(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 31

“enjoying without us not fair” saying Karthik and swara entered. “see ragu di these two came here also to disturb me” swayam said pouting. “we came to ragu’s room not yours. stop your drama” said swara. “any how you are still a kid. so be like a kid. talking about love and all” said Karthik giving a stern look. “what to do when being elders they have no guts to talk about love so kids like me should remind them. hey na riya di” swayam said smirking and looking at riya standing at door. “I will go and help pari di” saying riya left from their in hurry. Karthik became nervous and finding words to speak. Swara and ragini burst out into laughter . “now a days you are becoming too naughty” saying Karthik started chasing swayam. ragini was laughing hard. swara was watching ragini laughing. “why ragu though you are smiling your eyes shows so much of pain. no matter what I will be always with you, Just once share it with me ” swara thought.

Laksh was standing near window and looking out. Sanskar came with two cups of coffee. “what’s up buddy” saying he handover the coffee cup to Laksh. “still thinking about last night” Sanskar asked. “bai if you all were not there with me in initial days when I used to get nightmares may be I would have become mad” Laksh said. “shut up lucky don’t think about it now everything is fine” Sanskar said. “bai if something like that again happens and anything happens to me” Laksh said lost. “lucky please forget all those like a bad dream. if again anything happens like that we can’t effort losing you lucky and never talk about those incidents” Sanskar said, a drop of tear fallen from his eyes. Laksh hugged him and said “bai sorry I will never talk like that”. “bai shall I ask you something ” Laksh said.

” from when you started asking permission you have full right to ask me anything “Sanskar said.
” bai what you think about ragini ” Laksh asked.
” to be honest from the day I saw her I don’t know why I am attracted to her, then I thought it as love but when I got to know she was kidnapped I realised that I really love her, but I can’t say it to anyone before knowing what ragini feels for me ” Sanskar thought.
” bai where you are lost. I asked you what you think of ragini ” Laksh jerked Sanskar.
” nothing lucky I think we should help her. as you faced from the same situation you know how difficult it is. at this time she need a friend with whom she can share her pain, I want you to be her friend ” Sanskar said being concerned for ragini.

