Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 7


Hi frds thank u so much for ur comments and support. Silent readers pls comment bcz i want to know if u like my ff or not. If u don’t like it pls tell me the reason and i will try to change the track.. So pls comment..

frds there is two adi : one Adi sir who is working in maan’s office (i will use the word Adi SIR for him and the second one is Adi who is anjali’s brother and Swasan’s college frd (i will use just Adi for him ) . I am sorry actually in last episodewhen i wrote swasan past i forget there is already a adi (sir) in story.

This is the link of 6th episode : http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-geet-love-stories-episode-6/

In temple/outside temple
Geet saw someone steeling a chain from a alady. Geet shouts to alert everyone and run after him. A lady turn out to be Maan’s dadima (grand mom). Theif catches ggeet and threaten others to leave by putting knife on her neck. But geet always have chilli powder in her bag and she put it on theif face. While others catch the theif. Some beats him and take him to police station. Geet come back to dadima and give the chain back to her.Dadi : beta why did u risk ur life for this simple chain. Geet : dadi may be for u this is a small chain but if we leave this theif he will do many more crimes which can affect many people bcz many people saves many to buy a small piece of gold. Dadima is impressed with geet loyalty, truthfulness and thanks & bless her. She ask her name. Geet : Geet Gadodia. And While speaking geet notice blood in dadima’s neck.

Geet bring dadima to her house (she instruct her the address) and make her checked by the docter. After a while geet see the time and says to dadi Today i am finished infront of AKUDU and prays babaji Dadi smiles and ask if he is so scary. Geet : yes and his face is always lke eating some bitter food. Geet : ok dadi i must leave now u pls take care.. and she leaves from there. Dadi smile seeing geet going and prays god that she always stay happy and think she want a like this for maan.

Village : Camp
Swaraglak are working together. While working laksh watching ragini and omi teases him. Shilpa also see this and (in teasing way) tells ragini one love story in flying in the air.Ragini looks and laksh and says nothing like that then smile. When they get free laksh come to ragini. They start to walk. Laksh : ragini how is swara now ? . Ragini : she is fine now she is coming like old swara… today i saw some improvements in her behaviour (as swara hugh er when she woke up , small smile,.. ) so i think is she is forgetting about the trauma. Laksh : What trauma ? Ragini realise What she is saying and then says nothing i am just blabbering (bcz she never share abt swara with anyone not even with shilpa as ragini also doesn’t know the reason).

Laksh understand that she is hiding something :its ok ragini u can tell when you comfortable and if u don’t to tell i don’t have any problem and whenever u need any help u can ask me i will be there (sometimes loe make people respons ble and mature). (Meri Aankhon Mein plays). Ragini feel protected and happy by his caring nature : thank laksh. Laksh : u r always welcome. Ragini : swara will be waiting for me so i will talk u later laksh bye. Laksh says bye and then says (in mind) : After yesterday’s incident (in riverside and swarag room) i think i was wrong about swara she is not arrogant she is in big pain and i think she is punishing her self for something but i must make clear that if bhai (sanskar) have any connection with it..

Geet reach the office. Pinky and adi sir comes to geet and says maan sir asked about u many times and he is very angry. Pinky :When u come Sir want u to be in his cabin .. Geet (is tensed) : ok and goes to maan’s cabin. Adi sir : Geet only ur babaji (god) can save you as maan sir doesn’t like late cming people and making excuses. Geet enter maan’s cabin and says sir.. Maan : so miss Geet Gadodia finally you got time to come to the office ? can’t you even inform about your late ? how irresposable. Geet : sir pls wait a min just listen to me once and she narrate a whole story. Maan : i am not giving salary to social service. And was about to ask some thing but Geet is very much irritated and try to leave from there.

Maan hold her hand to stop her. She can feel his touch and she turn they had a an eyelock (maaneet bgm plays) then she remember about her dream. She jerks her hand and avoid eye contact with him. Maan : You must finshed XXX companes file in 2 hours and give the summary then. Geet : ok and leaves from there. He feel this strange as in these few days geet always have replies for maan’s every words and today she didn’t say anything that too this time he ask her to finish the work in very short time). Maan get a call from his house servant who tell him about dadima’s incident and also about geet who took care about dadima (now maan match the story and understand that geet was not cooking stories and she told the truth). He feel little guilt (his ego is to much so can’t feel to much guilt) for scolding her this time.

Village : Sanskar’s residence
Sanskar came back from project side and sstanding near the window of his room. Sanskar is in swara’s thought and his manager come. Manager : Sir can you pls sign in this paper (he gives the file).. sir by the way Our project is good and we will finished it in 2 or 3 days. Sanskar says yes and then he gives the file to manager and says scan all the papers in the file and sent it quickly to Adarsh bhaiya.. Laksh comes inside and manager greet him and goes to other room for scan the papers. Laksh : Bhai are you free ? Sanskar : Why what is the matter ? yes i am.. Laksh : Do u know SWARA ? Sanskar is shocked and turn his face (as he never speak about swara with any family member) and after few minutes : Why laksh what is matter ?.

Laksh : swara is my classmate and ragini’s sister (sanskar is really happy as few few hours before he asked his manager abt her now he found it but he didn’t show it to laksh). Sanskar : So what ? . Laksh understand his uneasyness but still continue. Laksh : Actually bhai yesterday when u went from riverside i heard swara saying ur name (he tell everything swara crying, fainting and murmuring his name while sleeping). Sanskar is sad but really sad but want to change the topic but just then manager come. Manager : I am really sorry sir but can’t send the papers to adarsh sir as i must do the last sheet of the file. Sanskar : Why what is the problem. Manager (with hesitation): sir actually u didn’t sign in the sheet and wrote a name SWARA… Laksh is shocked.

Sanskar understand that he was in swara’s thought so he did this mistake. Sanskar : ok u can do it 2morrow and go and take rest. Manager leaves. Laksh is still standing with widely opened eyes. Sanskar is embarassed : What ? why are u looking me like this ?. Laksh : i got my answer. Sanskar : what answer ? Laksh : for the question i asked you (do u know swara) but i didn’t thinked that my brother can hide something from me Laksh is sad as they share each and every single things with each other and try to go from there. Sanskar notice this ask him to listen one time. Laksh stops there. Sanskar : i know i hide this from you when i was in delhi i could’nt tell you bcz of the promise i made to swara and when i came come back i was totally broken and want to rebuild everything and decide to tell u after but i think now this is a time to tell you. Laksh says if u don’t want to say its ok. Sankar says no today i will also speak from my heart after 2years and ready to say his past.
Screen freeze on laksh and sanskar ‘s face.

Precap :

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