Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 10)

Hai everyone. I am back with my next epi. So let’s start.

Scene 1: At mansion

The episode starts with annoyed face of ragsan who was so tired and irritated in cleaning the mess. They collided with each other and glared. They heared a voice saying smile and turned towards it. At that time, we can hear a click sound. Ragsan was shocked at what happened now. Someone clicked their picture and they are laughing seeing it. It’s none other than swalak. They were laughing more seeing the picture and swara came with an idea to post it on Instagram. Laksh liked the idea and both left from there before ragsan could react.

After they left, Ragini blamed sanky for this. Sanky told he is not reason but ragini didn’t leave him. Sanky searched for some thing to throw. He opened every board. Not finding anything he closed the cupboard hardly causing an antique expensive vase to fall down and broke it pieces. Ragini shouted oh mg god uuuuuuu and neared sanky. She pulled his hair and messed it. Sanskar also did the same with ragini’s hair. Swalak came hearing the noice started laughing seeing their siblings. Swara again clicked their picture with messed hair and hi-fi’s lucky.

Ragini shouted ahhh enough. She turned towards sanky and told everything was going nice till yesterday. But after you two entered everything became a mess. Ia m not gonna leave you two for breaking my dadu’s expensive vase. Do you know it’s dadu’s gift to dadi and it’s their precious possession. It an antique vase. And you sanky you broke it into piece’s. You both have to pay for this or do as I say.Saying so ragini started crying picking the broken pieces of vase. Swara’s eyes also turned moist and she went near ragini and hugged her. Lucky also had tears in his eyes.

Before sanky could say anything lucky interrupted saying we don’t have anything to pay for your loss and we are in a situation in which we can’t do anything now. So we agree to do what ever you say till you wish. Sanky said lucky what are saying we can pay for that. But ragini said how can you make this broken vase like how it was again. Sanky said not like that but ragini stops him saying it is like that and you too will be doing what ever I say you and even swara can’t save you. She told sanky to freshen up an d come later she will tell what their work is and went form there. Sanky glared lucky and went from there.

Lucky turned to swara who was in tears. He neared her and she hugged him. She told their dadu died few days ago and ragu loves dadu more. So she is keeping all his precious thing safely as his remembrance. Laksh wiped her tears and said I think we have became a trouble to you all. We will go soon from here. Swara told it’s not like that but lucky said I know that and asked swara’s phone. She gave and he dialed to his brother. Laksh told everything and sent some one with money soon. Adarsh agreed and cuts the call. Laksh thanked swara and went from there.

Swara went to ragini who was freshened now and talking to someone in phone. She was happy. Swara signaled asking what ragini said wait a minute. At that time sanlak came and ragini ended the call. Laksh came to ragini and told they will pay back the money soon and asked what they have to do. Ragini eyed sanky who was standing far in anger. She told they have to clean upstairs completely. It should be so clean and nice. Laksh agreed but sanky is not willing to do that. Laksh dragged sanskar upstairs and both was shocked to see how the place was.

It was full of dirt, dust and spider webs. Sanky glared lucky who was showing puppy face to sanky. They explored the place and decided to clean the hall first then they will clean six room. After an hour they finished cleaning the hall. Thye were so tired. Swara came with juice and laksh face lit up. Sanky thanked her and said atleast some one hear has heart. He asked is she really your sister. You are so sweet and your sister mirchi. Swara said it’s not like that. She is so sweet then me but I don’t know why she is like that with you both only.

Sanky said I don’t believe you. She is a sadoo, teeki and noticed swalak pointing towards his back. He turned and was shocked to see ragini standing there. Ragini glared at him and told laksh you can take rest after finishing this work but I am not going to leave sanky. She told he has to make lunch for everything within time. Sanky was shocked and tried to say something but laksh closed his mouth and said he will. Ragini left. Sanky told I am gone and went towards first room to room.

Swalak eyed each other and gave an impossible look. Swara took the glass from laksh and tried to move from there but got slipped by the wet floor and fell on laksh. Mistakenly she kissed his cheeks. Both was shocked and swara stood up immediately saying sorry and ran from there. Laksh smiled seeing her and touched the place where she kissed. He felt like he can do anything now and caressed his cheeks. Sanky called laksh and laksh joined sanky.

Both finished cleaning six rooms in two and half hours. The time was 12 pm now. sanky told laksh to clean the balcony and went to cook. He took all the ingredients and cooked something. Soon laksh came and joined sanky. At one pm sanlak finished making food and an transferred it to bowls. Then they placed it in dining table. swarag came followed by ram. ram and swara liked the smell of food and complimented sanlak. But ragini said don’t judge the food by it’s smell. Tell that after tasting.

They sat down. Sanlak also sat and ragini signaled sanky to get up. She told him to serve for everyone. Sanky glared her and served everyone. Ragini inspected the food and asked whether he added something to take revenge. Sanky nodded no, Everyone ate the food and praised him. Ragini also ate and liked it.

She told nice, So here after you are the chef of this hotel and you have to cook for 30 peoples from tomorrow onward. She told tomorrow 25 peoples are coming to stay here. They are college students so everything should be nice. She finished eating and went from there. Sanky stood there shocked and eyed laksh who was enjoying food chatting with swara. He felt everything is against him and cursed god. The screen ends in helpless face of sanky and determined face of ragini.

Recap: Sanlak becomes naukar’s of swaragini and more fun. Intro of two new girl characters.

I hope every one liked it. And I have planned to add tow next characters which I hope you will like the most. That’s it for today see you all soon in next update.

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