Laksh gave a smile.” what ” Sanskar asked. ” bai I am not asking about ragini’s health. I am asking do you like her. I saw you in pain when you got to know that she is in trouble ” Laksh said holding his fist as he was praying what he was thinking is just his illusion.
” no lucky ragini is nice girl. I like her just as a friend not more than that ” Sanskar said hiding his expressions. he was not able to look at Laksh as he was lying to his brother.” you take rest lucky, I will come after some time ” saying Sanskar left.
” thank God. I thought bai likes ragini. now I am tension free. bai is right she need a friend who she can share her pain. I am already her friend and she even started sharing her pain with me. if at this time she knows I am mystery man she will definitely think I am just showing pity on her. so, I will help her without revealing my identity only. first I need to read her diary fully. I only read few pages. sorry my dear mystery girl you should wait to meet your mystery man ” Laksh thought.
“ragu I know after what happened it is not easy for you to be normal but atleast you can share your pain with us” sunaina said caressing her hair who just came to ragini room. “badi maa please I don’t want to talk about it. I accepted the truth. now I don’t want to look back” ragini said determined. “as you wish ragu but just remember one thing you are not alone your whole family is with you” sunaina said. “I know badi maa, may be that is why today I am happy” saying she hugged her.
“I failed to become a good father sumi ” cried shekar by looking at ragini .” no shekar you are not yet fault. it’s just our fate ” sumi tried to pacify him.
ragini, Swara, pari and riya are sitting in the lawn. they are gossiping while ragini is lost some where. “ragu are you fine” swara asked concerned. “swara I am fine don’t worry. I just want to be alone” saying she left. swara was teary. “I know swara it is though but she need time let her be alone” pari said.
gododia’s are at dinning table. pari and riya are also in GM. all decided not to talk or ask anything to ragini. they are behaving normally so that ragini feels comfortable.
” yummy today food tastes good ” swayam said.
” today food is prepared by riya and pari ” sumi said.” wow riya I don’t know you cook so well ” Swara said looking at Karthik. “I to loved it riya” dadi complimented. “not only you parvathi we all loved the food” dadaji said. “bai you can also compliment riya” Swara said teasingly. “come on even pari helped her only riya had not cooked” Karthik said while swayam and swara gave helpless look. riya got angry but she kept silent.
“but bai pari di always cooks for us when she comes here and riya cooked for first time ” ragini said. ” exactly and I just helped her all credit goes to riya only ” pari said. ” k fine why you all are back of me “saying Karthik left. riya felt bad with his behaviour.
dp, rp, ap and sujatha came to GM. gododia’s welcomed them.
” Sanskar informed us what happened yesterday. so we thought to visit you ” dp said.
” thanku dp ji ” samir said and introduced his family to them and vice versa.
all became good friends in short time and decided to do adharsh and parineeta engagement after 10 days. Dendeyal said we will take the responsibility of pari wedding as sanjay is like my son and pari is like my grand daughter. everyone are happy after that incident it is like stress buster for them. Karthik, Swara are teasing pari.
here sanlak and uttara are also teasing adharsh.
Karthik and sanjay go to a farm house. where sahil is tied up in a chair.
“Karthik you need not involve in this I will handle it ” sanjay said.
” no sanjay uncle, I need to know who is doing all these and why they want to hurt my ragu ” Karthik said determined.
” and please don’t inform anyone in family about this not even dadu. they will get worried ” he completed.
” what we will get by holding sahil as captive ” sanjay said . ” may be we get to know why sahil’s father want revenge from us ” Karthik said.” do you think we had not tried for it. we tried so much still we got to know nothing and this time what we are doing is against law ” sanjay said.” I know and dadaji or Papa no one will be k with it but you only told me those kidnappers escaped now we had no other option may be sahil’s father can take us to real culprits ” Karthik said.”I am proud of you Karthik, you can do anything for your family and ragini I am already with you, but also be careful” sanjay said.
“in this diary ragini only wrote replies to my letters. she wrote about her pain from the day her mother died. but she had not mentioned about her dreams in it. I should find out about it. may be it may connect us. ragini coming into my dreams and we both are suffering from same problem it may not be coincidence. I should make ragini feel comfortable to share her pain then only she can open up. I don’t know why but I strongly feel that we are connected ” Laksh thought.
” ragu we should do plan something. riya is angry on bai and he is like I don’t care ” swara said.
” I know swara, I think bai not even noticed that riya got angry ” ragini said.” but bai can’t take riya for granted he always hurts her ” Swara said.” he does it unknowingly we should make him realise. he should know importance of riya ” ragini said.” now mission riya and Karthik starts ” Swara said and both gave hifi to each other.
” by this your mind will be diverted ragu ” Swara thought.
“ragu let it be. you are still week, no need of going to clg ” dadi said.
” dadima I am fine. please it’s already two days I had not attended the clg and because of me Swara and Karthik bai are also not attending ” ragini said pouting.
” it’s not because of you. they want s reason to bunk clg ” dadaji said descending stairs. ” see if they will not go to clg also anyone will not say anything if one day I skip school everyone will ask me ” swayam said pouting.” swayam and ragini look similar while they pout ” dadi said tearing.” dadima you are saying as if we found after years ” swayam said.
” enough swayam. now a days you are talking much go and get ready. you should go to school ” sumi said.
” maa let her go she will get bored by sitting in home ” sunaina said.
” any how dadima I will be with ragu so don’t worry this time I will not leave her alone ” Swara said assuring dadi.
” k fine ” dadi said for which ragini hugged her saying thanku.
” it’s two days I saw you ragini. once I will meet you then I will definitely find out what you feel for me. I will do everything so that you will forget about your past and move on” Sanskar thought.
“still how many days ragini I am missing you and your fights badly ” Laksh thought.
In car
“you should have taken rest ragu what is the need to go to clg ” Karthik said.
“I am fine bai ” ragini said.” any how bai from two days you are not going to clg not staying at home. you are hiding anything from us ” Swara asked.
“no I am not hiding anything ” Karthik said panicked.”k relax I am just teasing ” Swara said.
In clg
kunj, dhruv, sowmya and shradda are talking. Karthik comes to them along with Swaragini. kunj was feeling guilty he was not able to face Karthik so he was about to leave.
” bai SomeOne promised me that he will be with me when I needed of I become his friend and now he is my friend so it’s time for him to keep his promise ” ragini said looking at kunj.
“ladoo just ne my friend I will always be with you when you needed ” little kunj said to little ragini. he smiled and immediately hugged her.
“I thought you will never talk to me ” kunj said to ragini.
“few years back even I thought I may not get a chance to talk to you. thanku for everything kunj if that day you were not their I don’t know what would have happened” she said breaking the hug.
“past is past Let’s think about present and future ” kunj said dreamily. ragini hit him on his shoulder. ” still I can’t believe you are that chipku kunj ” she said smiling. Karthik and swara are happy to see ragini happy.
” idiot at least now you can meet me or you forgot your old friend when you got new ” Karthik said. kunj and Karthik hugged each other.
” k guys no more emotional talks we should celebrate ” dhruv said.
” celebrate for what ” swara asked.
” dhruv and shradda are committed” soumya said.
“wow that’s amazing ” swara said.”you both never said about it, congrats bro” saying Karthik hugged dhruv and shradda.
“k today after classes we all are celebrating ” shradda said.
“Swara I will go to library you go to riya ” ragini said.”no ragu I am not going to leave you alone.I will also come with you” Swara said. “swara don’t worry. I will be fine. riya need you at this time. you just convince her to come at evng so that we can make bai and riya talk with each other” ragini said. “k fine be careful and call me or bai if you need anything” Swara said leaving.
“Hey lucky ” Swara called Laksh who was passing by.”Swara you came I missed you yaar” saying he hugged her. “me to” she said. “where is ragini is she fin” Laksh asked being curious. “Yes, she went to library. I am going to riya.bai again made riya upset. me and ragu made a plan to make bai realise his feelings for riya hope it works” swara said. “don’t worry. I am with you to help” he said.
ragini is going to library she collided with Sanskar. “hi ragini . how are you?” he asked. “fine” she replied. “shall I ask him about those letters. let him open up first” ragini thought.
“ragini i need to talk to you personally ” he said.” you can say it Sanskar ” she said.
” may be he will say that he is only mystery man ” she thought.
” ragini I already told about my feelings to you. I want to know what you feel about me ” he asked sincerely.” I know it’s not easy for you to take decision immediately you can take your time. I just want to say I love you ” he said. ragini opened her eyes wide.
” Sanskar you don’t know about me, I am … “she stopped looking at SomeOne.
Sanskar sensed it and turned back to find Karthik. both were shocked to see Karthik their.

