Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 15)

Hai everyone. As I am free today I am giving this update now. I hope u all like this.

Scene 1:At mansion

It’s evening now. Sunil and chandhan are feeling better now. Rani was so happy with that. She planned to make the couples to spend some time alone tomorrow. She told swarag to inform sanlak that they are going out with sunil and chandhan. Swarag were shocked hearing this. They hurried to kitchen were sanlak are busy in preparing dinner. They told them about rani’s plan. They both were so shocked and does some fake cry. Sanky told nahiii my life is going to end now. My dignity is at stake. Noooo…

Swarag said drama king while laksh made a cry baby face. Swarag shared a plan with them and sanlak also agreed. At that time some student came along with uttara. Sanlak put pallu on their head to somewhat hide their face. Swarag told something to them to which the shouted yeah and agreed to it. Then students went to rani , the teacher and told they want to do camp fire tonight in garden. Teacher also agreed. Swarag hears that from back gave a victory smile.

Sanlak finished preparing dinner and everyone had it. Sunil and chandhan were starring only at sanlak while having dinner. They asked who cooked this dish. Rani said my to be bahu’s. Sunil and chandhan said so amazing food. We want to kiss that hand which made this food and winked at sanlak. They came we are gone look while swarag were shocked. Sunil and chandhan neared them and took sanlak’s hand. On the other side swarag were tensed.

Ragu got an idea and asked rani who was sitting near here whether she need gravy. Rani said yes. She took the gravy in spoon and served her. Other side they were about to kiss sanlak’s hand but it didn’t happen due to a loud shouting voice. It’s rani’s. Ragini unknowingly (knowingly) poured the gravy in her hand. As it is so hot she shouted not able to bear the pain. Sunil and chandhan rushed to rani and took her near wash basin. They showed her hand in water and later her pain reduced.

Swarag and sanlak acted like panicking and went near them. Ragini gave ointment to sunil who applied it on rani’s hand. Ragu apologized and composed. Sunil and chandhan took rani to her room. Sanlak and swarag hi-fi’s each other. Then all had dinner and went to garden. Ram has set up a camp fire. Rani has already slept so she is not here. Rest all are here including sunil and chandhan along with swarag and sanlak. Everyone made a circle. Uttara suggested that why not we all sing and enjoy.

Swarag agreed while sanlak gave each other a look showing that they now her plan. Sanlak where aware that uttara has a doubt on them so they thought to be careful. Swarag agreed and started singing. Sanlak enjoyed their singing and was so lost in it. Uttara patted them and asked them to dance. Sanlak agreed and started to dance. Uttara was expecting them to do boyish steps but sanlak did nice classical steps. Everyone liked it. Swarag were so lost in their dance and joined them. Two other eyes were also starring at sanlak. It’s sunil and chandhan.

Swarag and sanlak finished their dancing. Everyone gave an applause. They bowed and thanked everyone. Sunil and chandhan winked at sanlak who gave a fake smile. Uttara said now what can we do next. Swara suggested why not let’s play truth and dare. Everyone agreed and ragu said she will bring bottle and went from there. Sanlak told they are thirsty so ragu said she will juice for them. While going inside she saw a glass bottle with some drink in it. It was written special juice in it.

Ragu went inside and filled four glasses with that juice and brought it out. She gave an empty bottle to swara. She kept it in center and rolled it. For some time it was going between students. Now the bottle was again rotated. It ended on sunil and swara has to ask him. Swara asked truth or dare. Before sunil could say sanky said my to be will choose dare only. He winked at sunil who blushed. Sunil said okay I am choosing dare.

Swara smirked and said you can choose a companion for this dare. Now also before sunil could say anything lucky interrupted saying my to be will accompany him him and winked at chandu. He gave a romantic wink back to lucky and said he will accompany sunil. She told they both have to visit a haunted house in next street and stay there one full night. Sunik and chandhan were shocked. Ragini said are you both backing off. Your faces say’s so.

Sanlak said it is so easy. They will do it for sure now. They gave a flying kiss to sunil and chandu who instantly said they will do it. Swara said so it’s done. Ram will be there outside that house to ensure you did not escape from there. Everyone said yes. Then sunil and chandu left with ram with ram. They both gave a victorious smile to sanky who smiled in return. Then swara rotated it and it landed on sanky and uttara.

