Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 8


Thank you friends for your support and comments. Today episode has swasan scenes only with little sanlak scene as i reveal swasan’s past today.. so i am sorry for raglak and maaneet fans. And pls comment…

This is the link of 7th episode : http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-geet-love-stories-episode-7/

Sanskar decides to tell everything to laksh…
********** *
Flashback :

He tell about theire first meeting, 5friends and theire friendship, Payal’s entry, payal’s plan to make swasan one, Swara’s jealouseness, Love confession, hug (its well explained in episode 6).

In swara’s appartement :
Swasan is still hugging. After few minutes swara realise she is hugging sanskar and get shy and she breaks the hug. Sanskar : I didn’t know that you too can blush (in a teasing way). She runs to balcony. (tu mere samne plays in backgroud) (its a full moon day and we can see a wonderful rose garden from the balcony) Wind are mildly come to her.. sanskar also come from back and hug her she can feel her heart beats are increasing. He turn swara to his side and kiss her forhead and then seek. Swara (in small voice) : sanskar what are you doing ? . Sanskar :Why ? Can’t i romance my love ?.. Swara (smiles): sanskar its already very late.. sanskar : so what ?. Sanskar give a fake angry look and then swara pushes sanskar (lovingly) till the door and ask him to go.. Just before swara close the door sanskar hugh er and swara kiss on his cheeks. Sanskar says tommorow i will come to pick u in the morning.. Swara smiles agrees.. Then she close the door. Swara inside the appatement thing about what happened and blushes the says to herself : i didn’t know that i can also blush… And other side sanskar also think about what happened and smile and says i am the happiest man in the world as now you are my love and i willl always give you all the happiness and then he leaves from there..
Laksh (shocked and can’t believe it) : so bhai Swara was your lover ? and you were in relationship ?. Sanskar (is so emotinal by talking about swara) : yes laksh.. she was, she is and she will be my love forever.. Laksh can see the pain sanskar is having..

Next day
Delhi college
Adi and anjali are waiting for swasan and neil.. neil come and greet them.. Anjali : where is swara ? she always come with you na ?. Neil : yes but she sent me the sms that today she is not coming with me.. Just then they see swara coming with sanskar in his car.. They look suprised (bcz swara’s and sanskar’s house are opposite direction). Swasan come and greet them.. Anjali : you 2 together in car ?. Swara is shy and sanskar tell them everything. Anjali and adi are extremly happy and hug swasan but neil is sad.. Anjali notice this and ask what happen ? Neil : nothing.. He says congratz and hug them.. Neil : i have some important i will be back and he goes from there.. Swara : important work that too without our knowledge !!!! Sanskar also feel something different in neil’s behaviour and think to speak with swara. Adi : i am so happy my best friends are in love.. Swara : no (shocks everyone) i am your sister na (in a childish behaviour) ?. Adi : yes my sister and my best friend are in love.. Are you happy my dear sister ?. Swara nods and hug him.. Anjali and sanskar smiles seeing their bond and they ask what about us ??. Swara and adi smiles and they had a group hug (Ye Doste Tare Dum Say Hai plays). They decide to do a party.. Then adi signals signals anjali to leave the love birds alone. Adi and anjali leaves from there. Sanskar : i am really happy swara and i want to share this happiness with my brother lucky and he take thephone.. Swara : no sanskar you will not say anyone about me to your family.. Sanskar : but why swara ?.

They will not oppose it i am sure my 2 bhai, pari bhabi and badi mom will support us so u don’t worry. Swara : its not like that sanskar, our families send us here our studies and to have a great future so first we will prove our selves to this world and then we will speak about this to our family. Sanskar : What do you want to say ?. Swara : In 5 months months you are going to finish your studies and then what will you do ?. Sanskar : family business as my family want this.. Swara : i know you want to do car business (maheswaris doing construction business) i want you to achieve something in own your effort and with your wish (she read it in his diary when they were close friend).. and i am sure you will achieve it as you will do it with heart and mind and become a top businessman of kolkotta.. Sanskar is really impressed with her speech. Sanskar : i am really happy that i choosed u as my life partnar and i promise you that from today my goal will be a achiving a best business man award of kolkotta and make proud my family and you. And i will also take care of my family business with my brothers as it will make my family happy. Swara (she is really happy) : thank you sanskar for understanding me and in this time i will also finish my studies and then we will speak about our relationship to our families. And swara hug him. Sanskar (in teasing way) : i didn’t know that you can also be so matured.. Swara understand that he is teasing and give a small punch in his stomach.