sorry guys for being late. it is not proof read.

hope you are liking it…. positive and negative comments are welcomed…. keep smiling… spread positivity…stay blessed.. love you all… 😘😘😘


  1. Deesh


    |Registered Member

    Wow!! What an epi dear!! Oh no!! What would kartik say now?? It’s really interesting dear. Just loved it so so much.

  2. Kutty

    Wow dr.. Superb update. When ragu will share her feelings. even today missed mystery man mystery grl. Will ragu get to know abt her mystery man is not Sanky? If it was swara, then she would be heart broken. I don’t want that to happen with anyone.. Pls make Sanky to understand lucky. Nice update dr… This riya Karthick mission is nice… Great story. Take care nd update soon….

  3. Crystal089


    |Registered Member

    awesome superb yaar its becoming to intersting plsz update soon loved ragini and kunji’s bond swara is too caring laksh understands ragini well
    i am really too excited to know ragini’s answer i think she’ll say yes i wanna know laksh’s reaction when he get to know that sanskar loves ragini………. sanlak bond its really tooo gooood waiting for next part………

  4. Leia


    |Registered Member

    I reached the last chapter already that made me sad. I can’t believe I had finished reading all the chapters over the weekend but what can be expected when the story so fascinating that you got to finish it.
    Am never been fan of writing that got past life as a story line, but this story made me rethink it. With every chapter I had completed I got to know another deep layer to this story and emotionly invisted it could be my most favorite story so far and I can’t wait to read it till the end.
    With this great story i really enjoyed the writing style including traditional writing with pov get more emotion to the characters and made you sense there status of mind now am so integrated that am starting to write you other work.

  5. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Omgggg!!!wt an epic episOdeEEe€!!!!!m shockeddd!!sanky proposed rags n karthik saw dem oh god!!!wt wl happpen now????(i think karthik doesnt heard dem)*jst a wild guesss πŸ˜› ..laksh isssss soooooooooo amazngggg!!!he cares for rags soo much….waitng eagerly for raglak scenesss..alll d family members r soo good ,dey love n xares for my ragini so much πŸ™‚ ..
    Ahh!dis karthik alwats hurt riya .buddhu kaheka…waitng eagerly for nxt part..keeep rockng n stay blesssed dr ;;) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ ..thnku soo much for dis fantastic episode soulfrnd πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  6. Asra


    |Registered Member

    fabulous dear…omg karthik heard ragsan conversation or not…already vicky told bad about Sanky…what will happen now? omg am curious to read ur nxt update…swayam soo cute….ragunj bonding superbbb…sanlak both r so caring for ragini…today miss raglak scenes….eagerly waiting for nxt one…plz update soon and plz regular dear…tkcr dear…

  7. sargam

    its amazing as always
    loved the siblings bond sooooooo much
    sanlak convo was awesum,ragkunj scene was superb
    but here u got another twist san proposes rags in front of karthik,wat will happen now?damn excited to know it
    sanjay and karthik kidnapped sahil, i hope they wont gt in trouble nor make any1 else to get in trouble
    ur story is making me crazy day by day,i m totally in love wid it
    love u a lot for ur amazing story!!!

  8. markekon lotha

    i reli love laksh cares abt ragini..let sanskar sacrifice his love to laksh coz i love raglak couple…

  9. Jayanti


    |Registered Member

    loved this episode….and missed this ff of yours…..the end part was really unexpected.. I hope kartik is not angry on ragsan…….please post the next one soon

  10. A.xx


    |Registered Member

    fab loved it and i wonder if raglak had the same dream…
    wonder if karthik heard sanky and if he did what would he say…
    waiting for sanlak to find out they both like rags and want raglak to unite in the end as they seem made for each other and she thinks she loves sanky but it’s lakshya who wrote those letters..
    but also like ragsan as she might love him by knowing the real him…
    loved it can’t wait for the next post and wonder who is after ragini..
    amazing as always post soon.xx

  11. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    awesome, i dont think kartik heard ragsan’s conversation.poor sanlak both are loving one girl, i really want to see their reaction after knowing whom they love so much is a same girl. i know its going to be raglak, but i am feeling so bad for sanskar. he may or mya not be related to her past but he loves truly without any condition, laksh has already seen her in his dreams, so out of curiosity he first help her and then he fell in love but sanskar’s case is different, he actually loves her without knowing anything about her.

    • Ragz_teju



      thanku dear.. you are right that is why I said you will love Sanskar character and ragsan bond… and even Sanskar is related to past and how you will get to know soon

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