(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 33


” thanku vikrant ji in short notice you agreed to come with us, you know it’s very sensitive issue we don’t want to rush the things” sameer says while he was seating in the back seat of the car and vikrant was sitting beside him, shekar was sitting in the passenger seat beside driver.
” no sameer that’s fine I am glad you thought that I may help you in this ” vikrant said.
” I and shekar thought a lot and took this decision. we don’t want to hurt our ragu but we should get the truth out and punish the culprits. this doctor we are going to visit is one of my friends son he is a famous psychiatrist in london. he came here for few days. when I said about our ragu he immediately agreed to help us. hope ragu soon gets out of this and lead a happy life ahead ” sameer says. shekar who was in tears wiped his tears and was looking determined.
” yes sameer, ladoo has a bitter childhood. she not even enjoyed little things of her childhood which every child does. at least we should make sure that her future goes happy ” vikrant says.


” ragu you are coming or else I am also not going to dhruv and sharda’s party ” swara says by folding her hands and pouting.
” Swara please don’t force me I am not in a mood to come ” ragini says.
” you are happy and agreed to come while dhruv said us about party then what happened now. so you are still angry on me about not supporting you in matter of Sanskar right ” swara asked, her voice was cracking.
” no swara I am not at all angry on you I know I was wrong. I was not in a mood to come that’s it ” ragini said.

” but ragu we thought of bringing riya and bai close, if now you back out how can I alone do it. please not for me at least for riya and bai you should come ” swara says.
” k I will come you will not listen to any one ” ragini agrees.
” that’s like my ragu, you get ready I will also come in few minutes. we should go ourselves as bai went on some work he would reach venue directly and I will ask riya also to reach their ” saying swara leaves.
” don’t know why I am feeling so restless today. hope everything goes fine. maa please keep our family safe and secure. I am not having strength to bare the loss again ” ragini thinks looking at janki portrait.

” sunaina, where are you. come fast “. sameer calls as soon as he reach home with shekar.
” ji I am here only we are waiting for you only actually we want to talk you ” sunaina says while coming to Hall from kitchen with sumi.
” what happened babhi anything serious, is ragu fine “shekar asked by glancing the house.
” arrey shekar ragu is fit and fine. shona and ragu went to some party. we want to talk about ragu marriage ” sumi says hesitatingly as she was not sure how he will react.
” are you nuts sumi, how can we do her marriage that to after knowing how much she suffered. slowly she is accepting us no I can’t trust a person and let her go. what if something happens and the person was not able to look after our ragu” shekar says.
“shekar, you are thinking so far. we thought ragu will move on once she gets responsibilities. she will forget her past. if she is with us only she will never ever move on. and I am not telling to do her marriage now only. first we will search for suitable guy then if ragu likes him we will do marriage and bauji also k with it if the guy family allows our ragu to achieve her career ” sunaina says.

” bai say something, why are you silent they are saying to get ragu married “shekar says to sameer as he was still not convinced about the marriage idea.
” they are right shekar may be this may bring ragini out of her bitter childhood but we will think about it after talking to doctor ” sameer says.
” what doctor ji ” sunaina asks.
” we thought of taking ragu to psychiatrist so that we can know about janki death and the people who are back of our ragu. vikrant ji also ready to help us. in fact today we met him and discussed about it with doctor. he is my friends son he was ready to treat ragu. he will be coming to our house and will be staying with us for few days ” sameer said taking his seat in sofa while shekar was still in deep thoughts. dada and dadi had also came and taken their seats.
” no I think it’s not a good idea. ragu may misunderstand us that we are not believing her and if no one will get ready to marry ragu after knowing all these then ” dadi says, she was looking worried.
” shut up parvathi, it’s our ragu future we can’t rush things. we will search for a guy who will accept ragu after knowing about her fully and Even his family should know everything. sameer you done a good thing. if I know about janki I would have done it before only but it’s not late. by the help of Doctor we can know what exactly happened and we can get justice to our janki ” dada says tear eyed.

