Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 9)

Hai every one. I am back with next epi. I am glad that many liked my previous episode. So let’s start.

Scene 1: At mansion

Next morning swara was first to woke up. She freshened and went to hall. She saw laksh getting ready to go for jocking in track suit. She greeted him and asked shall she join him. Laksh agreed and swalak left to joking.

Scene 2:At park

Swalak’s part

Swalak entered the park. Laksh went near grassy area and started doing some exercise. swara went near him and smiled seeing it. Laksh asked her accompany him. Swara don’t do exercises so she felt difficulty in doing exercise. Laksh did flying eagle pose. Swara stumbled while doing so laksh neared her and helped her. Swara was so lost in his tough. She saw laksh who so close to her busy in correcting her position. She was lost in his face.

Eagle posture

Laksh said to keep her hand straight. Getting no response from her he turned towards her. He noticed swara staring at him. He too was lost in her eyes. They were brought back to reality by the people’s voice who commented on them. They both were so embarrassed. Laksh turned to other side and did next posture. Swara tried to copy him. While doing so she lost her balance and fell on laksh who holds her from falling.

Swara closed her eyes in fear expecting her to be hurt badly due to falling but she felt someone’s arm encircle in her waist. She opened her eyes and saw laksh who is lost in her. She noticed him holding her and blushed. She too was lost in his eyes. They both came to reality by the sound of ice cream vehicle passing by. swara shouted ice cream and went towards the vehicle to avoid the embarrassment. Laksh smiled at her childishness and followed her. Swara bought two vanilla ice creams and gave one to laksh.

She started eating her ice cream. She enjoyed it and laksh smiled at her antics and both finished their ice cream. Swara bought three more vanilla ice creams for ragsan and ram and went to the mansion. To avoid embarrassment they talked about each others hobbies. Laksh told he finished his studies now and is more interested in dancing and singing. Swara said same pinch. We are so similar. They both smiled but soon their smile vanished seeing the scenario of the hall. Before they could realize it they felt something wet on them. What else can happen. Ragsan happened..

Scene 3: At mansion

After swalak left to joking ragini woke up. She in sleepy manner went to swara’s room but instead she end up in the room where sanlak are staying. Sanky has wrapped a blanket around him. Ragini mistook him as swara and slept near him. She in sleepy eyes pulled sanky thinking him as swara. Sanky throws her hand away and moved far thinking it too be lucky. Ragini was irritated and kicked swara lightly. As sanky was sleeping in the corner of the bed he fell on the floor with a thud.

He shouted ahhh, laksh ki bacche you are gone and took the jug nearby and poured on ragini thinking her as laksh. Ragini shouted ahhh flood flood swara save me. Hearing a girl voice sanky cleared his sleepy eyes to get a clear view of who is before him. Ragini woke up and saw sanky. Both at a time shouted you. Ragini asked what are doing in swara’s room. Sanky shouted oh ho madam first see yourself. Its not swara’s room. Ragini saw hear and there and realized its not swara’s room. She realized it’s her mistake so to cover up toh will you pour water on me.

Sanky said madam You were the one who kicked me first due to which I fell on the floor. And I am not leaving you now and came towards her. Ragini ran to the hall. Sanky chased her. Sanky took the vase nearby and tried to poured the water on ragini but she ducked an the water landed on ram who was sleeping in the sofa in hall. He woke up with a jerk and was shocked to ragsan running chasing each other. Ragini went to kitchen and sanky followed her. She took the bottle of water and poured on sanky. Sanky mixed turmeric powder in a jug and emptied on ragini. She boiled in anger and took the floor near by and emptied it on him.

Ragini ran from there. Sanky filled two jugs with water and added turmeric in it. He then went to hall and saw ragini hiding behind sofa. He came near her and poured on her but she pulled ram who ended up drenched in the water. Ragini escaped and moved towards the entrance. Sanky followed her and went after her. The door was closed so ragini tried opening. Sanky blocked her and throws water on her but ragini escaped because at that tie swalak who returned from jocking opened the door and got drenched in it. Ragini hided behind the door.

Ragsan are shocked to see swalak drenched and boiling in anger. They tried to escape but swalak shouted bhai / di not happening. They went towards them and pulled their ears. Ragsan shouted ahh in pain. They said you are elder in age but very young in everything. They asked how did that happened. Ragsan saw each other and then at ram with pleading eyes. Ram thought to defend them and said swara behen they were. But swara stopped him and asked ragini to speak. They narrated what else happened. Swalak told them to freshen up. Ragsan quickly hurried from there but swara asked them to do that after cleaning the mess and went form there. Laksh went to his room. Ragini made a puppy face and went owards ram. But before that swara again came and told ram to not help them and left. Ram moved from there. Ragsan glared each other and cursed each other for creating this mess. They become quiet when swara came after getting freshen up. She handed them broom and mop and left from there. Swara went to laksh’s room who was laughing hard holding his stomach. Swara too joined him and laughed ore. They said their sibling are impossible and laughed more. Here ragsan are glaring each other and cleaning the mess they have created. The episode ends in smiling faces of swalak and glaring faces of ragsan.

Recap: Sanky to break an expensive vase. Ragini to tell sanlak to pay money or do what she says. What will sanlak do?

That’s it for today. You can also read this on watt pad. Happy tamil new year everyone. See you all soon.

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