Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 4)

Hi everyone . Here is my 4th epi. I am glad that many are liking my ff and showing your support. Thank you all and I want to thank all the silent readers and request them to show their support by sharing your comments. So here we go..

Scene 1: At beach

Swaragini reached beached. Swara parked her scooty and dragged ragini towards the sea. They went towards water and enjoyed the view of the sea. They both saw each others and started running towards the water. They went near the water and played with the wave. Swara splashed water on swara. Ragini was shocked first but again she too started splashing water on swara. They had fun playing with water and after sometime they came out of water. They noticed how wet they are.

They smiled seeing their state, Swara took some sand and throws on ragini and started running. Ragini chased swara. Both had tea there and played sometime with sand. After some time their clothes dried. They cleaned themselves and left to near by park. Swara noticed a swing there and ran towards it. Ragini followed her. Swara sat on the swing and ragini pushed her swing. Swara gave acts like she is flying and ragini admired her sister. Now swara made ragini sit in the swing and pushed it.

Ragini smiled and enjoyed it. They then saw a slide and went there. They played in it and then went to seesaw. They fought who will go up down. The kids there smiled at them and they too joined them. They then had ice cream and had some more fun there. They then returned home.

Scene 2:At home

They reached home and saw shekhar and sumi sitting in sofa. Their smile faded. Sumi told them to sit in sofa. Shekhar told ragini that he cannot come to kolkata because his father will not be liking him to be there. He told flash back that how he loved sumi while studying but later after few years his dad made him marry janki. Shekhar started loving janki and after an year ragini was. At that day janki came to know about sumi when he saw shekhar and sumi in same hospital and died in guilty.

His dad misunderstood and blamed both us for her death and ended our relations. He also told how met sumi who was admitted in the hospital due to her illness and after janki’s death i had to marry her. Ragini was crying hearing and then hugged her dad. Swara also hugged him. Shekhar felt happy seeing his daughter’s love towards him. He then left them and told neither him nor sumi is coming to kolkata. You may go back whenever you want and left from there. Sumi gave a helpless look to swaragini and went after shekhar. Swara took ragini to her room.

Ragini took her bag and told she is going back to kolkata. Swara told her not to go and said they both can live here have more fun daily. But ragini told er dadu needs her more and hugged swara. Both cried and then ragini left fro m there. Ragini reached shekhar’s room. She knocked the door. Sumi came out and asked ragini to come in. Ragini told she is going back to kolkata and took her blessings. Sumi blessed her and hugged her. She then went towards shekhar who turned away from her. She bnet down and took his blessing. Then she moved from there crying hard. Every one are in tears. She bleft from house and hired a taxi. She went to airport.

Scene 3: At airport

Ragini is in tears and walked to board her flight. She felt a hand in her shoulder and turned around. She noticed swara and was surprised. SWara hugged her and told how could she leave her little sister behind and go from here. She is also coming with her to see her dadu. Ragini told no she can’t because papa is not willing any one to come with him. Swara told not any more and turned ragini towards the entrance. Ragini noticed sumi there along with some man. He turned and its shekhar. Ragini burst in tears and ran towards him. She hugged him and cried more. Shekhar wiped her tears and caressed her hair. Then everyone boarded the flight and reached kolkata after hours.

scene 4: At ragini’s home

They reached there by 6 pm. Dadu was waiting in the entrance for ragini. The car arrived and ragini came out of the car. Dadu smiled and ragini came to towards him. She hugged him and cried telling he missed her. She told she too missed him and told him let’s go. I missed my favorite food made by kaka very much. She moved but noticed dadu is not coming. He is still near entrance expecting someone. Ragini smiled and came towards dadu. She asked him for whom he is waiting and pulled his wheel chair. Dadu is still seeing towards entrance but later turned his face. His face turned sad but later he felt some one calling him.

He turned and was shocked to see shekhar and sumi. Shekhar called papa and went towards his dad. They both cried and hugged each other. Here ragini hugged sumi and both smiled seeing them. Then dadu broke hug and turned towards sumi. Sumi came towards him and bent to touch hid legs but dadu stopped her and hugged her. Sumi too hugged him. After sometime everyone smiled and ragini started to walk towards dadu pulled his wheel chair. But he is not letting her pull. She turned towards her dadu and asked what dadu?.

Dadu told some one is missing. Meri pyaarisi choti poti nahi aye na. Where are u mera shona. Then swara came towards dadu and hugged him. Dadu hugged her more and kissed her fore head. He said he missed all of them these years and cried. Swaragini hugged him and wiped his tears. They then together pulled his wheel chair and went inside. They had dinner together. Sumi and shekhar fed ragini while dadu pampered swara and swara fed dadu too. Like that they enjoyed more and the day ends like that.

Recap: some family moments. Some twist in the tale.

I hope you all liked that.I watched varun kapoor’s new show. His character is so nice in it and i hope we all will love it. And sanlak’s entry will be after few episodes. I hope you are not sad knowing this. Have a nice day all.

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