(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 27

ragini ran from the party hall to the girls locker room.. she is sweating and still catching hold of the violin.

swara – I still can’t believe it’s our ragu.
riya – ya me too. she sang so well as if she got trained for years but why she ran away.
Karthik – I think we should check on her. she seemed to be tensed.
swara – no bai Let’s leave her alone for some time. ragu first time tried to overcome her fear we should support her not to make week.
riya – Yes Karthik Swara is right. we know you more than ragini you will be worried on seeing her in such state.
swara and riya gave hifi to each other and giggled. but Karthik was not paying any head to them he is continuously staring towards the side where ragini went.

Laksh followed ragini and reached girls locker room. he was seeing her by hiding behind the door

ragini is talking to her self..
how I did that by looking at the violin in her hand. I don’t know how to play it. I just practised the song but that tune I played it’s all happened with out my concern. from my childhood I was not interested in musical instruments or singing but today I played violin and even sang. singing is k as I wanted to do it but how can I play this without knowing how to use it before.
suddenly she heard a sound at the door and turned towards it. she spotted Laksh their. “what are you doing here. don’t you know boys are not allowed it’s girls personal space” she said in anger. “when ever it was me you will get angry and you will speak sweetly with all others other than me” Laksh complained by making faces. “because you are just worth of my anger not sweetness” she replied with full of attitude.”you know what keeping quite is more better than talking to you ” Laksh said irritated.” same feeling here “she said and stormed out.
” l thought of saying her truth but she is showing attitude. she Stolen my own composition and played it to surprise me only. copycat ragini ” he muffed and about to leave but his eyes fall on ragini’s bag from which he was able to see some gift. he went near her bag and took the gift on which it was written” to my mystery man “. he smiled reading my mystery man on it.” ragini now you keep searching for this while it had already reached me, this is your punishment for fighting with me he thought and smirked.

ragini came to the place where party is going on. as soon as she came all started to appreciate her.swara rushed to her and hugged her.
swara – ragu you killed it today what a performance
riya – really ragini we were shocked and surprised
Karthik – enough you girls leave ragu alone
riya – you are just jealous of us
Karthik – why I will be jealous of shona and you. shona I my sister and you are…
(he stopped for a sec..) you are no one..
riya got angry while ragini and Swara glared Karthik.. riya went from their angrily..
swara – bai you don’t know how to speak also always you hurt her at least you should have said her as friend but no how can your ego let you say that.. saying swara went from their
Karthik tried to stop her but she left.
ragini – bai it’s high time now you should say sorry to riya. without saying sorry you are keep on hurting her
Karthik – come on ragu I already told her sorry but she had not accepted it.. I am trying to talk to her normally but she is not listening to me what can I do.
ragini – swayam I right bai.. he is far better than you in matter of girls. I suggest you take training from him.
Karthik (pouting) – ragu now you also don’t start it.. ragini giggled..
Karthik – any way you are good today..
ragini smiled.. “ragu are you hiding anything from us” he asked..
ragini (sensed his tension) – nothing like that bai..
Karthik (concerned) – are you sure..
she assured him that everything is fine

Sanskar was continuously searching for ragini.. after sometime he spotted her talking to riya and swara..
swara and ragini are trying to convince riya after sometime she got convinced but still angry on Karthik..
Sanskar was eyeing ragini.. she noticed it, excused her self and left from their..
riya noticed Sanskar staring at ragini.. but she thought it may be her mistake

Sanskar wanted to dance with ragini but ragini is not even ready to talk to him.. when ever he tried to approach her she is trying to go away..
swara gained some courage and went near Sanskar and asked for dance. he agreed as she was a part of his team now. they were dancing on a slow beat. Sanskar is holding her in a friendly manner still swara is feeling butterflies in her stomach. sahil who was watching them is burning in jealousy and anger took our his jealousy . he remembered how swara said no when he asked for dance.

