(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 31

sanskaar and ragini are shocked to see Karthik, he was staring at them in anger..
“ragu, go and call swara we will be leaving early so that we can go to party on time “. Karthik said bluntly looking at them.
” bai.. ” she tried to say something but interrupted by him.
” I said go and call swara “he replied raising his voice. ragini left from their teary eyes sensing Karthik anger.

” Karthik, what is the need to talk to ragini in such tone ” Sanskar said.
“enough Sanskar, don’t teach me how to talk with my sister” Karthik shouted.
“Karthik don’t over react. we can talk ” Sanskar tried to cool him.
” I should have believed vicky he was right you are trying to double cross my sisters and you except me not to react Sanskar maheshwari ” Karthik shouted by catching Sanskar collar.

” listen to me once. I don’t know what vicky told you but you are misunderstanding I am not double crossing anyone I truly love ragini ” Sanskar said while trying to free himself from Karthik hold.
” don’t you dare to take ragini name from your mouth ” he said and hit Sanskar on his face soon students started gathering around them.
” just once listen to me ” Sanskar tried to talk but he got another blow on his face by Karthik.

Laksh and yuvi who are passing by the crowd thought to check out what is happening and found Karthik hitting Sanskar. Laksh got angry on Karthik he went near him separated Sanskar from Karthik and started hitting Karthik.
after two blows Karthik tried to hit Laksh back but Sanskar stopped him from doing that.
“don’t Karthik, I can bare my pain but not Lucky’s”. Sanskar warned.
Karthik without listening pushed Sanskar away and hit Laksh. this was enough for Sanskar he held Karthik from back with the help of yuvi and laksh is beating Karthik.
it was three on one, no body are ready to stop as it was now the matter came on their ego.
“what will bai say to Sanskar? hope bai had not misunderstood. why I am feeling so restless and now where should I find Swara. Oh God please make everything fine ” ragini thought and started searching for Swara.
swara and riya who are walking around saw the crowd and went near it.
” what is happening here ” riya asked one boy over their.
” what will happen, same fight between dare devils and hot dazzlers. but this time their is only one from hot dazzlers. dare devils won’t leave him this time ” he said.
” what? who might it be. hope it’s not bai come lets check ” saying swara dragged riya to the crowd hoping the one not to be Karthik.
” bai…. Karthik “Swara and riya shouted as soon as they spotted Karthik beaten up by Laksh, Sanskar and yuvi.
” lucky what are you doing ” Swara tried to free Karthik from Laksh but he was not paying any head to her.

” swara get back. no need to plead him today I will not leave them ” Karthik said glaring Laksh who was holding his collar.
” Sanskar please at least you listen, leave him “. riya tried to convince them.
” I told him riya not Laksh, how dare he touch my lucky ” Sanskar said pushing riya who was about to fall but SomeOne held her.
” ragini… “riya said as soon as she lifted her head to see who helped her.
” ragu “swara came to her.
Sanskar stopped by listening ragini name and turned back.
ragini went near him and slapped him hard by which Laksh, Karthik and yuvi stopped their fight and staring them.
” how dare you, to raise your hand on my bro ” saying Laksh tried to apporach her but he was stopped by Sanskar.
” bai just leave me today I will not leave her ” Laksh said.
” no Laksh, fault is on my side ” Sanskar said” ragini i am sorry, it’s just happened we had no intension to hurt Karthik ” Sanskar tried to appolozise.
” enough Sanskar, how much you will act. I thought you are genuine but no you are not. you want me to say about my feelings na. now I am saying I hate you. did you hear me I hate you ” ragini said crying hard.

all are looking at them in shock.
” if you really hate me ragini. then you will not cry while you are saying it and I know you to love me. I will wait till you say it by your self ” he said. Laksh and swara are heart broken by listening to Sanskar confession.
” enough Sanskar, don’t behave as if you really care. if you really respect me you would not have hurt me. you know how much my family is important for me ” she said.
” no ragini just once listen to me “he tried to convince her.
” don’t try to fool around me again. just stay away from me ” she said.
” bai come Let’s leave ” saying she hold Karthik from his shoulder. while he was passing glares to Sanskar as if he was warning Sanskar to stay away from ragini.
Swara who was standing in shock came to sense when riya tapped her shoulder signing her to come.
Laksh pov
” I am not understanding how to react whether I should be Happy for my brother or sad for myself. I always tried to convince myself that my feelings towards ragini are not love but today knowing my brother is in love with her my heart was aching. I was feeling the same pain of losing her, wait a second same pain that means I had already go threw the pain of losing my love but when and how. I was confused about my feelings. confused to choose in between my brother or a unknown feeling for my dream girl with lot of mysteries bounded with her. finally I choose my brother who was more than my life to me.
ragini was treating Karthik, tears were flowing continuously from her eyes.
“I am fine ragu, Just relax ” he said.
” how can you say that you are fine, see how much you are hurt “she says.
he smiles looking at her concern towards him.
” swara pass me cotton ” she says but swara was lost in her own world.
” Swara, ragu is asking something ” Karthik said for which she jerked.
” where are you lost swara ” ragini asked.
” she was just worried about Karthik, I will pass you cotton ” riya said.
” riya please, I want to talk to my sisters will you please excuse us ” Karthik said which hurt riya so much.
” I am sorry, I don’t know how I always forget that I am not a part of your family. any way take care Karthik ” saying she left.
” bai why can’t you understand. you always hurt her ” swara said in anger.
” it’s not time to worry about her. say me truly where you are lost ” he said.
” you are impossible. I am just thinking about recent happenings ” Swara said looking at ragini for her reaction.
” their is nothing to think. I thought Sanskar is really helping us but he betrayed ” he said. ragini turned her face in order to control her emotions.
” how can you say that Sanskar betrayed us ” she asked still her gaze is on ragini. she is hoping ragini to say something.

