Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 4


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This is the 4th part of my story
Now Sanlak and swaragini are in the village while maan and deet are in kolkatta.

Everyone in camp wakes up, get ready and goes to take the breakfast in a common hall. Laksh watch Swarag in coming (Swara in full brown skirt and sleeve white blouse with scarf while ragini a simple green anargali) and he smiles but they didn’t notice him and he again wonder what happen to him. The professors come there and discuss of work and group division of 10 students in one group. They put Swara, ragini, laksh, omi, shilpha and 6 others in one group (they are 11 as ragini is not in the project and she is here just in observatin of theire work which can can help her next year). And then explains about about their work. After they start to work together.
Sankar is also seen working in his project with someone in his work place.
San-Maan office

Geet comes to office (She is simple bleu color salwar). There she meet pinky and adi sir (2staffs in office). They start to talk with her and impressed with her innoccent and cute talking. They shake hands of friendship. Geet is happy that she got 2new friends. Geet-Adi-pinky are chatting and laughing together. Maan comes to office (Black jeans, white half shirt and black sleeve coat) and he sees geet and get mesmerished to her (mahi :maaneet bgm plays in background). Then one staff says Good morning sir and Maan come to his sense while Geet also notice maan. Geet come and greet him. He ask her to come to the cabin to tell him about his appoinements, meeting and etc and then goes to his cabin. Geet goes after him. In cabin maan sits in his chair and geet also sits opposite to him. Maan says Miss Geet Gadodia i didn’t ask you sit.. Geet gets up immediately from the chair and then : sir can i say about your appoinnements ? Maan : yes but are you going to stay like this.. sit in the chair.. Geet is shocked and says now only you.. Maan interupts her : yeah but i time i didn’t ask you to sit.. Geet (in very little voice) :how much attitude ? what he think about him ?. Maan ask Did you say something ? Geet :No sir i didn’t say anything and sit in the chair and start to speaking about meetings but he is lost in geet. Geet make signs by her hand and he comme to the world and embarassed. Then he ask her to sent one file to dealers and says this is very important. She says yes and goes from there. Maan (in mind) : What happen to me ? i hire her to teach her a lesson but but what’s happenig (he didn’t understand that he is attracted to her)

Then shows geet typing something and reading somefiles while maan is working in his computer.
Village : Camp
Once work is finished everyone leave from their some goes to their rooms and some to visit village (river, pond and temples etc). Swara want to go to the room but ragini insist her to come with her for the visit. At first she refuse but later agrees with no mood. Laksh goes to meet sanskar.
Village : near the river

Laksh comes there and and wait for sanskar as they fix to meet here. After 5 minutes Sanskar also come there. Sanskar : Hi lucky ! and then the hug. Laksh : Bhai you are late.. Sankar : no lucky i am not but for the change you are early today.. Sanskar : So what is the matter that is distrubing my brother till midnight ? met any girl ?. Laksh is shocked : How did you know did bhai ?. Sanskar : So its girls matter then my guss is correct. Laksh is little embaressed and says yes bhaiLaksh says him about meeting ragini , then got impressed while she is singing and etc .. Sanskar says so love at first side .. Laksh : No never bhai me and love this is not possible but i don’ t know what magic shed id with me… Sanskar ask him to close his eyes for me few minutes and then tell me who is coming infront of your eyes ?. Laksh do it and he sees ragini and suddenly open his eyes. Sanskar understand that and say so i am once again correct. After few minutes of silence laksh says yes bhai i think i love her but i don’t if its is love at first side or love after watching her good qualities.

FLASH BACK : few hours before in Camp : All are working. Ragini is working near laksh. When a pregnant wowen come with her small 2 years daughter. The wowen is very tired and the small girl start cry also. when ragini see this she goes near the women and help her and bring her to the doctors of camp (there is a medical camp also as i said in first episode) and then take the little girl with her and with her chilidish and cute talking she impress the little girl. Then bring her back to her mother and again help the mother. She also help all the team members in the group including laksh without any problem and all the while the smile is in her face. (as i said she normally she doesn’t need to it as its not her project but still she do it) . FB ENDS
In present : river side

Laksh again says yes i am in love… Sanskar is happy for laksh and give a small smile ( sanskar also seen as stone heart person in these few years as he never smile) and hug Laksh. Laksh : How did youguss it ? i mean you never speak about these things and as i know you didnt love anyone then how ?. Sanskar become sad and start to think some thing. When laksh about say something he sees swaragini. Swaragini also come near the river and Swara sit there in the ground (sand)while ragini comes near the water. Sanskar and swara feel some thing different like cold and hot feeling and also like some magnetic force attracting . Laksh get happy seeing ragini and says ragini is there ? Sanskar turn and see ragini. Laksh : how is my selection ?. Sanskar say go and speak to her laksh like frd bcz if u stay here nothing will happen. Laksh says ok bhai thank you so much. Sanskar : when did u start say thanks to me ? Then laksh hug him and says i will meet you 2mmorow bye and goes to ragini . Sanskar says bye and when he is about to leave he sees swara sitting near the river. He is shocked and teary eye ( some scenes are flashing in his mind like swara smiling at him, love confession , hug, kiss and swara says nothing is left between us and their separation) tears roll from his eyes (humari adhuri kahani plays in background).
Screen freeze on swara’s thinking face and Sanskar sad face.

Precap :
Laksh ask ragini to become a friend.
Maan-Geet small fight in office
Sanskar think to correct everything.

Thank you friends for reading my fan fiction. now you all know about the jodis (maan-geet, swara-sanskar, Ragini-laksh). I am really really sorry if i choice hurt swalak and ragsan fans feelings but i really love Raglak and swasan. Once again thank you.
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Credit to: lucky

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