In the road
Neil is driving his car in anger.. His car stoped by hitting tree… He come out from car and screams SWARAAAAA !!!!!. Neil : how can you do this with me swara ? 1year and few months before i met you from that day i loved you.. I love you more than everything.. and you left me for that B**** Sanskar whom you know for few months.. Why swara Why… I will not anyone come between us.. you are only mine ONLY MINE..

Few months passes..
Sanskar is changing him self as before he was short-tempered and union with swara changing him). Swasan is a lovebirds of their college. They respect and love eachother immensly. In the mean time neil made many attempts to separate swasan like playing with sanskar’s possesiveness as a lover, create a rift by paying money to girl to woo sanskar.. But all his attempts in these few months fails and swasan realationship become more closer. Little by little sanskar understand this but didn’t say anything as he thing swara will lost a friend
Exams are finished and now they will get their results in few days and the 5 got permission fom their house to stay in delhi with theire friends. And now neil is in rage as he couldn’t do anything still now.. And decide to kill sanskar (still now he just want to separate swasan and doesn’t want to harm but now he is out of his control). Wth the help of a person He arrange some goons and give sanskar car number and says to finish him tomorrow. Neil (in mind) : you have one day to stay with my swara and then she will be mine forever.

Next day
Swara’s appatement : Swara and sanskar are in swara’s appartement and they are cooking together. Some spices are missing and sanskar decide to buy it but swara stops him and says i will as longtime i didn’t drive your car. She hug him and take the key and goes from there.
In the road : Swara is driving and suddendly she see a lorry in high speed coming from the opposite side but before she couldn’t do anything and she met with accident.
Hospital : Swara is admitted in the hospital by police. Few hours later Police find about her and inform Gadodia mansion by telephone. And inform sanskar as the car belongs to him. Sanskar, Anjali, Adi and neil come to accident. Neil is shocked to know that it was swara who was in the car. Sanskar is totally broken and waiting to the doctors who is attendng swara . He is crying and adi try to console him. Finally doctors come outside. Sanskar : doctor how is my swara ? she is ok na ?. Doctor : you love and prays saved her (everyone become so happy) but.. Sanskar : but what doctor ?. Doctor : may be she will be in shock because of the accident so be careful. Sanskar : ok and can i meet her ?. Docter : She is still unconsious and we will shift her to the room and then you can go and meet her.

Swara is shifted to the room. Sanskar come to her and kiss her forhead. Swara open her eyes and see sanskar teary eyes : don’t cry i am here na nothing happen to me.. Sanskar : but i was totally broken swara when i get to know about your accident, and i can’t even think to loose you..I would have die if anything happen to you.. Swara : don’t say that still you are with me nothing can happen to me.. you are my strenth sanskar.. They hug each other (allah waariyan plays). This seen by adi and anjali. This is also seen by Neil and he feel guilty about his act. He goes from there and anjali follows him as she feel something fishy in his behaviour.

Neil’s house : Neil’s friend who helped neil come to meet him. Neil tell him about his love love for swara, hatred for sanskar and the things he did to spoil theire relationship and then about this accident plan. Anjali is in state of shock as she couldn’t even imagini that neil can do this. She ran from there to tell about this to adi and sanskar. But After Anjali left from there neil also says to his friend how now he is feeling bad as he realise swasan love for each other and want to tell everything to them and apology to them.

