Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 18)

Hi everyone. I am back. Many are expecting love confession but not so soon friends. I swear you all will love what I have planed also.

Scene 1: At mansion

It’s morning. Swarag woke up. Both their eyes had dark circles indicating they didn’t sleep well. Swara got up and told she is going to jogging with lucky. Ragini also told okay you go I am going to wake up that kumbakaran sanky to start his work. Saying both went near the door. Then they realized, they will be gone by now from here and got sad. Ragini went to freshen up and swara went out sadly.

Ragini’s side

Ragini came out after getting ready and went to hall. She smelled nice aroma coming from kitchen. She got excited thinking sanky is there in kitchen cooking food and ran towards the kitchen. She reached there and was shocked to see the scenario. It was sumi who was cooking in kitchen. Ragini got sad and tried to go out but sumi called her.

Sumi said ragu see I have made all your favorite dishes. I know you will be hungry. Wait for sometime then we all can eat the food. Ragini gave a fake smile and nodded. Ragini stayed in kitchen helping sumi with sad face. Accidentally while washing the utensil water fell on ragini. Here water fight with sanky flashed in her mind. She thought it was sanky but once again it’s not. Her face fell and she went to dinning table to arrange the table.

Swara’s side

Swara was walking sadly in the park. She remembers how she and lucky used to have fun there and got sad. She didn’t notice that she walked so far than her usual distance. She realized she is somewhere else and saw the surrounding. It was like her dream. She saw a park with lovely flowers and guy standing with his back towards her. Swara got excited and ran towards him. She back hugs him saying I love you and I miss you.

At that time she hears a voice saying me too beta. That guy turned and swara was shocked. It’s shekhar. He hugged swara saying i missed you too my shona and i also love you. Swara was in shock but smiled too seeing shekhar’s love. Shekhar broke their hug and asked her to teach her routine exercise. She teaches him. Both had nice time but still swara felt incomplete without. Shekhar noticed and asked is something wrong. Swara gave a fake smile and said noting. Both then walked back to mansion.

Back to mansion

Swashek got back after freshening up. They entered dinning hall and saw dishes are arranged nicely. Everyone sat. Swarag where still sad. Sheksumi noticed it and asked what happened to you both. You both are not having your favorite foods and acting weird from morning. Is something bothering you both. Tell us. Swarag thought no we should not let mom, dad know about this. Swara said no maa we are fine. You both no need to worry.

Ragini said haan maa, paa don’t worry. You both wait and watch how we empty the food now. Saying so swarag took a dish. Before they could put serve it in their plate, they hears some voice saying not without us. Swarag turned and saw sanlak there. Swarag thought it’s their hallucination and swerved the food in their plate and started eating. Sanlak went towards sumi and said aunty see na they are not leaving anything for us to eat. You tell them.

Sumi said don’t worry beta I have made more and caressed their hair. Swarag spits the food they are having and pinched each other. They both shouted ahh. It’s paining tat means am not dreaming. They went towards sanlak respectively and hugged them. They started crying. Sanlak also hugged them and consoled them(sanlak is still in girls attire only). Sheksumi smiled seeing them. Swarag said we missed you. Swara said you both went back na then how you are here. Ragini said haan that’s right.

Sanlak said we both can’t miss aunties food and also you both somewhat. now move you too and went to table. They sat and served for themselves. Sanlak eat the food and praised sumi. Swarag gave an impossible look and went to their places. They smiled seeing sanlak respectively and started eating their food. Everyone enjoyed their breakfast. Swara asked maa, paa where do you want to go. Shekhar told somewhere romantic beta and winked at sumi who blushed. Swarag said ohh papa while sanlak smiled seeing it.

Swara said then I have a perfect place for it and signed lucky. He understood it and said haan uncle. It is such a place where even hate will become love and both said let’s go to beas valley then. Ragsan at a time said noo. not there again. Swalak said why not. Who knows there may be another chance for some moments again there. Like.. Ragsan understood what they are telling and blushed. Sanky said not there. Let’s go to solang valley now. Swalak said oh new spot for new fun ahh and teased ragsan who blushed. Sheksumi thought they are playing and said yes let’s go there. They left in shekhar’s car.

Scene 2: At solang

They reached there and swalakrag got excited seeing snow. They rushed out of car and went towards snow. They took it and made snow ball. They started hitting each other an dhad fun. Sheksumi and sanky smiled seeing them. Sanky was clicking their picks and saw something coming towards him via camera. Before he could do something it hit him. Then many also came. He saw swalakrag throwing snow balls on him. He took made snow ball and throws on ragini. She throws back which hit shekhar.

