Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 7)

Hai everyone. I am back. Many are asking when will sanlak enter into the story. So guys I have a good news. I have planned to introduce one by one. So with that let’s start this epi.

Scene 1: In mansion

Swaragini woke up in morning and went to freshen up. Ragini went out saw someone in the hall. She rushed to swara’s room and told her someone is in hall. They took the lamp stand nearby and came out. They saw a guy with bag going near the cup board. He opened it. They can see many things inside it. He kept the bag in it. Before he could turn swaragini covered him with blanket and tied a rope around him. They the beat him with the lamp stand.

He shouted in pain. After some time they noticed he is not shouting and stopped beating. They removed the rope and removed the blanket. They saw a guy of around their age. They made him sit in the chair nearby and tied him in the chair with rope. They poured water in him. He gained conscious and saw swaragini standing there. He started shouting ghosts. But they told him to shut up and said they own this mansion and asked what he is doing there. He told he is a thief and hides whatever he steals in here.

Swara told ragini to hand over him to police but ragini told her to forgive and leave him. Ragini turned towards him and told they will tell anything about him to any one but you have work for us. You have be the watch men of this mansion. Its care taker from hear after. He was shocked first but later he agreed. They untied him. He told his name ram and he is doing this work as he didn’t get proper job. Swaragini introduced themselves.

He told from today on wards they are his sisters. swaragini are impressed by his gesture and agreed saying okay bhai. Then ragini told her plan of making their mansion as a hotel. as their mansion is an old one and a antique too many foreigners will be interested in knowing about our ancient times and will be willing to stay here. Swara and ram liked her plan. They then cleaned the room in down floor so that it looks neat. The named it “hotel ancient antique” Ram went out to say about this to all so that someone will be coming there but it was of no use. Swara gave an idea that they should advertise it.

They came up with some ideas to give some offers to attract customers. They reduced their rent. They planned that first they will give an offer that their first customer can stay free for a night. They prepared a board saying one night free stay for the first customer who comes there. They waited till 8 pm. No one showed up. Everyone lost their patience. ram bought food for them. They had it and swaragini left to sleep in their room telling ram to sleep in the hall. Little did they know that their first customers is gonna come soon.

At night 10 pm

Swara’s room

Swara was not feeling comfortable in the bed so she turned hear and there. When she turned to the other side he felt some one sleeping near her. She thought it was ragini and hugged her in her sleep. Then she noticed that the body is so muscular. She moved her hand and touched the face. She realized its not ragini but a guy. She tried to get up but she couldn’t get up. She noticed some one hand encircled in her. She lifted her head and tried to see the face of the guy.

Her movement disturbed the guy and he too woke up. He noticed he is holding someone, a girl and saw her. Both saw each other and was lost in each others eyes. The moon light fell on them through the window. They both glowed in moon light. They had a deep eye lock. Swara was lost in the chocolate brown eyes of the guy. They broke their eye lock hearing the sound of two people shouting. Swara saw they guy and freaked out.

He shushed her and said he came here to stay for a night and introduced himself. He told his name is laksh. They shaked hand and was again lost in each other. they was brought back to reality again by the same voices. Swara rushed out calling ragini and laksh followed her. Both were shocked to see the scenario in front of them. Even they was shocked and shouted ghost at a time and hugged each other in fear.

The screen ends in swalak hugging each other in fear and with some one else faces to. Guess who guys.

Precap: horomcom scenes… I hope so.

Can any one suggest me some guy to play ram’s role. And also a pair for him. plzz


  1. Kitkat


    |Registered Member

    Siddharth Jadhav( a comedian from Marathi movies currently seen in each baliye 8) will b perfect for this role….

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