Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 14)

Hi everyone. I am back. So before starting I want to tell that teacher as rani. Her sons are working at some hotel in Manali only. So let’s start.

Scene 1:At mansion

No one slept properly night. Swarag was so immersed in thinking what to do when they heard a knock in their door. They opened and saw rani, the teacher telling them to get sanlak ready in saree as her sons will be coming in a hour. She asked whether they have saree. Swarag nodded. Teacher told okay and told them to make them ready perfectly. My sons should be flat by their beauty. Saying so she went from there. Swarag were so shocked.

They taught don’t she wait for anyone to speak. Only ordering everything. It’s being so difficult handle her now her sons. God save us. Then they went inside and got ready. They took their saree and went towards sanlak’s room. Just before they could knock it they saw sanlak opening it and coming in boys attire. Swarag was shocked. Ragini pushed sanlak inside the room and dragged swara along with her. Then she locked the door.

She shouted what you taught to do. What if anyone has seen you. Sanky stopped her saying let them know the truth I can’t take what it going to happen tomorrow. You both asked us to be quite. Today milna then tomorrow what you will also say us to marry them. Ragswalak were so shocked to hear it. Laksh made a crying face. Swara said they won’t let anything happen like that. Ragini said yeah we will make them run from here and they will never think about marriage again. Ragini smirked saying.

Swalaksan also smiled. Sanskar told oh so you are back in your evil ways ah witch ragu rani. Ragini glared at sanskar while Swalak giggled. Before ragsan’s nhok jhok could start swara said okay now you both have to get ready. She showed the saree to sanlak. They both shouted no not this. Swarag said yes. They told them to get freshen up and get ready wearing this. They will return after sometime and went from there.

As soon as swarag went sanskar told laksh can we go out through window. Laksh said bhai… Sanskar dragged him towards the window. He opened and was shocked to see raj standing there like he is the watch man for their room’s window. Raj saw them. Sanlak gave a sheepish yet nice smile and closed the window. Laksh said bhai there is no use in escaping so get ready. Then laksh went to freshen up. Later sanky are freshened up.

He saw lucky caught between saree. It was like he was a caterpillar in cocoon. Sanky smiled seeing it. Lucky said bhai help me. Sanky laughed more and went to help him. But in turn he was also trapped in it. Now they were like two caterpillars in one cocoon. At that time swarag entered and laughed seeing it. Ragini said you both are looking so cute. Started your bromance ah. Swarag laughed more. Sanlak told stop your laughing and help us.

Ragini came forward to help but swara stops her saying wait di. She took her phone and clicked their pic. Then she and ragini posed for a selfie with them. Sanlak were so irritated and shouted help us please. Swarag smiled and helped them. Ragini asked how you both ended up like that. Sanky told it’s because of this laksh only. First of all he was trapped then he also trapped me in it. Swarag laughed while laksh made a pout face saying bhai I don’t know how to wear it that’s why I ended up like that. Swarag laughed seeing the brothers cute fight.

Ragini told we will help you guys in it. Swara also agreed and both took the saree. Before ragini couldsay anything swara dragged laksh with her saying come laksh I will help you and went to the other side of the bed. Ragini has no other option but to help sanky. She was feeling so shy. She neared sanky and bent down. She gave one end to sanky and rolled the other end over his legs. She then made plaits in saree and neared him to push it in the fold. Sanky was taken by her sweet scent and closeness. Both felt goose bumps and ragini finally finished that task.

Sanky was starring at her. Ragini was having a pin in her mouth with a pout expression. Sanky was so taken by it. He felt like taking her juicy lips with his lips but he controlled himself. He brought back to reality when ragini said finished. She then did some make up and told perfect you are ready. Sanky was staring at her lovingly ragini noticed it and saw him. His chocolate brown eyes had a shine. Ragini too was lost in that. They both were brought back to reality by some voice. It’s swalak.

Swara is struggling to pin the plaits while laksh was so irritated with it. He had put the other end in his head like pallu. Ragsan saw this and smiled. Laksh said don’t smile at me bhai. you should be smiling at yourself. Go see yourself in mirror. Sanky went towards the mirror. Ragini helped swara to make laksh wear saree. They finished it and where doing final touch when they heard sanky voice. Sanky is saying what the hell. The great, handsome dashing and hot Sr was looking so behanji now. OH my god nahiiiii.

Ragini gave an unbelievable look while swalak laughed more. Ragini said you where never hot, handsome and dashing then why this much drama with sarcasm. Sanky glared at her whiole rest laughed. Before sanky could say anything rani came in. She was so taken by sanlak’s looks. She said haiye meri gudiya’s nazar na lage. Sanlak was like yack while swarag laughed seeing it. She said your to be dulhan’s are here ome fast. Ragini stops her saying they have to make breakfast but rani told my to be bahu’s won’t do anything today and dragged sanlak with her.