In hospital : Anjali enters swara’s room where swara and sanskar are there as adi went to buy some medecines, food and also took swara’s item in her house. Anjali tell them only what she listned (she didn’t listen totally). Swasan is shocked. Sanskar is in full anger as bcz of neil today he was about to lose swara with this accident (as i said he was short tempered, he was changing but when its about someone with whom he is emotionnaly attached and something happened to that person he can’t control the anger). Sanskar : i will not leave him he is finished today.. Swara : sanskar pls listen to me pls don’t do anything pls.. but sanskar doesn’t listen to her and goes from there. Swara and anjali is tensed.
Few hours later (its almost night)

Adi learn about Neil accident and tell about it anjali and ask her to not tell her about to swara. But unfortunatly swara listen to this. And she come to them and says she want to meet him. The trio come to the entrance and ask about highway accident case. Docter : we are sorry we couldn’t save him as his head was hit in something and there was a heavy blood lost. Trio was shocked. Just then they see sanskar coming from that side (his shirt with blood). Swara is in state of shock by looking sanskar with blood. Swara come to him and ask what and why did he do this ? Sanskar : swara it was an accident and i will explain everything. Swara : what you want to explain i told u to don’t go as u was angry but u didn’t listen to me.. And from today there is no relationship between us sanskar she screms and faint.. Sanskar is in shocked with her words.

Now swara is in her room. Docter come outside : I told u to not to make a stress but you didn’t listen to me and i she went into the deep shock.. So now you all pls leave from here. Sanskar : no doctor i can’t leave her in this stade, and she misunderstand the situation i will clear her everything and she will come like before. Doctor : but not now as now if see u she will get hyper and its very dangerous for her so you all pls leave and don’t worry our nurses are here to take care of her. Sanskar, adi and anjali leave from there.

Next morning : They all come to swara’s room and find swara missing in the room. All go to reception and find out that swara is family came yesterday night (police informed them). and today early morning swara left with her family. Sanskar is heart broken and crying..

Laksh is in total shock and also teary eyes. He come to sanskar and hug him and then give a glass of water.. Sanskar drink it. After a few minutes.. Laksh : what happened to neil ? how did he die ?. Sanskar : he is alive… Laksh : what (shockingly). Sanskar : yes… then he start to narrate what happen exactly..
Flash back (before the break up and neil’s accident)
Neil’s house : Sanskar come angrily and knock the door. When neil open the door. He touch his collar as start to beat him. And neil ask him to listen and finally he stopped. Neil explaines everything to sanskar and also appologies to him. He also tell that he is getting ready to meet them and appology to him and swara. Sanskar hug him and they leave to meet swara. Neil see the flower shop in the opposite direction and ask sanskar to stop the car. Sanskar : why what happened ?. Neil : i am sure i can’t rectify my mistake but i can apology to swara with the bundles of roses as she love rose. He says this and get down from the car. When he crossed the road, a car (with break failure) come and hit him. Sanskar is shocked and lift him with the help of some people there, and others lift the boy who was drived the car (now he is outside the car as he didn’t put the seat belt) and bring them to hospital. The person who died was that boy who drived. And neil is safe.

He explained this to adi and anjali when doctor asked them to leave the hospital. After swara left from delhi me, adi, anjali, and also neil try get to know about swara.. but she stop using her mobile number, they lived anymore in the old house.. and she didn’t even come to results day.. and didn’t contact anjali as well and yesterday i met her after 2years and few months. Fb ends
Sanskar : I can’t tell you how happy i am that i found swara.. Laksh : But swara is still in the shock bhai. Sanskar : what ?. Laksh tell him how he thought swara as an arrogant as she didn’t speak with anyone and also what ragini told him and how ragini stops in a middle way… Sanskar (teary eye): i thought she was angry with me that’s why she asked me to go yesterday but she is still in that shock.. now i will bring my swara back and for that i need your help. Laksh : you know na i can do anything for you.. and from now our mission SWASAN start.. Sanskar hug him (sanskar bgm plays). Laksh thing to seek ragini’s help also in the mission.
Screen freeze on sanlak face

Precap (of few episodes) :
Raglak plan to unite swasan
Raglak scenes
Maaneet scene
New entry in maan-geet life
Swasan scenes

Thank you so much friends for reading. Pls comment. I am sorry if this episode is not good as u expected. I will try update next one soon.
Have a great day.

Credit to: lucky

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