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Hi guys this is Aastha. 1st time i’m trying to write os. i dont know hows is it. plz support me.

Girl’s pov,
I know I’m frm middle class that’s why I’m always expecting things which in my range. Bcos I know over expectation makes a man as a great fool. I never thought that I’ll fell in love. But he made me fell for him. We enjoyed the life. He made smile on my face . I waited for that moment when my name will change frm Ragini Shekar gadodia to Ragini Laksh maheswari.

Laksh lives in nxt street frm my house. The major thing is he works opposite to my house. He works under big gold smith in our area. He is not in big post too. But something attracts me towards him. I thought he loves me. But that day was the shocking day to me. I was abt to propose. Then he stpped me n showed a girl.
I asked who is she ? He replied I love her. She big business man’s daughter Tanya sinha. These many days I acted like closer to u that made her jealous now she accepted me. Thanks for the help dear. I was totally broken. But I console myself.

I know basically I’m good frm my heart. So I believed god will give me a good life. I think I took wrong decision in choosing my life partner. Now I’m just doing my 1st year in UG. So I decided to concentrate on my studies. Then we shifted our house to another area. 3 years passed.

Now I completed my UG. Now I’m in good job n getting good salary. I’m satisfied with this but my parents sincerely searching a groom for me.
Shekar : Ragini beta soon u r going to marry. Take this cover.
Ragini : dad what is this?
Sumi : groom’s pic n his phone number.

I don’t know what to say I ran into my room. I prayed to god. Then I opened the cover n saw the pic of groom.i was shocked to see the pic. He is my 1st crush(not love). My childhood crush. He is damn handsome. At first sight I fall for him. But I called him to talk something to know abt his character. I know him already but I saw him 5 yrs ago. So I don’t know what is the change in him.

I called him. He said hello in cool manner. Don’t know y but 1000s of butterflies flying in my heart while talking him. I don’t know what I talked to him. But I’m happy. My parents saw my happiness in my face they fixed the alliance. I never expect that I’ll get marry in big family. I’m cordially happy but another nervous running in my heart.
Successfully I got married. Today is my reception. I never expect that laksh will meet me again as Ragini Sanskar maheswari. I said na I got married in big family that is none other than the gold smith’s family whom under laksh worked. Sanskar is the son of gold smith. Laksh entered the hall. I never expect that still he will work there. I thought he will marry Tanya but I don’t know what happened to him.

Everyone praising my n sanky’s Jodi. Laksh congradulated sanky.

My family is so good. They never let me to do work but I helped my sasu maa in cooking n take care of my better half. I felt sad for laksh for his disaapointment in his love. But I never dreamed that laksh will turn to torture in my life. He started to blackmail me. If I don’t give money what he asks he will ruin my life by saying that I loved him. I don’t know how he come to know that I loved him.

Later I come to know that he pretends as big business man to Tanya. In end Tanya come to know that he is normal worker she leaved him. At that time he got me to gain money. 2, 3 times I paid money but one day I caught by sanky. I thought I’ll lose my sanky but god played ultimate role in my life. Sanky initially come to know abt laksh’s real face.
Sanky : I know abt ur past. So u cant black mail any more got it.

I hugged sanky n we lead a happy life. Sanky slowly corrected laksh’s path. Finally he also got married a girl frm good family. Her name is swara. Later they also lead a happy life.

Happy ending.

God knows who is suitable for us so don’t choose a wrong person. Right person will come in right time. Don’t cheat ur parents. Bcos they brings up u with lots of hope. So don’t shatter their heart

if any readers got disappointment then i’m sry. here i mentioned swaragini in title only for this article have to reviewed on this page thats y nothing else.

guys how is it? is this ok or worst? plz tell me through cmnts. by urs loving Aastha

Credit to: Aastha

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  1. It was awsm . How could u say it worse? I loved it dear . Story with a amazing mssg

    1. thnq so much dear

  2. nice os dear

    u reallly give a great msg through ur os

    1. thnq so much

  3. This was amazing…how can it be worst? Don’t say that….ur a good writer…very nice OS

    1. thnq sooo much dear for the big support. encourage me like this.

  4. Awesome di that’s so nyc….. First time os is super hit don’t worry!!!

    1. thnq dear

    1. thnq dear

    1. thnq dear

  5. Awesome
    Plz write os on swasan

    1. thnq n i’ll try to write os on swasan

  6. Awesome os.it’s not bad at all.

    1. thnq dear

  7. different one, nice yar

    1. thnq so much my dear

  8. Superb and different . It’s not bad at all di.I got a great msg from you. Thank you for that.You rocked.

    1. thnq so much dear. in my last ff u didnt cmnted me. u know i missed u lot. again thnq for reading my os

  9. beautiful story with heart touching msg……. 🙂

    1. thnq so much akshata dear keep smiling.

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