Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 9


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Evening : Village : sanskar’s residence

Sanskar asked laksh’s to make swara normal for which laksh agrees as he can do anything to his brother. Laksh : Bhai u don’t worry, after listening to ur story i feel and i am sure that ur and swara bhabi’s love is strong enough to reconcile and stays happy.. Sanskar : i hope too.. Bhabhi ??. Laksh : yes bhai if she is my brother’s future wife means my bhabhi na.. Sanskar : Thank god swara is not hear if she was here she will you for calling her like this as she is very friendly ans she will thing u are teasing her.. Laksh (to make sanskar smile) : friendly or bhabhi no way bhaiya she is arrogant i don’t know how u will manage her after marriage 😛 😛 . Sanskar ( after long time smile come in his face) : when u will see swara’s true (bubbly,chilidish) u will not say this.. Laksh : for me only my ragini is best 😛 . Sanskar : By the way lucky, u told me that ragini told u about swara.. is that same ragini who is swara’s sister ? Laksh : Yes but how do u know ? Sanskar : u fool swara is my lover before that she was my friend and we spoked about our families with each other. Laksh : oh yeah suddenly i did’nt realise.. ok bhai now i should leave as i want to spend time with ragini in this light evening.. Sanskar : be care full now she is saali so don’t make her cry (he smile). Laksh : this is not fair (make a puppy face). Sanskar : ok ok don’t start ur drama.. go.. i will call you in the night and we will talk about my matter. They hug and laksh leaves from there. Sanskar think about swara while looking at the garden from window (tum hi ko plays)
Evening : Kolkatta : San-maan office

(today in maaneet scenes i try to recreate one same scene as in the serial but in one different situation as i just love this scene very much)
Geet is working in her cabin. Maan also working in his cabin. He think to thank her as she helped dadi and call her bring some files (as he can’t call in another way). Geet (get up) : sir do u need anything ?. Geet is still want to avoid him bcz of the dream. She goes out from her cabin where she see adi sir who leaves from maan’s cabin. She gives file to adi sir and ask and pls him to give it to maan. First he says no as he is also scared of maan (maan always want everyone to do theire own work) but later agrees with geet pls pls request (as now they are friends). Adi enters maan’s cabin. Adi sir: sir here the file you asked..

Maan : maan take the file and look at geet cabin. Adi sir(think maan is going scold geet) : se se sir geet have to finish that project work that’s why i took the file from so she can work continuesly.. Maan : i didn’t ask you and anythingelse ? Adi sir : no sir.. and adi sir leaves from his cabin.. Maan start to think…

After an hour, he call geet and ask her to bring bring black coffee.. she istensed but still goes to office canteen and prepares the coffee.. Geet : now what to do ? when he ask file i sent it by adi sir but as his secretart i must give the coffee oh no babaji pls help me na… i must stay away from him but how ? yes idea by do not look at straight in eyes, bow head and work after a while no this is not possible as i am his P.A.. Maan : yes u r my P.A any doubt ?

Maan : maaa maaan sir you here ?. Maan : yeah i am here bcz i asked my PA to bring my coffee before 20 minutes but still now she didn’t so that’s why i came here to check whether she is alive or not ? Geet : SIRRR i am just coming.. Maan : with cold coffee ? What is your problem geet from morning i am watching u u r behaving very strange.. by asking he come close to her.. Geet : no sirr.. both are lost in each others eyes (mahi maaneet bgm plays), they are very close to each other, then geet realise what what she is doing and break the eyelock. Maan goes from there while geet think what to do ? and why she is attracting towards him ?..
Evening and night : Village : Outside the camp residence

Laksh return from sanskar’s place. Ragini is sitting alone in a bench and reading book. Laksh come to her. Laksh : hi ragini, are u alone ? Ragini : No can’t u see there is ten people around me.. Laksh : what ? . Ragin : then what i am sitting alone and you are asking me are you alone.. that’s why.. Laksh little embaressed but what to do love make him little fool 😛 . Laksh : ooh ok and where is bha.. Swara ? Ragini (teasingly) : what happen are you trying to flirt with my sister ? if yes the nits not possible as she will never look at any boys.. .he understand that ragini know that he was little flirt. Laksh : no i don’t want to flirt with anyone and with swara i can’t as she already love someone and she is my bhabhi… ooupssss.

