Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 3)

Hai everyone. I am back. I am glad that you all liked my previous update. I hope you like this one too. So here we go.

Scene 1: At chennai

Ragini landed on Chennai airport at early morning 5 am. She came outside the airport and hired a taxi. She opened her phone and swathe address her dadu’s pa raj messaged her. She showed that to taxi driver who told that it will take at least two hours to go there if we have traffic. As there will be no traffic now we can reach there within a hour. She smiled hearing its only one hour left after that she will meet her family. On the way. she enjoyed the morning breeze. She kept thinking how her father will be and how will he react seeing her. Finally after one hour, she reached there.

scene 2: At shekhar’s home

Ragini stood near the gate and stared at the game where its named shekhar kumar. She caressed the name plate when she hears a voice calling. She turned and saw a man standing their in joking outfits asking her” Who is she?”.She stood there and noticed that man coming close to her. He neared her and asked “who is she?who do you want to meet here?”. Ragini was out of words and told “shekhar gadodia”. That man was shocked to hear that name. He told “its not gadodia any more its just shekhar kumar and I am shekhar kumar”.

Ragini was so overwhelmed and hugged him saying “papa I missed you so much. Where have you been. I missed you so much”. Shekhar was shocked but later he remembered she is his daughter ragini. He too hugged her saying” Ragu mera bachi. I missed you so much too”. At that time sumi came back calling shekhar and she noticed shekhar hugging some girl. She neared her. Shekhar noticed sumi and told”Sumi see my ragu is here. My bachi ragini is here.” Sumi started crying and came towards ragini. She caressed ragini and told” You are just like janki. So sweet and lovely beta”.

Shekhar told ragini she is her mom. Ragini hugged sumi saying ” maa i missed you so much”. Sumi said” Me too bacha “. She kissed her fore head and then hugged her again. She then took ragini inside their home. She entered their home and saw the house. Its small but yet perfect. She noticed a photo and moved towards it. It’s a photo of her pa, ma and another girl of her age. Someone placed hand in her shoulder and she turned and noticed sumi. She told it’s your sister. Ragini asked “what is her name”. Sumi replied” her name is swara. Turn around there she is.”.

Ragini turned around and saw a girl in simple yet superb jeans and top. She looked so cute just like her sumi ma. ragini neared her and hugged her saying” Swara. My lovely sister. “She noticed swara standing their giving a shocking look to everyone. She apologized and told that she is ragini her sister. Shekhar told everything to swara and she was so happy to know that she have a sister. She came towards ragini and hugged her. ragini noticed that she is crying and wiped her tears. She told” All these years I lived without knowing I have such a amazing family. But no more like that. Now on wards I will live all of that again. Me swara, ma, pa and dadu a perfect family”.

Shekhar shouted” Ragini we are not coming to kolkata. I have one one except you all and I am happy here.” He left from there. Ragini broke down. Swara hugged her. Sumi sat with them and caressed her hair. She told dadu’s state and his last wish to them. Sumi told that she will make shekhar agree and consoled ragini. She told swara to take ragini some where to relax her mind. Swara agreed and asked ragini to come with her. Swaragini left in swara’s scooty.

Recap: swaragini’s fun in chennai. shekhar refused to come to kolkata. Ragini returns to kolkata with someone.

That’s it for today guys. I hope you all like this epi.


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    awesome dear…..loved it alot….
    and sry for not commenting in ur previous update…..eagerly waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear…

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