay completed.
” how can you dad ” pari asks her troat is aching even to utter some words.
” I am sorry I should have stopped Karthik and should not have let him go ” sanjay folds his hands in front of gododia’s and cries.
gododia’s were not in a position to react. they can’t even blame sanjay as they know how stubborn Karthik is when it comes to his family and siblings.

***this part is not proof read ***
thanku for all my readers and those who commented in my last post. I will reply personally for sure as of now I am sorry for being a big late latif but I was really stuck in something important.

hope you like it… negative and positive feedback is welcomed….. keep smiling… stay blessed… spread positivity… love you all ???

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