Uttara said truth or dare. Sanky said truth because in home he always chooses dare. He taught uttara will find out if he said dare but little did he know he is so gonna get caught now. Uttara asked so tell me about your family. Sanky said I have a big family. Mom, dad, badi papa, badi maa, bhai, behen, bhabi… Uttara smirked hearing him. Swarag was so eager to know about his family and said others. Lucky signed him to not say anything.

Sanky signed he will handle and said They all are not there for us. All I have is my sister lakshana, and now we have my bhai ram, my friend swara and my enemy cum friend ragini and of course you all my dear sister’s. All gave an aww expression while lucky felt relief now. Ragini neared sanky and pulled his cheeks saying so sweet of you sanky. He felt something is wrong. He took the juice ragu gave and drinks it. He noticed it is not juice but alcohol.

He gave a shocked expression to ragini and saw the plate. Only one glass is full. He turned and saw swalak already emptied their glass. He taught oh no these three had alcohol now what to do. He told everyone to go to their room now as it’s late now. They agreed and went. Sanky the lifted lucky who was somewhat in senses to get swara to their room. Lucky agreed and lifted swara while sanky lifted ragini. Both went to swarag’s room and put them in their bed.

When they were about to go to their room they saw rani coming. She asked where they are going. They have to sleep with swarag today na. Sanky said yes we forget and went back inside swarag’s room. They changed their dress. As swarag were lying in bed sanky taught to sleep in floor with lucky but he noticed lucky already slept in bed at on corner. Swara is in middle laksh is in one side and ragini on other side. He taught to make laksh sleep down but the alcohol also started affecting him and he fell on floor and slept.

At night, swara kicked ragini in sleep causing her to fell off the bed and land on sanky. She opened her eyes in jerk and saw herself over sanky. She smiled seeing his cute face and admired him. She taught how cute he is when sleeping and slept near him. In sleep sanky back hugged her. She felt goosebumps and felt butterflies in her stomach. She tried to take his hand but his grip was so tight that she couldn’t remove his hand. She helplessly slept like that.

On the other hand swalak also slept in each other’s embrace. Both the couples were sleeping peacefully. In morning sanky was first ti wake up. He felt something before him and saw long hair over his face. He adjusted it and saw ragini. He shouted ahhh causing everyone to wake up. Swalak also shouted seeing their position. But later they blushed remembering it. Sanky said sorry to ragini while ragini also said the same.

Sanky got up and told everything that happened at night. Swalak rag were shocked. Ragu told she saw ram keeping that bottle in fridge. She taught it was juice and brought it. I will not leave bhai now. Swara said me too but now my head is spinning. She collapsed on laksh who is sitting beside her. He held her and swara opened her eyes. Both had an eye lock and was starring at each other. It was broken by sanky who said he will make lemon water after getting freshen up and went to bath room. Ragini slept again.

Swalak where embarrassed. Then sanky came out and asked laksh to freshen up. Laksh smiled while thinking about swara. Swara also blushed thinking about laksh. Then everyone freshen up and went out. They were shocked seeing the sight before them and went again inside room. Everyone burst out laughing. Soon they controlled their laughter and went out. We can see sunil and chandu sitting in the middle of hall like vadivelu in chandramuki(scene where he will be like statue after returning from the haunted palace).

All students where giggling and controlling their laughter. Sanlak and swarag acted like worrying and helped ram to get them to their room. Ram put hot rod on their hands to bring them out of shock. Both shouted ahh and went out of the room. They told rani that they don’t want to marry everyone and ran out of the mansion. Rani went after them to console them but all went in vain. She then apologized to sanlak on behalf of her son’s and went to her room. Swalak and ragsan hi-fi’s and hugged each other. Later they realized it and avoided eye contact. Ragini told sanlak to prepare break fast and went to see others. Swara followed her. The episode ends on smiling face of swalak and ragsan thinking about their close moments.

Precap: Some swalak and ragsan moments.

I hope you all liked this update. For few episodes I will be giving some couple scenes. I will try to update in between. See you all soon friends. Take care.


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