shekar was feeling himself responsible for all those happenings. if he was with janki then today she must be with their daughter ragu. he became selfish, he left her and not even bothered once to look back. because of his decision to divorce janki lead janki to hide her pregnancy and leave her family and go away. which resulted in such consequences. though his family was doing these things for ragini’s future being a father he was not ready to make her married at this stage of her life. he want her to study and grow bolder that she can face the world. he don’t want her to become dependent on a guy who will be her husband. he had many dreams about his daughters marriage but it’s not the right time.
he thought he was being selfish again, once he went against his family now he don’t want like that something happen so he kept silent.

“don’t know why I am not happy. I can’t even imagine Sanskar bai and ragini. why I don’t know. Laksh you are becoming mad Sanskar has done so much he always their for you when you needed him. you can’t become selfish you don’t feel for ragini anything get that into your mind and be happy for Sanskar ” Laksh thought and he was caressing the diary of ragini sitting on his bed.
” Laksh where are you lost man I am calling you since long. you returned home without informing me. everyday we come together na ” Sanskar entered Laksh room shouting.
Laksh immediately hided the diary under the pillow.
” bai actually I was angry on you so I had not bothered about informing and why should I. you also not bothered to say that you are in love “Laksh said turning other side faking angry but hurt can be clearly visible in his eyes.
” Laksh again don’t say that I am really sorry yaar if you want you hit me but don’t be angry on me ” Sanskar said back hugging Laksh.
” God please why had you not taken me from this world before I see my brothers romancing with each other “adharsh said dramatically entering the room.
” shut up bai ” Sanskar and laksh said at a time.
all three laughed.
” k I will shut up but say me why Laksh angry in his buddy Sanskar ” adharsh asked.
” nothing just a small fight in clg nothing else “Sanskar said and he signalled Laksh not to say anything.
” ha bai nothing serious ” Laksh said.
” k you both get ready we are going for a party ” adharsh says.
” party, whose party and where ” Laksh asked excited.
” pari invited me it’s her friends party ” he said dreamily.
” wow bai, so you and pari babhi started hanging out together ” Sanskar said teasingly.
” then why us you should go alone and how it will be to go to uninvited party “Laksh said.
” no I don’t know anyone over their I can’t go alone I will be bored. it’s your clg mates only you may be knowing them so it won’t be problem and it’s not mine it’s your babhi idea only so get ready fast ” saying he left the room.
” bai listen… “before they say he already left.

” now adharsh bai won’t listen to anyone he had already decided. k we will go but whose party it may be ” Sanskar said.
” oh shit bai , I think babhi invited us to dhruv party bai morning Swara told me about it now what we will do if we go their and bai get to know about our fights then he will kill us. we should not go their ” Laksh says worried.
” oh no now what we will do. wait a minute even Karthik is saying about it to ragini that means ragini will come their please Laksh we will keep bai away from hot dazzlers but we will go I will get a chance to ask sorry from ragini ” Sanskar pleads.
” bai why you will ask sorry she should ask you forgiveness for slapping you in front of clg ” Laksh says in anger.
” Laksh you don’t get it. once you will fall in love you will understand. please let’s go to party “Sanskar says.
” k fine ” Laksh says uninterestingly.
” ap I don’t want Sanskar to rush into a relationship this soon. marriage is a responsibility let him first become capable of handling himself then we will talk about it ” dp says.
” ji I to don’t want to rush things but you know according to Sanskar horoscope we should get him married by end of next year. if we search for the girl from now it will take time to get suitable girl for Sanskar ” ap says.
” ha baisa, after his exams finished and he joins business then only we will do his marriage ” sujatha says.
” I will call pandit ji to talk about Sanskar marriage. he only brought alliance of parineeta for adharsh he will only bring good alliance for Sanskar but marriage will happen only after Sanskar completes his finals “dp says and leaves from their.
ap and sujatha are beyond happy.
party venue…..

