Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 1)

Hai guys its my first update. I hope you all like that. I will be showing leads one by one. So let’s start.

Scene 1: At temple in kolkata

A old man is sitting in wheel chair before god’s idol praying. He is in tears praying to god. He prays” Kanna ji tum ne mujko sab kuch diye hai. Ham ko kuch kami nahi dee thi sirf ek cheez ki kam hai. Tum toh mere parivaar ko aduri kardi. Par meri poti toh muje esa sochune nahi de. Vo meri sab kuch hai aur mein unki sab kuch. Us cheez keliye mein tumko kitna diyo tho vooh kami hi hai.Jesey tumney mujko raksha diya veseyi tum meri poti ko bhi raksha karna. Aaj mein unney ek sach bathana jarahaa hoon. Pata nahi isey sunkar voh keya sochengi par mujhe yakeen hai ke tum achhe he karongi.hare krishna hare krishna.”. He turned around and asked his pa to take him to his car. His guards helped him to enter the car. he asked about ragini. His pa told she went some time before in her scotty.

Scene 2: At a park

We can see there were many children’s around an kulfi vehicle. They are asking for many kulfi’s. The vendor couldn’t handle them. He told” ragini betiya in sab ko samal na muskil hai. tum hi meri madat kar beti”. We can see a girls standing there enjoying the morning air and enjoying. She finished her kulfi and helped the vendor to give ice creams to the childrens. Then she payed for the ice cream and complimented the vendor saying his kulfi is the best in the world. Then she played sometime with the kids and left to the orphanage nearby along with the kids. The lady in the orphanage caressed ragini’s hair and told” Beta tum nahi toh aaj ham sab esey kuch nahi rahengi tum ham sab ko ek angle hai vo hamey purey kuch rakengi”. Ragini replied” nahi maa app ese nahi keh sakteh hai me be apki beti hoon aur in sabki didi hun. Aap ese bolkey mujhe alag karahey ho.

mein naraaz hoon apse.”the lady told” arey beta esa nahi hai. ham sab ek family hoon “. ragini replied” haan maa tum sab he meri dadu ki alawa meri parivaar hoon mein tum sab ko bahoot kuch rakengi. Ab mein jarahehoon dadu mera intejaar karrahehoongi” She waveed bye to all kids and droved her scotty. She enjoyed her ride. ragini loved three thing more one is her dadu , second is her freedom and last but not least food. She just love food.

scene 3:At mansion

Ragini entered mansion and saw her dadu’s car already there. She slowly sneaked into the mansion reached her dadu’s room. She entered slowly into his room and stood next to his dadu’s pa. She noticed her dadu sleeping. Before she could step out her dadu called her.


Ragini: yes dadu i am here.

Dadu: I am gonna tell you some important thing today. Its about your father.

RAGINI: yes dadu. I know my dad is no more. He always wanted me to take care of your business. blah blah.

Dadu: no ragu. I have lied to you. The truth is that your dad is alive. he is living far away from us with his second wife.

Ragini felt like a thunder storm hit her. She stood numb. tears started flowing from her eyes.

Dadu continued. Dadu: And ragu you also have a sister who is one year younger to you. I want you to find them for me. Saying so dadu breathed heavily. Nurse present there injected him an injection and he become unconscious. Ragini rushed from there outside the mansion and started her scooty. She drove it rashly and stopped in a beach. She dropped her scooty and went near the water. Before that she feel on the sand slipping due to a stone and started crying more.The screens ends in crying face of ragini.

Precap: ragini’s pov. What will ragini do now.

I hope you all liked that. I am a tamilian. First time i typed in hindi. If you found any fault plzz tell me so that i will correct mind and plzz dont mind spelling mistakes.

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