Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 8)

Hai everyone. I am so happy and as I told in this epi I will take sanskars’s entry which will be so fun. The role of ram will be played by Siddharth jadhav, a Marathi film comedian. Thanks to kitkat for the suggestion. I hope you all enjoy this.

Scene 1: At mansion

The episode starts with swalak hugging in fear. Ragini was full white covered in floor and the guy was in combination of red and white color. Ragini shouted swara its me your sister ragini. Swara came out of laksh embrace and went towards her. She pinched ragini to confirm its not ghost. Ragini shouted ahhhh swara its paining. After knowing its ragini she said sorry. She introduced laksh to her. Swara asked di what happened to you? why are u like this? and who is this guy?. Ragini told she too don’t know.

At that time that guy shouted lucky where are you?Be careful I saw a white witch here. Lucky are you there. Ragini is fuming hearing him addressing her as white witch. Swaragini are confused that who is this lucky. at that time laksh said bhai. Then they saw laksh. He told that guy is his brother sanskar. He went near sanskar and cleared the chilli powder in his face. He asked what happened. Ragini told I will say.

Ragini’s side story

Shona after you went to bed I went to mine. You know na before I sleep I will wear my face pack so I applied it. I felt thirsty and noticed there is no water so I went to kitchen to get water. At that time I saw someone in kitchen opening the cupboards. I thought that a thief has come and went inside slowly. I took the chilli powder in the table and went towards him. At that time that thief turned and started shouting seeing me. I throwed chilli on him and tried to run but I got slipped and the box of floor on top self fell on me. I shouted more in fear and then you came.

Swara said di but I heared someone else shouting and running from hear. Ragini said haan swara first ram bhai came in sleepy mood. He came hearing my sound. He saw us and freaked out more and shouted loudly so in order to stop him I Beat him with the broom and he fell unconscious. Swara gave an unbelievable look to ragini and turned towards sanlak. Sanskar was shouting in pain as his eyes are burning. Swara told them to go the room over there and freshen up and come. Later we will talk and dragged ragini with her.

Swara was helping ragini to remove the floor and laksh also helped sanky to clean the chilli powder from his eye. Then swalak poured water on ram’s face and woke him up. They told the story to them. After sometime sanlak and swaragini met at the hall. Ragsan was so shocked to each other. In their mind they thought how beautiful the other is. But they didn’t take it serious acted as if they hate each other. Swara asked them to sit and tell why they came hear.

Sanlak’s side story

Sanskar told he and his brother came to spend some quality time to manali. When we are going to the lake we felt someone following us. But we didn’t take it seriously. We kept our bags near by and went to buy tickets for boating at that time some one stool our money pouch in it. Our money, card and phone everything is in that pouch. We tried hard to find out who did that but we couldn’t. Yesterday fully we roamed here and there to find our pouch and even complaint to police but no use.

Today when we are searching for a place to stay tonight we saw one night free stay offer in your hotel board so we thought to stay here tonight. We called many time is any one here but no one showed up. We thought to see who is there. First two rooms where empty. We were so hungry so I told my brother go to the third room and rest mean while I will see if I can get some food here and went to kitchen. I was searching for something to eat. When I noticed some one behind me, I turned saw a ghost with scary white face before me.

I taught to shout but I felt something fall on me and then next moment I was burning. I moved here and there and finally dashed a cup board. The box in it fell on me. Then I started shouting an you all came. Ragini was glaring at sanky for calling her ghost. Sanky smirked seeing her. Swara told no problem. You are our first customer so you can stay here free tonight but if you want to stay after the day then you have to pay. Sanlak agreed. Sanskar said swara thank you so much. You are like an angel who came to save us unlike someone here who came like a devil to torture us.

Ragini was fuming in angry and throws water on sanky. Sanky said what the and came near ragini giving an angry look. Ragini also showed an attitude wala look and glared sanky. Both stood in front of each other and before they could start their argument swalak sensed it and dragged their siblings to different rooms. Before entering into the room swara smiled at laksh who was smiling and waving her goodnight while ragini is glaring at sanky who is also glaring at her. Swalak slept peacefully while ragsan cursed each other. They thought they will see tomorrow who is great and slept.

Recap: Ragsan’s tashan and swalak’s moments.

I hope you all like this epi and had fun reading it. next update will be coming soon. Tmrw…


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    awesome dear…it’s really so funny dear….loved it alot….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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