Karthik was talking with dhruv, sowmya and shradda when vicky came to them.
vicky – so Karthik you fought with us just we talked badly about your sister but I think it’s just show of so that all should think Karthik gadodia is great and bla bla.
Karthik was trying hard to control his anger.
dhruv – vicky we know you are trying to provoke us but not today. just leave from here.
vicky is not ready to stop.
vicky – I thought gododia’s are intelligent but I was wrong. like their mom’s even your sisters managed to fall in trap of same man as if they are no other boys left in clg.
Karthik’s anger was in peak he held his collar and ready to hit him but was stopped by dhruv and soumya
soumya – enough vicky. what rubbish you are speaking.
vicky – it’s not rubbish it’s true once look at dance floor how Swara and Sanskar are dancing. once think even if it is a friendly dance how Sanskar agreed to take swara in their group knowing her to be Karthik’s sister.
all were silent..
vicky – I will say because he was trying to trap her and ragini she is a big dumbo she already got trapped
dhruv – what does it mean she already trapped.
vicky – Sanskar proposed ragini yesterday. I know you will not believe so I recorded it. he shows ragsan convo when by editing their talk which seemed as Sanskar proposed her ragini scolded him and he became upset then she felt bad.
I am showing it just to warn you Karthik I know we are not in good terms with each other but I can’t see that Sanskar playing game with you all. you all should have observed from past few days dare devils are behaving nicely with every one. why a sudden change in them. I hope it’s not one of their plans. saying vicky left from their smirking.
Karthik remembered ragini being upset, he asking her about hiding anything but she denied. he made a fist.
dhruv – Karthik before reaching any decision we should confront ragini and swara first.

Laksh was sitting in one of the empty clss room and he was reading the diary which was in the gift box. he was amazed to read it.. ragini wrote reply for his every Letter and even her feelings when she finds a Letter from him. all her emotions, pain, fear everything she put into words. the things which she was enable to share even with her family and siblings she had written in it. a tear dropped from his eyes while reading. “what is this girl I thought she is just afraid of facing the world but by reading I think she is having so much pain in her, what may be the reason for her pain. I should find out about it” he thought.

Karthik told swara and ragini that they are leaving.
swara – but bai party will go on till early morning why are we leaving so fast.
Karthik (annoyed) – I said we are going then we are no more arguments.
swara (pouting) – k
ragini – bai I will get my bag you wait out side she said and left to get her bag
riya to swara – see I told you. your brother will not enjoy and will not let us enjoy.
ragini picked her bag and found the gift she brought was missing. she got worried. she searched entire room but not found it. “I think someone purposely doing it. what if they read it. I don’t want to share my emotions with anyone so I had Written it in dairy. thought it will be the best gift for my mystery man but now it got misplaced. sorry Sanskar I want to surprise you by giving it to you but everything got spoiled “she thought.
Karthik, swara and riya are waiting for ragini near parking. ragini comes out. she should cross the road to reach parking. she was about to cross the road but suddenly a maruthi van came their with full speed few goons came out of it and they forcely made ragini sit in it and drove away. Karthik, swara and riya are shocked to the scenario, they are shouting ragini name. these all happened in a fraction of seconds. Karthik tried his best to reach the van but they left before he reach it, he runs behind the van for few metres, the van was so fast he missed it. he shouted on top of his voice ragini…

swara was in shock and was not moving from their tears are flowing from her eyes.
riya – swara nothing will happen to ragini don’t worry you wait here I will call some one for help. and she went inside party venue.
Sanskar who came out in search of Laksh saw panicked swara. he went near her and asked what happened she bursted crying and hugged him. he hugged her back in order to pacify her. riya asked dhruv to come out side. after coming out she explained what happened. then they here “what??”it was Laksh.
Laksh – when and how all these happened
riya – thank God Laksh you were also here. just now all these happened.
dhruv – where is Karthik and swara
riya – Karthik went running behind the van and swara is crying
Laksh – dhruv you go and inform it to Police and faculty.. I will try to do something come riya lets go..
“ragini hope you are fine. I will not leave those who try to hurt you. please ragini don’t fall week at least any help reaches you. I promise I will find you as soon as I can “Laksh thought tension can clearly seen on his face. he was dam worried for his mystery girl.

“swara stop crying and say me what happened” Sanskar asked her. but swara is not in a position to utter a single word. riya and laksh reached them. “bai ragini was kidnapped” Laksh explained the whole situation. their frnds and faculty also came out. Sanskar was broken from inside by knowing that ragini is kidnapped tears are rolling from his eyes. Laksh was worried to see his bro in that condition as he don’t know the reason but thought of asking about it once they found where ragini is.
Karthik is madly roaming on roads and trying to figure it out where they would have taken her.
Laksh, Sanskar, dhruv, yuvi also went in search of ragini and Karthik after informing Police.

