Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 6


Thank you friends for support and suggestions. Sorry i am late to update the ff as i was busy with my college project work. Today there is no raglak and maaneet scenes as i want to reveal half past of swasan So i am really sorry . i am trying to reveal past and after that i will give importance to 3jodis equally. I hope you can understand me.

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Swara wake up in the early morning and she feel little relived but didn’t understand that this is bcz of sanskar. Then she see ragini still sleeping. She wonder i was totally angry with sanskar and guilt about the incident but when i saw sanskar i forget everything for few minutes and just feel that i was in heaven but how can i forgot that someone is death bcz of me and our love.. how can i forgive him.. (teri meri prem kehani plays in background)
Swara remembers her past..

3 years and few months before in delhi (other city where swara studied before)
(Swara is a moderm, bubbly, charming also emotional girl. She is studying in 2nd year. She is living alone in her appatement. She has a close friend Neil. Swara joined in this college one year before (1st year). Anjali (a new girl) joined this year but she become a good friend of swara in short period.

Sanskar is hot, handsome and straight forward boy. He is in final year (5th). Every girls fall for him but he never bothered about them. Anjali’s brother(Adi) is already studying with sanskar and they are very close friends. Anjali consider sanskar also like her brother and vice versa.
During her first year in college, swara didn’t meet sanskar as its a big college with many thousands of students. But this year the destiny want them to meet. )

Swara comes to college and greet neil and ask him where is Anjali ?. Just them Anjali come and says i am sorry guys my brother got late so i am also. Swara : its ok dear but we know each other for few months but u didn’t make me meet ur brother ? Are u scared to make us meeting (in a teasing way). Anjali : no not at all .. i will make you meet after the college. Anjali sent a msg to her brother and they smile and go to attend the classe. While sanskar and adi are speaking adi receive the msg and anjai want me and you meet her friend after the college. Sanskar says i don’t know what did she tell about us.. two of them laugh.. then they also goes to classe.
After the college : Swara, Anjali and neil are in the garden and waiting for Sanskar and Adi. Swara see the butterfly in the flower and try to catchit and running from here and there while anjali and are enjoying her childish behaviour.

Sanskar and adi coming to meet them and Then anjali introduce them to neil. They greet each other. Adi : where is the person who want to meet us ?. Anjali : (see shows by her hand where swara is) and she is trying catch the butterfly.. Sanskar sees swara and smiles seeing her childish behaviour (Jaadu teri nazar plays). Then swara also sees them and come there. Anjali introduces them to swara. They also greet. Adi : i don’t know that my sister will have a beautiful friend (swara). Anjali : Why bhaiya . Adi : Bcz this doesn’t suit you (in a teasing manner) and anjali make a fake angry face. Swara : Adi bhaiya, Anjali also very beautiful and u know what many boys are after her.. Adi : Bhaiya ?? oh why beauties always call me brother. All laugh. Then all decides to go to the hotel for dinner.

From that day 5 of them (Sanskar, swara, anjali, neil and adi) are very good friend. Days passes And littles by littles sanskar fall in love with swara by her innocent nature, cuteness and childish behaviour. He feel happy when swara is happy and sad when she is sad and can’t see swara in pain ans finally he realise that he is in love with swara. Swara also feel something different when she is with sanskar but she ignore it as she don’t know that is the feeling of love. Sanskar doesn’t want to lose her friendship so he hesitate to propose her to her (sanskar is so straigt but in love matter everyone feel somehesitation).. One day all are in the college garden and they come to know that the don’t have classe due some some reason sot hey decide to enjoy the day by going somewhere But suddenly someone come and sanskar from back. All are suprised while swara feel uncomfortable to see this. Sanskar turn and she the girl and he is very happy and hug her. It sis sanskar’s childhood friend Payal.

Swara feel little jealous. They all goes to cinema and then shopping. All the while payal understand sanskar’s feeling for swara and swara’s jealouseness seeing sanskar with someone so she decide to make her confess it. So now payal intentiolly come so close to sanskar and at the end of the day swara can’t tolerate theire closseness and go from theire without telling anyone. Sanskar and payal also see her going. Than payal explain him everything. At first sanskar is angry with payal but then happy bcz now he know swara also has feeling for him. Payal ask him to go after swara and says best of luck. He smiles and go. Swara reached her house and feel really pain in her heart just then sanskar also reach there and enter swara’s house (she is really sad and she didn’t close the door properly). He sees her crying and feel hurt and come near to swara and touch her shoulder. She turns and ask why did he come ?

Is his so called friend leave him alone ?. He is about to laugh but control himself and ask her to listen him once. He try his best to tell her about everything But she is not listening him Finally he kiss swara’s cheek and she is shocked and stay like a statue. Then he says sorry and start toexplain about payal’s plan. Sanskar : swara i don’t know when or why or how what i started to love and now i can’t live without you. I need you in every stage of life. I promise you give all the happiness that you deserve. I love you swara. Will you accept my love ?. Swara is suprised, shocked and very happy with sanskar confession (tears are rolling from her eyes) and then she nods yes. They hug each other and sanskar again says i love you and kiss her on her forhead. (alla wariyaan plays)
Flash-back interrupts (bcz someone touch swara)

In present : village
Ragini wakes up sees swara in thoughts. So see come to swara and touch her (that’s why flashback is interupted) and swara come back to her senses. Ragini : Swara are you alright ? . Swara : yes i am alright and hug her. Ragini is happy as swara is changing. Then swara goes to washroom. Ragini looks on (she still think about yesterday’s incident and wonder who is Sanskar ?). Two of them get ready and leave from there to meet others

Swarageet house
Geet see a dream where she is going fall from a moutain and strrugling, asking help and that time someone come help her to get her up and hug her and he says i will never let anything happen to you !! When she saw his face he turn out be MAAN ; Geet is shocked and wakes up and then says what is this dream ? She says to herself Mom (ma) always says every dream have some connection with our feelings, fear and etc then what is this… babaji i don’t understand. Geet get ready and come dowstaires. All are sitting in the hall. Geet is upset abt her dream. Dida ask are u ok beta ? Geet nods yes and says i have some important work so i will go early. Sumi ask her to eat something but geet says she will something in office and goes from there. Sumi can feel geet is upset for something and says to everyone about it. Dida : You never worrried about her then why now ?. Sumi,Shekhar, dadi shocked.

Shekhar : what are u saying misti (sumi) always taking care about geet like she is caring swaragini. Sumi is ur daughter and how can u think about her like this ?. Dida : I am not wrong then why she didn’t think to get her daughter (geet) to get married ? AS geet already finished her studies and its now a correct age for her to get married.. Everyone smiles. Dadi : Sumi ,shekhar see this bengaln said something useful and correct for the first time and laugh. There is a nok-jhok fight between dadi-dida. Sumi and shekhar calm them. Sumi says u r grand daugter are in the age of marrying and u too are still fighting for small issus. Dida and dadi: When did we fight ? . Then dida says this is our way to saw our friendship and everone laugh. Dadi : but bengalan is right we must found a suitable groom for Geet and i will speak about this to marriage broker in the evening. Everyone agrees and leave to their works.

Temple in Kolkotta
Geet come to temple whenever she is upset or tensed. And this time she is tensed and confused due to the dream. She enter the templs and prays to get some relaxation. Just then she saw someone steeling a chain from a alady. Geet shouts to alert everyone and run after him. A lady turn out to be ..

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