Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 3


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This is a third part of my story

Sanlak house
Early morning sanskar is getting ready to go. That time sujatha come to his room with some snaks which he can eat while traveling as its too early too take the break fast. He ask her to go and sleep as he can manage. But at the same time ap also come to his room and says for a mother the child is always child so we will always care about our children. He says ok and take blessing from them and leave from there (in car).

Swarageet house
Morning (may be 8’O clock), Gee thugs swaragini and wish them to enjoy. They also wish her best of luck for her first day in office. All take blessing and leaves from there.

San-maan office
Geet enter the office. Staffs are speaking and laughing with each other then everyone become silent. Geet wonder what happpen and turn. She is shocked to see maan.Maan goes to his cabin. She ask pinky (one staff) who is he ? pinky says he is our boss Maan singh khurara. She is totally shocked and says babaji what wrong i did … why are you punishing me by giving work with this akudu.. Pinky shakes geet and ask is everything fine ? Geet says yes (in sad tone). Then one staff (you can imagine adi from Geet serial) come to geet and says maan sir want to meet you. Geet is tensed and still goes to his cabin.

Laksh is waiting near the bus with his friends gang and that time he sees swara is standing in few distance and says wow so Miss ATTITUDE also coming with us for the camping. Omi ask why he don’t like her and laksh says that its not like that but she has so much ego and says also that swara never greet anyone (no hi ;no hello ; nothing) but we will see her in the camps and smiles. Then laksh hear a laughing sound and sees ragini (she is with swara and shilpa). Laksh ask who is she and what she is doing ? One boy says she swara’s sister who is our junior and she is coming with us as i listen them yesterday while leaving the college. Laksh says one sister never smile or speak and another laughing and friendly and also says but one thing is common between them. Omi ask what is it ? Laksh says 2 are beautiful and smiles . All enter in the bus. Swaragini and shilpa sit other side laksh and his friends. In the bus everyone is singing and enjoying. Then Shilpa says can we play anthaksari ? First laksh says no but few girls convince him and Few says yes and they start to play (5boys and 6 girls including laksh , ragini and omi).While ragini singing laksh is mesmerised by both her voice and also her beauty (windows are open so by the wind her hairs are flying) ( while laksh watching ragini Tu hi tu blays in background). Its continues by everyone with many rounds and many songs . Swara is watching everything. Then its once again ragini but as she already sing many and others also so couldn’t rember anyother just then swara start to sings a song « tumse shikhayath hai ». Everyone is suprised and laksh is suprised and shocked While ragini is happy as swara sing after long time. At the end of the song swara cries and ragini hugh er smile. Laksh is confused and says crazy sisters.

Sanskar is arrived and welcome by his managerr and staffs. Sanskar speak with them about finishing the project in time as he hate wasting time. He says time is money and goes from there. One staff says sanskar sir take over the family businees before 2years and he is businees mind . In this two years our company became top company in kolkotta. Other one says yes and this credit goes to sanskar sir he is handsome, intelligent but he is workholic. Just then they see sanskar near them and leave from there immediately. Sanskar has listened everything and says (in mind) i want to achive my goal. He start to read his files and he has some different feelingand says i don’t know why but i feel that something going to happen.

Geet tock maan’s cabin. Maan is reading his file and says says come in . Geet enter and says (very tensely) sir i am geet gadodia. Maan says yes my new PA and look at her and says tum (you) ? Geet says i am sorry sir for yesterday actuallly i was sliped… Maan says I can’t belive that they choosed you as my PA and how dare you bcz of you i got late for the first time for a meeting and my mobile also broken and he scolds her very much .Geet can’t tolerate anymore his scolding and says sir they choosed me based by my capacity but if you want you can take back your job or i will reseign my job but you can’t insult me like this.. Maan thinks that she insulted him but he want to give her good lesson so says no you can work here as my PA as you are saying you are talented so i will see . She is suprised and thank him. He ask her make a black coffee. She says yes and leave from there. She come out and says bcz of him i am sweating whilke AC is working and again thank Baba ji.

College bus is reached and they are welcomed by villagers. Villages also make them visit there staying place. then professors ask everyone take rest today as they are starting their work from tommorow. The say ok and everyone goes their room to take rest. Swaragini call her mother. Sumi put the phone in speaker. Ragini inform her about their arrival and then she come alone and says sumi how swara singing in the bus. Everyone becomes happy. Sumi says take care of you and swara and cut the call. Ragini goes near swara and other girls and says goods night and all goes to sleep.
Laksh is in thinking in bed and omi comes ans ask him what happen laksh says nothing and then says i am thinking about what happen in bus ( swara’s thinking then crying and ragini happyly hugging swara while sh is crying) and says there is something fishy. Omi ask why he is thinking about them and ask if he has any feeling for Ragini or swara ?? laksh bunch him in stomach and says nothing like that. Omi says good night. While omi’s word ego in his mind.

In sanskar’s place : He come out from washroom with a red t-shirt and a black trainnings (he is looking so cute) and just then he receive a call from laksh. Sanskar ask him about his journey. Laksh says its was ok and then says i want to meet you. Sanskar ask hi mis everythink is ok ? He says i am confused about something and want clear it (laksh always ask sanskar advice for the big problems or to make big decision). Sanskar says ok we will meet tommorow . they say good night and cut the call.

Precap :
Laksh meet sanskar
Laksh realise that he start to love…
Sanskar sees …
Maan and geet nok-jhok

Friends in next episode you will know about the jodis that i choosed (but i think some people will y guss it after reading this). THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading my fan fiction. Thank you for your suggestions.
My best friend (we were like soul sisters) was crazy about maan and geet and its bcz of her i started to watch Geet serial (first indian serai i watched) and i love it and then now i started watch swaragini and i love it also that’s why i wanted write about the 3 jodis that i love.
i am really really SORRY as My enghlish is not good
Once again thank you for reading.

Credit to: lucky

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  1. please make it swalak and ragsan please

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    2. Pls wait until tommorow to know about it 🙂

  2. pls it should be swasan and raglak

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  4. Its interesting….i think swasan have some past…waiting for next

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  5. Mouni Godavari

    Please please please make it swasan

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  13. Very good effort dear! And I think so swasan was together in past, well lets see what will happen! And dont worry about English yar! I’m always say, it’s not our first language so dont worry about it! And once more great effort! I didn’t watch geet’s drama, so dont know about so much! Well lets see what will happen! Im eagerly waiting for mext

    1. You will know it in next update. Thank you dear! Geet and swaragini are my all time favorite. I will try to update next one soon 🙂

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  15. U write very well…love ur ff…hopes jodi will be swasan, raglak, geetan… 🙂 ♥ 🙂

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