” pari di you are waiting for us, that’s so sweet of you “saying swara hugged her who was standing outside the venue.
” don’t expect much from me, I am waiting for adharsh and his brothers ” pari says.
” see you had changed so much before marriage only you are like this after marriage you will totally forget us ” swara says dramatically.
” stop your drama and say me where is that dumbo he had not met me from two days ” pari asked.
” Karthik bai said he will come directly we will also wait here with you for bai so that when jiju comes we can meet him also “swara says.
” swara you wait with pari di I will go inside, riya will be waiting for us” ragini says as she was not ready to face either Sanskar or Laksh.
” di we will come in two minutes ” saying Swara dragged ragini to a side.

” ragu I know you are not ready to face Sanskar but you should apologise him for your behaviour, you slapped him for no reason ” swara says folding her hands.
” their is a reason and I am not afraid of asking sorry but I don’t want to face him ” ragini try to go from their but swara stops her.
” no way today I will not leave you, you should listen to me their is no way for you to escape ” swara says.
” oh god now how I will face him, swara is right I should say sorry for my behaviour to sanskar to reduce this guilty feeling but if that Laksh is with Sanskar how can I talk to him. ragini be brave, don’t be afraid of that Laksh ” ragini thinks.
” hi babhi ” Sanskar and laksh wished as soon as they spotted pari.
” hi ” pari replied smiling.
” hello guys ” swara approached them along with ragini.
ragini was not making eye contact with any of them she was looking in all directions except towards sanlak.
both sanlak are mesmerised to see ragini she was wearing a baby pink colour anarkali with hair left open.
” hi Swaragini, how are you guys ” asked adharsh.
” fine jiju ” replied swara when ragini smiled at him.
” k come let’s go inside ” pari said.
” di you go we will come with bai ” swara said. pari and adharsh went inside.
sanlak with out realising what is happening they are still staring ragini. she was feeling uncomfortable with the gaze of them on her.
swara who saw them waved her hands in front of them to get them back to sense.
” Laksh thank God you came I am very tensed about the plan we made. now you should help me executing it ” Swara said.
” what plan you are talking about and from when you guys started doing plans I mean when you became frnds ” Sanskar asked shocked and faking anger.
Laksh glared swara for revealing their secret and ragini gave what is happening look.
” wo actually… ” Swara was interrupted by Laksh.
” bai we became frnds before fresher’s only that is why I suggested swara to sing with our gang but you don’t have right to be angry as you also hid few things which are more bigger than this “Laksh says eyeing ragini.
” k fine which plan you are talking about at least say me that ” Sanskar asked.
” about mission Karthik and riya ” swara says.
” swara how can you say it to them. it’s our family matter and if I know that it was this Laksh plan I would have never agreed to it ” ragini finally speaks eyeing Laksh.
” hello madam even I am not interested in involving your family matters. I just helped my frnd and it was before you and your brother pulled fight with my brother. sorry swara I want to help you but seeing your sister attitude I am not going to do that ” Laksh says angrily.
” thank God and we are not dieing for your help “ragini says.
” Laksh I already told please let go that matter, even I was at fault ” Sanskar says feeling guilty.
ragini feels bad for Sanskar but she don’t want to say sorry in front of Laksh and prove him that he was right and she was wrong.
” bai don’t be so nice to people who don’t deserve it ” saying Laksh left from their in anger. Sanskar tried to stop him but in vain.
ragini felt bad by his behaviour but she showed as if she don’t care.
” Swara you come with bai I am going to riya “saying she also left.
Sanskar felt sad as he understood that ragini was hurt with Laksh words and he was hurt as ragini had not talked to him.
” don’t worry Swara, Laksh was very possiessive about me he was just angry on himself for not being with me at that time and about what happened I am really sorry I didn’t mean to hurt anyone ” Sanskar said..
” I know sanskar no one is at fault, it’s just situation ” swara says.
” so frnds “Sanskar forwards his hand and swara shakes her hand with him.
” you go inside I will come with bai ” Swara says.
” no I will wait for you I can’t leave you alone here it’s dark and no one was there “Sanskar says. swara smiles seeing his concern.
” thanku ” she utters.
“mention not sweet lady ” Sanskar says.
“oh my god am I dreaming. the serious and angry man of clg was flirting with his enemy’s sister ” swara says surprised by his gesture.
” first thing I am not serious or angry man it’s just that I don’t talk to anyone who are not my frnds and about you I consider you as sister of my love not my enemy ” saying he winked at her.
