Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 2)

Hai everyone i am back with next part.

Scene 1: At beach

Ragini’s pov

All these days, I lived believing I only had my dadu. Today when dadu told my dad is alive I am so happy. I don’t no why dadu hided this secret from me but I forgive him not telling this truth. I couldn’t stand on my feet. I felt like meeting him that instant and hugging him telling how much i missed him. But what dadu said was a shocking news to me. My papa married another mom as soon as my mom died. I started hating him. I am so angry on him for doing like that. But I feel like somewhere that my papa is not at fault. There is surely some misunderstanding between papa and dadu. By any means i will unite my family back. Though I am happy knowing I have a sister. From my childhood I always wanted a younger sibling. I always felt seeing my friends playing with their siblings. I was really depressed that I don’t have anyone to play with. After this I won’t be in complete. I will live all my childhood dreams with her. Though we are grown up we will still be child for our self. I will love her like no one could ever love her. I am doing to meet her. For that I should go to dadu now. He will be worried that Ieft crying somewhere. Saying that she stood up and lifted her scooty. Then started it and rode towards her home. She was determined to forget the past and start a new future with her family.

Scene 2: At mansion

Ragini entered the mansion and parked her scooty. She rushed towards her dadu’s room. She saw that dadu is sleeping. She sat near his bed and grabbed his hand. She caressed his hand and told”dadu i will complete you before you leave all . I will complete our family and full fill your last wish dadu.” She promised her dadu that she will return to him along with his family only and left from there. She asked her dadu’s pa about her father. He told that he got an information that he is in south India. He is working in a bank in Chennai. She told him to book tickets immediately for her to Chennai. Pa arranged ticket for her. She left to her room and packet her back. Then she left to dadu room and touched his feet taking blessing. She then went to the car and left to the airport.

Precap: Ragini finds shekhar. Swaragini meeting. Will ragini succeed in uniting her family.

I hope you all like that.

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