Ragini : what did u said swara love someone ? bhabhi ? now i don’t understand anything can you pls explain me (she is eagerly waiting for his answer). . Laksh ask promise from ragini to not tell this to anyone of her family. She nod yes. Laksh tell everything how he doubt that swara and sanskar know each other, sanskar’s confession infrot laksh and also everything about swasan relationship (friendship, love, happy moment, their promise, neil plan, swara’s accident, neil crime confession, neil accident, break up). Ragini shell shocked and feeling really bad.. Laksh : i know u are shocked.. even i was shocked when bhai told me about swara.. and may bey ou are feeling bad one more thing bcz swara didn’t tell you about it na also ?

Ragini : yes i am feeling bad but not bcz swara didn’t tell me anything about her love for your brother when she was in delhi.. but i feel bad bcz my swara and your brother suffer in these two years that too when they didn’t commite any mistake.. just bcz misunderstandindg. Laksh is impressed by her talk and maturity. Laksh : so now can u help me to unite Bhaiya-Bhabi (swara) and he give his hand for shake.. Ragini : yeah i will help you to unite my jiju-swara. They both shake hands and had a small eye lock. (tu mera samne plays).. After a while.. Laksh : we must think some ideas to unite them.. Ragini : but what idea ? Ragini and laksh together says something(mute u will know in next episode). Ragini : yes this is a great idea and now i can get back my old swara.. Laksh : and swasan will again unite..

Ragini suddenly think something and become sad.. Laksh : what happen to you ? Ragini : i don’t know how swara will react when she will come to know that she misunderstand her love and how she will forgive herself as we know she is so emotinal.. Laksh : don’t worry bhai will take care about her.. and i will ask bhai to do the necessary. Ragini : ok laksh i will go to swara and shilpa as they are in our room and i came here to take some fresh air and now its too late.. and thank you so much.. Laksh : In friendship no sorry and no thanks dear. Ragini smiles says ok and leaves and laksh smile at her.

In side the room : Swara and shilpa is talking. Ragini comes there. Shilpa : where were you ? Ragini : i was just taking fresh air and speaking with laksh about (she stops) Shilpa (teasingly): oh with laksh .. secret meeting wow you are improved ragini.. Ragini : nothing like we are just friends.. Shilpa : do u think that i will believe u.. no way bcz i can see it in your eyes when u 2 are together.. by the i must go and meet our proffesor. Shilpa goes from there. Ragini think about shilpa’s word and smile.

Swara look at ragini but didn’t say anything. After a while.. Ragini : Swara 2morrow i have suprise for you and i am sure you will like my gift.. Swaa : what suprise ? and u know i don’t likke these gifts andd etc.. and 2morrow is camping.. Ragini : no swara 2morrow is Sunday and i am sure u will like my gift and u sleep well. Swara says ok and she goes to sleep with a confused face. On other side Ragini prays that tommorow everything will be alright in swara’s life.

Laksh room : He call sanskar and tell about ragini and his plan..And ask him to execute it and cut the call.. Omi : now a days i couldn’t find my friend laksh.. did u see him.. Laksh (punch him): what happened to you ? Omi : Its bcz now a days i am seeing many changement in you that’s why.. Laksh : hmm yeah and i will you everything 2morrow so now go and sleep bcz i must wake up early that too one Sunday (as he always wake up late).. Omi is little confused with laksh talking and then goes to bed..
Maan’s house

Maan come to his house and directly goes to dadima’s room. He sees dadima sitting in the bed and goes near her. Dadima : maan beta, how was ur day ? Maan : Daadi are u ok ? Dadi : yes beta i am perfectly alright.. i know ram (servant) told u about me but u don’t worry.. a girl help me she is really pure from heart and very interesting to speak with her.. Maan : yes as geet speaks a lot it is time passing for u but its irritating when she speak a lot.. (he remember today’s incident where geet avoid him) and says but its irriating when she doesn’t speak also.. Dadima looks shocked. Maan realise what he said and ask her to relax.

Dadi : do u know geet ? Maan(after a bit silence) : yes she is my PA.. Dadi think what geet said about maan smiles. Maan notice this but didn’t say anything. Maan : good night dadima. Dadi : good night maan beta. Maan leaves from there. Dadima think what maan said about geet and says for the first time maan is talking about a girl. I think she is very special and our meeting is god destiny.. now i hope god will fulfill my wish.
Scrren freeze on dadimaa’s smiling face.

Precap :
Raglak, swasan , maaneet scenes
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