she was surprised to see this angle of Sanskar which she was not aware of and her heart ached hearing my love and when she realised she is not his love.
” ladoo are you fine what happened ” kunj asked as soon as he spotted ragini in tears who just came inside.
she immediately hugged him not able to control her emotions. he took her to a side breaking the hug and make her drink water.
” kunj am I so bad that I don’t deserve others concern also ” ragini uttered remembering Laksh words. she was so hurt that her voice is cracking. even she was not understanding why she was so hurt by the words of a man who she thinks she hates. they were just few words which usually no one would think twice to forget but those simple words from him are hurting her so much that she was not able to control her tears. why he means to her a lot even he doesn’t mean anything to her. she was confused.
” ladoo are you fine, why are you thinking you don’t deserve. you the the purest soul I had ever met and please don’t talk like this. I got to know what happened in clg don’t worry I am with you in your every decision ” kunj said caressing her shoulder. she hugged him.
Laksh who had saw them hugging was burning in anger. he don’t know on whom he was angry. whether he was angry on himself for hurting her or he was angry on ragini for her cold behaviour towards him or he was angry seeing ragini and kunj closeness.
” kunj sorry for making you also emotional, will you please give company to riya she must be alone. swara is waiting for bai don’t know what is making him so long. I don’t want to stay here I will go home ” ragini says.
” no ladoo how can I let you go alone ” kunj tries to stop her.
” don’t worry I will hire a cab and please don’t say to anyone I left so early. specially to bai or swara. I will call you once I reach ” saying she left with out giving him chance to stop her.
Laksh who was still watching them went behind ragini.
“dhruv what is that Laksh doing here, I thought they are not that bad we all can get along together after fresher’s but again they showed hot dazzlers and dare devils can never become one ” said soumya glaring Laksh who was busy in watching someone (Ragini).
” I know soumya but Sanskar and laksh are not even dare devils but they are going to become pari brother in laws she want to invite them so how can I say no “dhruv said.
” guys pari is coming to us I think, please behave normal ” sharda says.
” hey guys this is adharsh my fiance ” pari introduced to them.
all mingled well.
” riya, why are you standing alone. waiting for someone special ” kunj teased her.
” kunj do know where swara and ragini. I am waiting for them from so long ” riya asked.
” don’t worry I met ragini now only she said Swara will come with Karthik. you enjoy the party I am with you to give company till Karthik comes ” kunj says.
” kunj… “riya blushes.
” wait a second are you blushing listening just Karthik name God he was lucky that you love him so much and that dumbo don’t know when he will realise “kunj says.
” how do you know, wait I think ragini would have told you. but please don’t say to him. first he will not at all care about me if he knows I like him he will avoid talking to me and I will be like always a despo waiting for him “riya said pouting.
” god riya you are so cute and don’t worry I will not say anyone about your feelings. promise “kunj says.
” swara I think we should go inside it’s too late may be Karthik will not come ” Sanskar says.
” no Sanskar, if bai will not come he would have informed why I don’t no I am feeling something is going wrong. bai mobile is also not reachable ” swara says.
” don’t worry may be he might stuck into some work. he would have informed any one come let’s go and ask after that we will decide what to do ” Sanskar says and holds her hand and takes her inside.
swara was turning back and glancing at the entrance in the hope that Karthik might come while walking inside.
” thank God no one saw me leaving the venue or else they would have not let me leave. don’t know why I am feeling restless hope everything is fine ” thinking ragini is walking on the lonely Road.
” god I am not getting any cab what to do now shall I go back. no if I go I should face that Laksh again it’s better I will wait for some more time ” she thought.
few guys who are in drunken state passing her stopped the car in front of her.
” arrey madam want lift “asked one man getting down.
” thanku baiyya we are waiting for our driver who was on his way we will manage ” she heard very familiar voice and turned to find Laksh.
they left from their sensing she is not alone.
ragini was avoiding to look at him. Laksh who was burning in anger went near her and held her tightly by her shoulders.
” I already told you don’t you dare hurt my brother you will see the worst of me” he says raising his voice. ragini jerked by the tone he was speaking.
” I not even talked to him, how can I hurt him instead you are hurting me ” she says gaining some courage.