” because vicky warned me already Sandbar is trying to make you both to fall for him and after that to hurt you. I thought vicky was trying to make us fight so after talking to you both I want to come to a conclusion. I tried to talk to you both about it but ragu got kidnapped and all that happened, it went out of my mind. today everything was clear. how dare he propose ragu. I will not allow him to cheat any of you both ” Karthik said.
” no bai Sanskar is not that type of man. he is not trying to cheat me instead he really loves me. he always supported me ” ragini said in one go without realising.
” ragu do you love Sanskar ” Swara asked her controlling her emotions.
” Swara what are you asking. don’t confuse ragu ” Karthik said.
” bai please, I know today what all happened is because of your anger. don’t you think you are becoming over possessive about us. if ragu really like Sanskar what’s wrong in that. as far as I know him he is true to himself and if he loves ragu then he is the best partner for her “Swara said.

” and ragu if you love Sanskar or not but you should not have slapped him. that to when you know he loves you ” she completed.
” Swara you can’t force ragu to accept his feelings ” Karthik said.
” bai please, I am not forcing her. just now ragu herself agreed that Sanskar truly loves her, then she should understand his pov also. you both are at fault, the matter which can be sorted out by a conversation it has become into fight and see your self once how much you are hurt “Swara said.
Karthik and ragini are feeling guilty for their actions.
Karthik pov
“swara is saying true I should not have initiated the fight without knowing what is truth. if really Sanskar is loving ragu and if ragu also does then she may never say about it after what happened today. I promised my self to give all the happiness to my sisters but because of my anger I failed. I should know whether ragu loves Sanskar or not. if she really does I should give Sanskar a chance”
ragini pov
” I should have been calm. it is all because of me. instead of clearing the misunderstanding I slapped Sanskar blaming him. grow up ragu, you should have once thought before ballbearing non sense. now whole clg know sanskar loves me. how can I face their glares and what about my feelings. do I really feel for him or it’s just thankfulness for what he have done to me. this love and relationship will make me week. I can’t let my self fall week. sorry Sanskar how much I try I can’t see you more than a friend. actually what happened today is good for us, by this may be he starts to hate me but why I feel hurt by hurting him. so many confusions”
” Sanskar what is happening, you are in love with that behenji ragini ” kavitha said.
” kavitha don’t you dare to call her that ” he said.
” k Sanskar we respect you decision but do you still love her after what she had done. she insulted you infront of everyone” kavya said.
” she said all those due to her love towards her brother. she said I hate you it doesn’t really mean that she hate me. I know she loves me. may be today she had not accepted but some day she will ” Sanskar said determined.
” but Sanskar, you know what happened in her house on that day. still you are loving her ” yuvi said.
” past is past yuvi. I am not having any problem with her past. I want to be with her in present and future ” Sanskar said.
” wow. future, everything you planned but thought it is not necessary to say it to your bro at least” Laksh said clapping.
Sanskar was feeling guilty to hide it from Laksh.
” lucky I know I should have told you before but I want to tell you after knowing what ragini feels and before that all this happened. I can bare anything but not your anger sorry yaar lucky” Sanskar said.
“bai please, I can never be angry on you “saying he hugged Sanskar.
” but that doesn’t mean I will leave you for hiding such a big thing from me. you will get your punishment ” Laksh said.
” k bro, I am ready for it. say me what should I do ” Sanskar said.
” not now, when time comes I will say. for now lets think what to do ” Laksh said.
” riya, I am sorry on behalf of bai. he is stupid ” saying swara hugged riya who was silently crying.
” why swara, Karthik always says something that makes me feel that I am forcing my feelings on him ” saying riya started crying.
” please don’t let your self fall week. I know bai is rude towards you but just give him chance. I am not saying this because he is my bai but I know he also likes you but more than you he likes his ego ” swara says.” now smile ” saying she started tickling riya.
” k enough I am smiling see ” riya showed her teeth both hugged each other.
” swara shall I ask you something ” hesitatingly riya said.
” from when you started asking permission, come say it yaar ” Swara said.
” you are not hurt by knowing Sanskar loves ragini. you know what I mean to say” riya asked.
” I know riya you are concerned for me. to be frank I am not happy nor I am sad. I am not happy because i agree I had feelings for Sanskar but I can’t expect him to reciprocate as I my self not sure about it. I am not sad because someone loves ragu so much and even I see ragu is positive towards Sanskar, after what all happened with ragu she deserves happiness “Swara said.
” how can you be positive in everything ” riya asked surprised by her answers.
” simple, because of my loved ones ” Swara said smiling.
ragini is walking lost in deep thoughts.
Laksh came on her way. she looked at him and tried to go away.
” running away will not sort the matter ” he says.
