Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 5


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River side
Laksh goes near ragini and greet her. Ragini get suprised and says u here ? And then she also greet him. Laksh : Shall we walk little ? . Ragini turns and sees swara and she wind swara watching the kids playing near the river (ragini is happy that swara is not lost in thinking) and then says yes to laksh. They walk and they are little far from swara (still walking). Laksh : so u like this village ? (as he don’t know what to say). Ragini : yes of course and i am here with my sister so i am really happy. Laksh look at her. After few minutes laksh : Can i ask something ? Ragini (tensed) and nod her head. Laksh : Shall we become friends ?. Ragini is relived and says yes of course and sgive her handfor the shake. Laksh is suprised and then shake hand with her. He then teasingly ask Its only two days we know eachother and u accept my fiendship.. is there is any reason ?. Ragini smile and says nothing like that and by the way i know wepll ur biodata Mr Lakshya Maheswari .Laksh look at her with a shocked expression : How do u know about me ragini ? . Ragini : That is ragini gadodia. Actually my frd pooja and few other girls collect the details about you they think you are handome.. Laksh smiles and ask awhat do u think about me am i handsome ?. Ragini smiles :may be yes may be no. Both start to laugh and suddendly ragini about to fall and laksh hold her. There is eye lock between them. (alla wariyan plays in background). After a while they compose their self and feel strange.
Sanskar is in shock (Same time when laksh goes to ragini). He thinks if its true or not and goes near swara and says Swara. His voice reached not only to swara’s but also swara’s heart. She turn and get up. Sanskar is really very happy and hug her and swara also recirocate the hug. Two of them cry (tum hi ko ab tum hi ka plays in backgroud). Sanskar says where were u swara ? i searched to everywhere after that incident but u left from college but didn’t find u. After listening the college and incident swara suddenly pushes sankskar and ask why did u comeback in my life ? i am already suffering bcz of you ? Do u want me to suffer me a lot ? . Sanskar ask swara to listen to him once and he will clear everything. But Swara doen’t listen anything and ask him get lost from here else she will jump into the river. Sanskar who doesn’t want to hurt swara so he goes from there with teary eyes (humari adhuri kahani plays) . Swara start to cry vigoriousely ( Speak out from heart i mean scolding him and crying out from heart making her to relive from her past wounds as actually in these 2years this is the first time she is crying out from heart). And after a while raglak comes and see swara crying. The come near swara in running and ragini ask her what happpen ? . Swara didn’t say anything and faint. Raglak hold her. They decide to take her back to the camp.

Office : kolkatta
Geet and maan are still working (Geet in her cabin and in his cabin). Maan get a call from some dealer and while talking he sees geet by glass( There is a glass which is sepating maan-geet cabin sot hey can see each other but can’t listen). After a while he realise what he is doing and wonder what’s happening with him?. Office time is over ; Geet see the time and i should go now if everyone will worry for me. So She goes to maan’s cabin and ask sir may i go now ?. Maan : Why what a hurry ? i want you to finished this work also and give her one file and this is very urgent work. Geet : sir but office time is finished before 30minutes and i can do it also tommorow ?. Maan : am i your boss or are u my boss ?. Geet (in mind voice) : i think he is younger brother of hitler. Maan : Did u say anything ?. Geet : no sir !! Maan : so go and finish this work. Geet leaves from his cabin and go to her cabin in anger and start to type while typing she speaks to her self what he about his self i am a staff not a machine to work non-stop in his demand. After 1 hour she finished her work and give the file to maan. He take it and ask her to go. She is relived and goes from there while maan is looking her lovingly (but he didn’t understand that he make geet work one more hour just to keep her near his eye sight as this file is not a urgent work at all.. but what to do sometimes heart melt but mind can’t accept it so now this is a fight between heart and mind).

Village : camp residence
Raglak bring swara to her room and make her lie on her bed. Ragini is worried while laksh don’t know what is happening ? . For laksh swara become a mystery so decides to ask ragini. Just swara wake up shouting SANSKAR !!!! . Raglak turn and goes to her. Swara cry out and says i saw him.. Ragini : Who ?. Swara : i saw sanskar near the river and cry. Ragini is confused as she don’t know who is sanskar but laksh is shocked. Ragini ask swara to calm down and make her sleep. Aftersometime, ragini thanks laksh for his help. Laksh : its ok ragini ! you take care ! by the if u don’t mind who is sanskar ?. Ragin : i don’t know this is the first time i am hearing this name from swara and i also wonder who is he ? . Laksh says ok ragini we will talk about it later. You take rest with swara. Ragini : bye laksh. Laksh : Bye ragini and goes from there ( while going he turn and look at swara who is still murmuring sanskar’s name and wonder if swara is speaking about bhai as i was there in the river side if yes then why become so emotinnal seeing him ? i think i must ask bhai about it.)
Sanskar in his room : Think about swara and says i still remember the day u said everything is finished between us but i know that u still loves me as i saw it in your eyes swara. He also remember today’s incident (their hug and then swara ask him get lost) he says i know u r angry with but I will clear everything this is promise to you.
Scrren freeze on Sanskar determined face.

Precap :
Raglak friendship/love
Family speak about getting geet married
Geet impress maan’s customers
Laksh ask sanskar that if he knows swara ?

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  1. Wow… Loved dd( dush dhana ) and misty scene… N swasan n raglak scene also… N eagerly waiting to know swasan past n reunion…

    1. Thank you bhuvi! yeah u will fet to know it quickely

  2. Superb…eager to know swasan past…u r rocking…give more swasan scenes…

    1. thank u seeba 🙂 yeah i in few episode u will see so the flash-back so there will be more swasan scenes..

  3. Very nice :))

    1. thank you tani 🙂

  4. So this is the story.. painfull na

    1. Even i feel bad to imagine swara and sanskar in pain. thank u for ur comment 🙂

  5. Superb yaaro!! cntnu,,

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  6. Pls update soon.
    .waiting to know swasan past

    1. i will try to update it soon 🙂 thank u for the comment

  7. Vry eager abt D nxt ff

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  8. Luvd it…eagerly waiting to know d past of swasan.

    1. thank you honey 🙂 u will know abt it very soon

  9. nice.. wtng for swasan story.. is geet role don by drasti?

    1. thank you sri 🙂 yeah geet role is done by drasti i like her very much

    1. thank you surbhi 🙂

    1. Thank you chinni 🙂

  10. reveal past n unite swasan…

    1. soon u will get to know abt the past and then few episode after union.

  11. Supeb…love it… 🙂 🙂

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