” shut up, just shut up. even your silence will hurt my bai and what are you doing with that kunj he may be your friend but stay away from him ” he says.
” who are you to say me with whom I should talk or not ” she says not able to take it anymore.
” I am nobody to you but My bai Love’s you so much, so you should listen to me ” he says.
” are you out of your mind you can’t force me to do things as per your wish and I don’t love your bai, till now I am confused but now I am clear I am not having any sort of feelings towards Sanskar other than a good friend “ragini says.
” never ever say that again. do you get that never ever now come with me ” saying Laksh forcibly took ragini back to venue by holding her hand.
” hey guys, I know we all never get along with each other as you all are supporters of hot dazzlers and I being a dare devil. you all might be thinking what I am doing here but what to do I can’t control my excitement so I came here to share it with you all. we gathered here or occasion of dhruv and sharda got engaged. congrats guys I am so Happy for you ” Laksh told looking at them. he was standing in the middle of the hall with a Mike in one hand and holding ragini hand with other hand. dhruv and sharda thanked him but also surprised. adharsh came to Sanskar who was standing with swara, riya and kunj along with pari and asked what Laksh was doing. they said even they don’t know. they all are confused as Laksh was not leaving ragini hand.
“as many no that my bro Sanskar loves ragini after what happened in clg. so I am here to say no no to surprise my bro by giving his life most important news that even ragini was in love with him” he announces glaring ragini.
ragini was shocked and broken. “who the hell is he to force his decisions on her” she thought.
adharsh and pari were in shock by listening to Laksh.
Sanskar was beyond happy but confused.
even all others were shocked and confused.
“you all might be again thinking why I am announcing our family matter or their(ragsan) love story here, because ragini it is not ready to say about her feelings to my bai thinking about our differences with her bai. I told her clg and personal life is totally different but she is not ready to accept it and she was ready to leave this party just to hide her feelings so I thought it’s better now than never. come on guys say cheers to the lovely couple who got engaged and to the couple who will get engaged ” saying he pulled ragini to Sanskar such that she lands on his chest. both share a brief eyelock. Sanskar eyes filled with love and ragini eyes filled with pain and helplessness. Sanskar was so drowned in his love that ragini’s pain went unnoticed by him for the first time. both composes when they realise surroundings.
all came to them and started congratulating them.
” ragu I know you are hiding something but how can you think like that. we will always support you ” saying Swara hugged her.
” come on swara she not even told me about her feelings I am thinking she is still upset with me ” Sanskar said looking at ragini with loved filled eyes.
” Acha Sanskar this much happening back of me and nobody tried to at least say me. so mean ” adharsh said faking angry.
” sorry bai I want to say it to all once ragini accepts me. I never thought this will happen in this way. this Laksh na if he got to know ragini Love’s me he can say me instead he announced in front of all. it’s so embarrassing ” Sanskar says hugging adharsh.
” wow after marriage ragu will be my devrani or sister ” pari teases.
” ragini I am happy for you ” riya says.
” so this is the matter, you are hiding from me few minutes back. not fair yaar ladoo. you told I am your best friend and you not even told to me ” kunj said pouting.
dhruv, sowmya and sharda congratulate them.
ragini who was not able to take it any more went from their running.
” I think she is feeling shy ” pari says.
” don’t know for everything even it’s happy or sad moment she just runs away ” Sanskar says.
” oye Sanskar from now only you are complaining about my ragu. I will not leave you if you try to hurt her ” swara says.
” she is my life swara I will not think in my dreams also to hurt her ” Sanskar says emotionally . his words pinched her heart but she controlled her emotions.
” I hope you both get all the happiness you deserves ” saying Swara hugged him.
” now please guys let me go and meet my Lady love whom I just found ” saying
he was to leave.
” wait bai let me first ask ragini for forgiveness she may be angry on me for saying about her feelings in front of everyone without her permission ” Laksh says.
” yes Laksh, even I am angry on you ” both swara and Sanskar says at a time and both give hi fi to each other for their coincidence.
” k I know you both are not going to leave me and I am going to accept the punishment but let me talk to ragini first first only she hates me now she will hate me even more ” saying Laksh left in the direction ragini went.
ragini pov

