Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 5)

Hai everyone. Today I have planned to give double update. I have updated my both stories. So lets not wait more and start it.

Scene 1:At home

The episode starts with sun rise. The rays peaks into a room where we can see two beautiful girls sleeping they are swaragini. The rays disturbed their sleep and they woken up from their sleep. Ragini woke up and greeted good morning shona doll. swara woke up and hugged saying good morning di. They heard some people saying good morning and saw dadu in wheel chair and shekhar and sumi standing in their room’s entrance and wishing them good morning. Swaragini went towards them and hugged them. They all had group a hug.

Then sumi told them to freshen up and come down as she had made all their favorite foods. Ragini shouted yipee and went to freshen up before swara could register what just happened. she smiled seeing ragini’s childishness. After sometime ragini came out and swara went to freshen up. They then came to have breakfast. Ragini loved the food made by sumi and praised her. Sumi felt happy and fed her more. Ragini enjoyed her breakfast while eveyrone smiled seeing her. Then swaragini went for shopping and other places and had more fun. Ragini took swara to the orpanage where they both had fun playing with the kids there and lived their childhood with them.

At evening

Swaragini returned home and saw shekhar and sumi tensed. Ragini neared them and asked ma , pa what happened. They told them to ask dadu. Everyone went to dadu’s room and saw him signing some papers. Seeing everyone he told his pa to go from there. He asked towards shekhar and gave few papers to him. Shekhar was shocked to see it as property papers. He handed a paper to him. Shekhar was shocked to see that. Dadu asked shekhar to read that. Shekhar read it.

It’s written” I dayalan gadodia with full heart agree to name my whole property on my grand daughters ragini shekhar gadodia and swara shekhar gadodia in equal share. But I have some conditions for that. Till they fulfill that conditions my property will be under my son shekhar gadodia hands. The condition is that they have to prove they are capable of handling all my business by becoming successful in doing business. I am giving my ancestral home in manali to them . They have to prove themselves worth my property with that.”

Swaragini was shocked to hear that. they refused but dadu compromised saying his business rivals have planned to destroy my everything. This is my only way to save my property and my family too. He takes promise from them that they will do as he wished and fulfill his last wish. Swaragini promised them. Dadu’s heart beat reduced. Nurse asked him to calm down and tried hard to control but his condition turned critical. He was rushed towards hospital. Doctors tried hard but it didn’t work. Dadu passed away. doctor with heavy heart informed that to gadodia’s. They all broke down and cried hard.

Shekhar went to complete the formalities and tehn they brought his body to their home. After some hours he was buried. Their home wa filled with sorrow. No one was in mood to eat. Shekhar went to sumi and consoled her. They then went towards swaragini and consoled them Ragini told she is going to fulfill dadu’s wish. We will fulfill what dadu wanted and extended her hand. Swara placed her hand on ragini’s hand and told we will return to kolkata only after fulfilling the condition. Saying so they left towards their room. The screen ends in determined faces of swaragini.

Recap: Swaragini reaches manali. They are shocked seeing something.

I hope you all like that. First of all I want to say sorry for killing dadu in this epi but what to do my stroy needed that. Bye everyone take care.

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