First shekhar made an angry face. Swalak and ragsan gave a scared look. But shekhar too joined them and started making snow balls. They smiled and he throws one on sumi. Soon everyone started throwing snow balls. Finally sumi said stop it. Now let’s enjoy the activities here. Ragini said first I will decide. She told let’s go in cable car and do skiing. Everyone agreed and got ticket for that. They entered cable car. Swarag were so excited. The car started and they enjoyed the scenery. They clicked many selfies with everyone and reached where skiing is there.

Swalak got more excited and rushed to take tickets. Ragsan helped sheksumi to walk in snow. They got four tickets for skiing and got a snow mobile ticket for sheksumi. Sheksumi were so delighted to see it. Shekhar sat in snow mobile and sanlak helped sumi to sit in it. Shekhar told I feel like i am twenty now sumi ji. Hold me tightly because I am not going to reduce my speed. Sumi blushed while swarag and sanlak smiled seeing it. Sheksumi left from there. Soon swarag and sanlak also got ready for skiing. Swalak planned to have a race and forced ragsan to join them.

All four stood at a point and started their ski. Swalak increased their speed and went before ragsan. They were out of ragsan’s sight within few seconds. Ragini was struggling to ski. She lost her balance and was pulled by someone. Soon she found herself on some else arms lying in snow. She noticed it was sanky and blushed. Sanky said usually my witch will keep blabbering something but now she is not doing so. I don’t no why and traced her face. Ragini felt goosebumps in her body and said san….sans..kar.

Sanky said yes ragini. Ragini said why are doing this to me. Sanky smiled noticing it is affecting her and said you really don’t know why and winked her. She blushed more. Sanky neared ragini and kissed her forehead, then her both cheeks. Ragini said sanky anyone would see us. Leave me still in his effect. Sanky neared her lips and said ahhaan. Ragini said haan and was ready for kiss but sanky said okay get up. Let’s go swalak must be waiting and got up.

Ragini gave a surprised look and gave an impossible look. Sanky smiled and gave ragini his hand. She grabbed it and stood up. Sanky whispered there is more to come like this and kissed her nose. Ragini pouted as he didn’t kissed her lips till now. Sanky pulled her cheeks saying so cute now come. Ragini smiled and both skiies down towards swalak. They reached the end spot and was shocked to swalak in kissing pose.

On swalak’s side

Swalak came to some distance and noticed ragsan are missing. Swara thought my di is so lucky to have sanky because he is so romantic and not leaving a chance to romance. But me. I am unlucky to get this lucky and kept complaining to god. At that time she didn’t notice that lucky is not there. She noticed that none is around and started shouting lucky, laksh. Where are you. But no response. She got frightened and felt someone beside her. She turned and saw no one was there. She got more scared.

At that time she felt a hand in her shoulder and turned slowly in scare. She felt happy seeing lucky and hugged him. He also hugged her saying don’t worry swara I will never leave you. Now smile my angel. Swara broke their hug and smiled. She noticed their locket is interlocked. She tried to release it. Lucky also helped her. In that process they both came so near. they both noticed their closeness and their eyes met. Their eyes got locked and both where lost in each others eyes.

They broke their eye lock hearing ragsan’s giggles and tried to go away but got dragged again towards each other due to the lockets. Lucky released it and both were embarrassed. Ragsan thought to tease them but shekhar saved them by saying it was fun. What next. Swalak saw towards each other and said of course paragliding. Ragini said no shona. I am scared of heights. Not this.

Swara said come on di. You will enjoy this. And trust me you will thank me more in end for this and smiled indicating sanky to ragu who blushed. Sanky kept his hand son ragini’s shoulder to calm her. It worked and ragini agreed to it. Sheksumi went first, then swalak and finally ragsan. ragini was scared and held sanky’s hand tightly who was at her back. Sanky said ragini don’t worry I am there for you. Just feel the air and enjoy it. Ragini got cooled hearing it and turned towards sanky.

He gave a smile and ragini couldn’t take it more and kissed his cheeks. Sanky was shocked at first but later blushed and said oh so romantic. You see my romance in few days my love. Ragini was happy hearing the word love from sanky and blushed. Then they enjoyed the ride. Swalak also enjoyed their ride. Both had some knok jhok’s and also some eye lock in between. Swara blushed as lucky kept teasing her by tracing her shoulders with his lips. Lucky smiled seeing her blush and kissed her cheeks. Then both smiled and enjoyed the air.

The screen ends on faces of swalak and ragsan doing para gliding. PS: You can imagine sanlak in guys attire for this because it will be more romantic in that way.

Recap: More fun in solang and more moments.

I hope you all liked these lovely moments. Thank u all for your continuous support. I will be giving next update in week end as I am having special classes so see you all soon guys. Bye.

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