what the hell does he think of himself. am I his property that he will decide what should I do. how can he do that with his own brother. and I being a coward like always just ran away from their. instead I should have faced him and slapped him left and right for making me so weak. the strength I gained to fight back from Sanskar’s (she is thinking him as mystery man) letter’s just ruined. I again became that old ragini who is fit for nothing. no I can’t let him take decisions of my life. I respect and adore Sanskar but I am not loving him. I should clear the things before it is too late. I had many things to do in my life if I fall week at this moment then I can’t fulfil the promises that I made to myself.

***this part is not proof read ***
hey guys sorry for being late. I gave long episode as compensation and don’t be mad at me after reading it. this was the twist I was talking about. how you all felt about this new angle of Laksh…. please say me your opinion. negative and positive feedback is welcomed.

hope you like it… keep smiling… stay blessed… spread positivity… love you all 😘😘😘


  1. Fairy

    |Registered Member

    it ws soooo damnnnn amaznggggg…bt yaaar dis laksh is too much how cn he jst say dat rags loves sanky..ahh!!hes totaly mad….bt wt a superb twist yaaar litterely…i loved dis ff so so soooo much….n where is karthik???m reallly afraid for him!!! 🙁
    lets see how raglak wl bcome a couple???waitng eagerly for nxt part…thnx a lot for dis long chappy..plz post nxt parrt sooon..cant wait to read more!!k3ep rockng n stay blesssed sweeety 😉 😀 love u sooo much my soul frnd 😀

    • Ragz_teju


      glad you liked the twist …still their are more to go…hope you will like them to…about karthik you will get to know in next part may be….sorry for being late always…
      thanku dear

    • Ragz_teju


      ha sanskar loves ragini alot but according to story raglak will be ending pair…but as i said i will not disappoint ragsan fans…thanku dear

  2. Sally_blr

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    I seriously feel like slapping that idiot Laksh. How can he do like this. He ruined everything. Now because of him and only because of him Sanskar has to go through heart break. I know he wants Ragini to hate him and avoiding his budding feelings but how can he force his decision on Ragini. He gave her the confidence and now he only broke that confidence. Seriously feeling very bad for Ragini. And I feel something happened to Karthik. And there gonna be new entry? I’m so excited.

  3. lisa

    really ragini should have kick laksh but hoping to see his jealous side when ragsan bcum together hope he dont make it worse and really wanted to open mystery raglak past life and janki death mystery and ragini therapy
    plz upload next part soon and ya pyar ka 2 naam sangini also love all ur ff

  4. Asra

    |Registered Member

    awesome dear….idiot laksh…how can u say ragini love Sanky that infront of everyone…i hate him….bcz of him Sanky s going to suffer….ragini slap that idiot laksh…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  5. A.xx

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    Amazing and missed this …how can lakshya do that he loves her but hurts her and why is rags becoming weak again .. want her to be strong again and wonder what happens next…post soon xx

    • Ragz_teju


      don’t worry dear though laksh is making her weak he will give her strength as mystery man..reason for his behavior will be known soon…thanku dear

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