ragini was struggling hard to get rid of their hold but those goons are more stronger than her. one goon was closing her mouth while another one was catching her hands. one is driving and one on passenger seat instructing them to hold her tight. ragini felt helpless, she was continuously crying after some time she lost hope. she closed her eyes in pain and remembered her mystery man words “when you can’t help your self then even God can’t help you” she opened her eyes being determined. with full force she pushed the man holding her hands and kicked the man closing her mouth before they realise what just happened he opened the door and jumped out. ragini got hurt on her head and elbow because of jumping from the running vehicle. goons stopped the van , got down of it. ragini gained her strength and started running while goons are following her. she reached the place which was Dark, their is no ray of light expect a street light which is far from their. goons were raging in anger, shouting at her to come out. ragini was hiding behind a tree and sobbing by closing her mouth to not let sound of her sobbing heard by goons.

what ragini wrote in her dairy will be revealed episode by episode…

sorry for typos

hope you are liking it…. positive and negative comments are welcomed…. keep smiling… spread positivity…stay blessed.. love you all… 😘😘😘


  1. Crystal089


    |Registered Member

    superb………. Poor rags sad for her ………. I know sanlak will save her but in future I hope sanlak don’t fight for ragini…………

  2. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Superbbbbbbbbbbbb update yaaar….d way rags fought wid d goons n jumped ws mindblownggg….my brave rago😊 n thnk god dat laksh got d gft…actuallly i ws reallly worried about it…aww!!he cares for my ragz soo much….n i realllly felt bad for sanky wen he got to know dat ragz is kidnpped….loved swargini n karthik scen…waitng eagerly for nxt part…hope rags wl b f9 …keep rockng n st blessed dear😊😊😊😊

  3. Jazzy


    |Registered Member

    Amazing as always but now I think laksh will come to know abt sanskar”s love and he might step out hrheheeeh I know it’s stupid

  4. Kutty

    wow.. finally ragu performed nd the gift reached”The mystery man” Lucky… Karthick is really dumb. hw he spoke to riya.. Hope everything goes well.. Who’s behind Ragini. is this something related to her dreams… Anyhow sanlak will save her.. Waiting to know what’s in the letter… Great episode nd update soon.. take care

  5. sargam

    u have left me dumbstruck,really this epi is sooooooooooooooo good,u r growing my expectations day by day and i m jst thinking how cud any1 think lyk this.
    my hands r literally shivering reading this awesum piece of urs,its superbbbbbbbbbbbb
    i dont have any words left to praise u,u r really a blessed writer,ur imagination,hats off,i m spellbound by this
    rags feeling,raglak convo,lak taking her diary,and then the goons kidnapping her,sanlak reaction,rags strength wen she reminded of lak’s words,its a full package
    i request u to post the nxt asap ,i cant wait ,pls
    once again superb!!!!!

    • Ragz_teju



      thanku so much dear… it really means a lot… I am glad that I am able to reach your expectations.. it’s push me to write more after reading your comments..

  6. Sally_blr


    |Registered Member

    WOW 😲. And Ragini kicked the goons and climbed out of the van. She is becoming strong day by day. Loved it. Now I feel Laksh truly deserves to be with her now. What a change he has brought in her WOW

  7. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    mind blowing episode, finally i am seeing a strong ragini who is ready to help herself and trying hard to come out of her fears. wow laksh all credit goes to you. laksh help her to reform herself in every possible way. kartik is the best brother. he just loved his sisters alot. hope he will understand riya also. sanskar is broken after hearing ragini’s kidnap. hope kartik and sanlak will find her soon.

  8. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome, amazing fabulous fantastic dear…raglak conversation r soo cute…who is tht idiot? ? how dare u to kidnap our ragini…surely laksh Sanky and karthik will kill u….ragini u r sooo bold dear..u kicked the goon…and don’t worry ragini ur mystery man and ur love laksh will save u…waiting for nxt one….how can u end it in suspense dear…am really saying u r amazing writer…plz update soon…tkcr

  9. A.xx


    |Registered Member

    why is Rags so mean to Lakshya yar feeling bad for him,,,
    has he found out about RagSan yet???
    I don’t want him to sacrifice his true love for Sanky as she loves Lucky but doesn’t know it’s him,,
    Waiting to see who saves her Lucky or Sanky…
    glad to see her unfolding a little,,,
    plz update soon can’t wait for next epi.xx

  10. Keerthu


    |Registered Member

    Awesome dr…… I’m waiting for rag realize her feeling for lucky……. I’m happy for that her Mystery man got his gift otherwise it goes to wrong person……… I hate tat idiot Vicky idiot…..

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