Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 11)

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Scene 1:At mansion

Swaragini woke up. Ragini received a call for the teacher who said they will be reaching within an hour there. She also told a condition that every workers should be girls except watch man. She told that to swara and told she agreed to that condition also. Swara said di what have you done? You know na we don’t know anyone here. Ragini said she will ask ram’s help in this. She called everyone to hall. She told sanlak and ram to make everything ready. She asked ram whether he could arrange any girls for work. Ram told he will try and went from there.

Sanskar told thank god . We are safe. Ragini said excuse me. You are not safe until you pay for all the mess you have done. Sanky told no worries you will get money within couple of hours. Our brother is sending it and it will soon be in your hands. Ragini went from there as she received a call. Swara was so sad hearing after two hours laksh will be gone from hear and she went out. Laksh noticed it and went behind her. Sanky did victory dance that soon he will be safe. He don’t have to cook for any one.

Swara was standing in the balcony starring at the sky. Laksh came near her and placed his hand on her shoulders. Swara turned and hugged him. She said you will be soon gone laksh. i will miss my new friend. laksh consoled her and said don’t worry swara though we are far we will always be near when ever we think about each other. Laksh said now don;t waste the pearls and let’s enjoy. They took selfie and talked sometime. Swara received a call. She lifted and said hello.

The caller said can I speak to laksh. I am his brother adhar..Before he could complete swara handed the phone to laksh. Laksh said bhai have you sent some one with money. Adharsh said No lucky the roads are blocked due to land slide. It will take fiev days to clear it so you will have to wait until that. Laksh face lighted up. He said okay bhai no problem starring at swara who was now busy in enjoying the air. He cuts the call and said everything to swara. Swara smiled and hi-fied laksh.

She said then let’s have more fun. Laksh said we will have fun but what about our siblings. Swara said that’s the big problem now. Laksh told let’s go down tell this to sanky. I don’t know what will happen to me. Sanky will not leave me. They went down stairs and saw sanky dancing happily. Sanky asked laksh when can we go from here. I am dieing to be free from this witch. Laksh said bhai stop it. I want to say some thing. Ragini and came at that time with a sad face too. Swara asked her what happened?. At the same time sanky also asked what is the matter? Ragini and laksh at a time told I have a bad news and saw each other.

Laksh asked ragini to say first. Ragini told we couldn’t get any ladies staffs. They will be coming in half an hour. Laksh said but the roads are blocked due to land slide na then they won’t be coming na. Ragini said the thing is land slide after they safely passed the area. They have planned to stay for three days now they will be staying hear till the land slide damages are cleared. Sanky said that’s your problem. But laksh said that’s our problem too because due to land slide even the person sent by also couldn’t reach here.

Sanky shouted it means we will be trapped here for five more days. Noooooo. Lucky i will be dead by this witches hand. Ragini glared at ragini while rest giggled saying dramebaaz. Ragini got an idea and said I have a solution for our problems. She told You can go after a week. You are free from my punishment if you do what I say. Ragini told her idea muted. sanlak was shocked hearing that. Swara was shocked to. Ram was giggling hearing it. Sanlak said shut up bhaiya. Sanky said no we won’t do that. Ragini said you have to or else you pay for everything. Sanky said we won’t and went form there dragging lucky who was giving a helpless look to everyone.

At that the van came and 25 peoples came out of it. Swaragini greeted them nervously. They introduced themselves and told if they need anything they can tell us. The teacher asked where are the other workers. Ragini said mam they are not here now. Actually we have laksh… But before she could complete a voice came from back. Welcome everyone I am lakshana and this is my sister sanskari. Yes it’s sanlak in girl’s outfit.

Laksh told I am a waiter here and my sister is the chef. Everyone greeted them and swaragini showed them their room. Sanlak was shocked to some one there. After everyone is gone sanlak dragged swarag and ram to their room. Sanky told after a week we will be free. okay. Swarag and ram was laughing seeing them. sanlak glared at them. Ragini suppressed his laugh and told okay. Now do your work. Remember you have cook for thirty people.

Sanky said okay what to do. Ragini and ram left from there. Before going swara pulled laksh far and pulled his cheeks saying so sweet and cute. Laksh pouted and swara smiled and went from there. Laksh caressed his cheeks. Sanky snapped him and told we have a new problem. Who told her to come here. Laksh said bhai now we have another problem. I hope god save us or else who knows. Then they left to do their work.

The episode ends on sanlak’s face in girl attire.

Recap: More fun with lakshana and sanskari and many more…

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