” excuse me, I am not running away from anything and their is no need also ” she says with attitude.
” what you think of your self. showing me Laksh maheshwari attitude. if Sanskar is not liking you I would have shown you hell for raising hand on him. be thankful that you are safe ” he says.
” you are threatening me. don’t think I will be afraid of you. actually I was at fault instead of Sanskar I should have slapped you ” saying she is about to leave but he stopped her and pinned her to wall holding her both hands.
” so you want to slap me come on slap me. I will also see how you will do that ” he said in anger.
” Laksh just leave me. if bai get to know that you are misbehaving with me he will not leave you “she says which make Laksh even more angry.
” you and your bai. you bai will behave as if he is only having sisters and you are behaving as if he is some super hero ” he says being sarcastic.
” their is no need to be sarcastic. your love for Sanskar is genuine and our love is not. I am feeling pity on your thoughts just let me go “she says.
” don’t try to provoke me with your stupid talks ” he says.
” wow if Laksh maheshwari says something it’s correct and if I say, I am provoking. please I don’t have any mood to talk to you “she says Laksh tightens his grip on her hands in anger.
” Laksh it’s hurting. leave me ” she says.
“this pain is nothing in front of the pain you gave to bai. if I get to know that any time you are the reason for my bai pain I will not leave you” saying he left her and went from their.
“Laksh is out of his mind. still I can’t believe he is Sanskar’s brother ” she thought.
Sanskar was searching for ragini to clear the misunderstanding he finds riya and swara and goes near them.
” riya and swara sorry for what had happened ” he says.
” it’s k Sanskar, I can understand. but once think from Karthik side also. he was also not wrong in his place, he was just worried for his sisters ” riya says.
Swara gives her a unbelievable look.
” what I am not supporting him I said just what is true ” riya tried to justify herself.
” what ever happens you will be tail to bai ” swara says” and Sanskar I am not saying bai is right or you are right but what ever happened should not have happened. up to everything gets sorted out please don’t expect me to behave normally ” said swara.
” wow what happened today all are behaving differently. k but atleast say me where is ragini ” Sanskar asked.
” why should I say if you want you find her. comes lets go riya ” saying Swara left with riya.
” what is this I thought today ragini has shown her different angle but here swara is also behaving weirdly, stupid sisters ” Sanskar murmured . someone tapped his shoulder he turned to see who was it and he was shocked to see swara.
” stupid sisters ha, what you are thinking about your self if we are stupid then then you are idiot, mental and what not ” Swara shouted showing fake anger.
” swara cool, k I agree I am idiot but leave this poor guy ” he said folding his hands.
” that’s good ” she said. all three laughed.
preparations are going on for parineeta and adharsh engagement.
” I am so happy I am waiting for the day parineeta enters into this house as our bahu ” ap says.
” ha jiji I am also waiting, I am thinking I will search a girl for Sanskar also ” sujatha says.
” sujatha, you also sometimes behaves childish Sanskar is still in final year let him finish his studies and then build his career. we gave time to adharsh also, how can we differentiate our kids ” ap says.
” no jiji, I will be happy what ever Sanskar chooses but you no na, he should get married in soon according to his horoscope that is why I am worried ” sujatha says.
” I know sujatha, I am also worried about that only and you know after dp ji and rp have said we will talk about Sanskar marriage after his finals ” ap says.
” but jiji at least we can start seeing girls, we will do marriage after his exams only. jiji please you convince baisa and rp ji. they will surely listen to you ” sujatha says.
” k sujatha I will talk to them ” ap says.
” I had decided before Karthik I want to get ragu married” dadi says.
“maa, please not again. ragu is so small ” sumi says.
” no sumi this time maa is right. my doll has faced so much she deserves happiness in her life and if she is with us she will never move on from her past she need to start her new life, it is possible only if she get married ” sunaina says.
” thank God, finally some one was on my side ” dadi says.
” babhi, but ragu is still in her first year how can we make her get married so young and what about her studies ” sumi says.
” sumi we will search for the family who will support her studies even after her marriage, don’t worry ” sunaina says.
” k as you wish, I will talk to shekar about it to shekar. if ragu will be happy then nothing is important ” sumi says.

**this part is not proof read **
sorry guys I know I am so late, please excuse me. thanku guys for your support and encouragement.
I know today’s part is boring but I feel like it is little dragging. many are losing interest and even I am not regular, so directly moving to the marriage track. you will get scenes of the pairs may be from next one and you will not get disappointed I promise you will many twists and even romance. their will also be clg scenes.
hope you like it… keep smiling… stay blessed… spread positivity… love you all 😘😘😘


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    • Ragz_teju



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