Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 6)

Hai everyone. Let’s not wait and start.

Scene 1: At home

Swaragini packed their bags and came down. They hugged their parents and took their blessings. Shekhar told he will take care of every thing and gave them some money but they refused to take it. Ragini told that they are going to be on themselves and refused that money. They bid bye and left from there. They came near the car. Ragini went to her scooty and hugged it. then they both left in car.

Scene 2: At bus

The driver dropped them in bus stand and left. They boarded the bus to new delhi. From there they went to another bus which goes to manali. On they way to manali, they enjoyed the cool breeze. Swara started singing a song and soon ragini also joined her. The people in bus enjoyed their song. At time a lorry truck passes. Two guys are shown sitting on the top of the loaded items. They heared their voice and tried to see who is singing but they couldn’t see. All they could see was two girls singing and dancing along with people in the bus.

Seeing that they also started singing. Now swaragini wondered where this voice is coming from and went near the window. They peeked out to see but the loaded item are so high that they could only see their dress. Swara saw a guy dancing happily singing. He has worn a black t shirt and jeans pant and looking handsome. She tried hard but couldn’t see his face. Ragini didn’t care about that but she was surprised hearing a guitar sound.

She smiled and peeked from window pushing swara. She saw a guy sitting facing his back playing guitar. He was wearing white t shirt and jeans pant with smiley in it. Ragini tried hard to see him but she couldn’t. Then the lorry overtook their bus and went. Swaragini was so disappointed that they couldn’t see who are they and sat sadly. They reached manali. They hired a taxi and reached their dadu’s mansion. They reached and was shocked to see that place.

Scene 3: At mansion

The mansion was so big and old but yet more beautiful

The mansion was so big and old but yet more beautiful. It surrounded by many trees. They are welcomed by an old man who was an old friend of dadu. His childhood friend with whom he plays when he comes to manali. They saw each other and faked a smile. Ragini introduced herself and swara to him and asked dadaji do you have the key. Dadaji told yes beti here and handed her the key. Swaragini went near the door and opened it. They saw many rats and birds nest there. They smiled seeing baby birds in a nest.

They explored the mansion and liked the view from the balcony. The house has 10 rooms, a big hall, a dinning room which can accommodate 20 people and a balcony in every room. four rooms downstairs and six rooms upstairs. They noticed the whole house is filled with dusts and webs. Dadaji left from saying he will come tomorrow. Swaragini saw each other and gave a worried look. Ragini took a broom and handed it to swara. She told her to start sweeping now itself as they have many works to do.

Swaragini started cleaning the mansion. Its 8 pm. They were so tired. Ragini gave swara some breads and they ate that. After eating they noticed they have finished cleaning down stairs but still upstairs is balance so decided to do the cleaning works later. Swara yawned and noticed ragini who is half asleep. She patted her and asked her whether they can sleep now. Ragini agreed and both went to each room downstairs and slept. They scene ends in sleeping faces of swaragini.

That’s it for now. I hope you all liked it. I gave a glance for whom everyone are waiting to enter. I hope you all are happy with this epi. See you all soon in my next epi.


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