Sanlak gave a we are gone look while swarag looked at them helplessly. Swarag went to kitchen and swara made some tea. They brought it to the hall and saw two guys sitting there along with rani. Sanlak where not there. They neared them and put the tray in table. The guys saw them and gave a wink. Swarag were taken back. The grooms said mom we like them. Rani spits the tea she i having saying sunil(sunil grover), chandu(chandan prabhakar) they are not the girls whom I have choosen for you.

They are owners of this mansion. The guys gave a sad expression saying but mum these girls are so beautiful na. Why not them. Rani said beta please understand the girl’s I have chosen for you are more no most beautiful girls in the world. Swarag was like what they are not beautiful look. The guys told as you say ma. Then rani told to swarag to get sanlak. Swarag brought sanlak to the hall. Sunil and chandu was starring at them like they have not seen any girls before. They eyed sanlak lovingly while sanlak gave a fake smile.

Sunil said ma you where right. These are too are the most beautiful girls. Chandu said haan ma like angels who are born for us. Rani smiled seeing her sons praising her to be bahu’s. On the other side, sanlak felt like punching the guys. Swarag said boys control yourself. Sanlak got calmed. Rani told sanlak to sit near her. Sanlak sat on her either side while swarag stood beside them. Rani introduced sanlak to her sons.

She said sunil beta this is sanskari your to be bride and sanskari beta this is my son sunil your to be groom. Sunil winked at sanky who felt angry but hides it by giving a fake smile. Then turned to lucky saying chandu beta this is lakshana your to be bride and lakshana beta this is second son chandhan als chandu your to be groom. Chandu gave a flying kiss to lucky who was shocked by that. He also gave a fake smile.

Rani told about how sanlak saved her and how she was taken by their care. Her sons were continuously starring at sanlak who were feeling like prey of some wild animals. Rani said oh god I forget. Why not you both couple talk something alone so that you can know more about each other. Swarag and sanlak was more shocked hearing it. Without waiting for anything rani dragged sanlak with her.

She gave sanky’s hand to sunil who dragged him to the garden. She then gave lucky’s hand to chandu who dragged him upstairs to terrace. Sanlak gave a better you both do something look while swarag gave don’t worry we will save you look. Ragini sneaks silently to garden to help sanky while swara went upstairs to help lucky.

Scene 2: At garden

Sunil dragged sanky to garden and let him go. He felt so force which caused his wig hair to fly in air. Sanky’ s hair was falling in his face and he is trying to adjust it. Sunil was starring at him lovingly. Sunil neared him and kept his hair behind her ear. Sunil neared sanky while he was walking back. Ragini entered there and hided behind the bush. Sanky noticed ragini and felt relieved. But he was again shocked seeing sunil coming so close to him. He came near him trying to kiss him but before he could do that he felt something falling on him. Next second he was on floor. Someone was also above him. It’s chandu. Ragsan was shocked by this. Let’s see what made this happen.

Scene 3:At terrace

Chandu dragged lucky to terrace. He let lucky go and gave a blushing smile to him. Lucky felt like you are gone now lucky. Chandu was smiling seeing lucky while he also gave a fake smile to him. Lucky saw swara behind the door and smiled. Chandu taught he is smiling at him and neared lucky. He coming so close to lucky like kissing him. Lucky panicked and swara told she will take care of him. She took the vase and tried to throw it on chandu but instead she fell down and the vase broken. Lucky noticed this and rushed towards swara.

Chandu on the other hand was feeling slippery due to the water on the floor and adding to it lucky’s rush caused him to stumble making him to fall of the terrace. He was shouting help on the other side lucky was busy in checking if swara got hurt. Swara was taken by his care and both had an eye lock. They were brought back to reality by chandu’s voice. They went towards the end and saw him hanging holding the railing.

Swalak taught to help him but it ended in vain as chandu lost his balance and fell on sunil who was standing in the garden right below the terrace. Everyone came outside hearing the shouting voices. Rani shouted saying sunil, chandu what happened why are both in this position. They both shouted in pain. Rani asked ragsan what happened. At that time swalak came and told them some story. Rani told raj to help them to their rooms. Raj helped them to get inside.

Scene 4:At mansion

They cleared sanlak’s room and made sunil and chandu to lay on bed. The students where laughing outside. Swarag and sanlak also felt like laughing but controlled it. Rani told them to get some first aid. Swarag handed it to rani who treated her sons. Swarag and sanlak came out of the room. They noticed everyone are there and went to swarag’s room.

As soon they entered they burst out laughing. Ragsan asked what happened upstairs. Swalak narrated what happened upstairs. Again they laughed and hi-fi’s. Swarag told wait and watch how we make them run from here then again everyone hi-fi’s and sanlak went to make breakfast. Swara got a plan and shared with ragini. Both smirked thinking something. The episode ends on smirking face of swarag.

Recap: Swarag’s evil plan to save sanlak and more fun moments.

That’s it guys. I hope you all liked it. Thank you all for their continuous love and support guys. See you all in week ends as I won’t be able to update in week days. Bye for now guys.

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