Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 2


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Story 2
San-Maan Office
Interview team very much impressed with geet and appoint her as maan’s PA. Geet is very happy as she already heard many things about maan and finally she is going meet him and they ask her to join from tommorow. She thanks them and leave from the cabin and at the same time maan is coming from other direction (he is talking in phone with some business man) , geet slips and fall on mann and they had a short eye lock (maan-geet bgm plays in backgroud). When Geeet compose her self, maan start to scold her : can’t you see and walk ? and scold her. Geet is totally distrubed leave from there without saying anything. Maan (in mind) :what a mannerless girl not even a sorry that to for Maan singh khurana. (then he remember seeing her morning in the road and his anger doubles as he was late bcz of her) and also wonder what she was doing in his office.

Geet come outside the office and says thank you babaji you saved me from that rude and angry man. What he about his self i slipped its not my fault. I hope i will not meet him again.. and then she thinks to buys some sweet to share the happiness with her family in the evening. She leaves from there.

At the college/university
The class is started. Laksh and swara is same class but they just about each others but not friends because swara was studied in another city and just joined before 2 years in laksh college while ragini is already studying there. Swara just speaks with some people and she is always silent so laksh thinks from starting that she has so much ego but which is not true she just don’t want to speak with any new boys (she was not like that before). After the class ragini joins with swara in main entrance and she talk about their trip to the village for tommorow with shilpa and swara. ragini is really happy bcz after 4 years she is going somewhere with swara (4years and few months which means : 2 years swara was in another city and then 2 years she is totallly become a silent girl and never wish to do or go anywhere and now she is in 5th year of her course). Then shilpa leaves from there. After a while ragini says we have to pack our bags also so lets go. Swara says yes and leave from there.

Swarageet house
Geet come-back home with sweets and tell everyone about getting job. All blesses her. That time swaragini also back from college. Geet tell them about her job. Ragini is so happy and hugh er while swara says congrats di with a little smile and go to her room. Everyone is looking at swara become sad . Sumi says : i hope and prays that we will get our shona back. Dadi says don’t worry shomi i can see that she is becoming little by little like before. Ragini and geet also agree with dadi.

After the dinner everyone leaves to their room. Swarageet in one room. Geet tell them about the rude man (maan) she met in the office and also what happen between them. Ragini then started to tease geet : geet di i think love at first side bcz you never speak about boys. Geet replies love and with that akudu no way i can’t even tolerate his scolding for 1 minute and i don’t know how a girl can a girl stay with him for a lifetime ?? (then both smiles). At the same time swara remember something which happen in her past and without realising she start to laugh. Rageet is shocked and so happy as swara is laughing after longtime. They hug swara (sisters bonding). Then swara goes to washroom. Ragini (in mind) : god pls make swara always happy and bless swara and geet di. Then ragini says to geet : Didi Swara used share everything with me and you but I don’t know why but swara doesn’t want share the problem which is keeping her sad. Geet says we will give a some more time and she will be alright. Swara comeback and they light of and go to sleep.

Sanlak house
Laksh is waiting for sankar for dinner and finally sanskar comes. Laksh says : bhai where were you ? You know that i always eat with you at night as this is only the time where i can share everything with you. Sanskar says he got late due the preparation of tommorow’s depart. Then laksh also says about going to some village for camping. That time sanskar realise they are going to the village and laksh about it. Laksh is so happy and says i thought i twill be little boring but now its going to be great. But sanskar says you know i am going for my project work and i can’t stand any distrubance in my work. says i will supervise your camp as i am one of the sponser of it. Laksh says great and says also there will many girls wil be there then says who know may be you will fine your better half i mean my future bhabi. Sanskar ask laksh to keep quite and says you know well that i doesn’t want to marry anyone and just want to concentrate on my work and become a big businees man. Laksh says i don’t know how we are brothers bhai bcz you are just opposite to me. Every girls want a man like you but you just ignore them. I really can’t understand your fact. Sanskar stays silent for few minutes and then says its too late laksh and i must go early morning so good night and we will meet in the village. Laksh hug him and says good night and leave to his room.

Screen freeze on sanskar’s thinking face.

Precap :
sanskar reach the village.
Swaraglak in the bus
Geet and maan …

Thank you so much for reading my fan fiction. In future episode you will know about the jodis that i choosed. i know some suggust me swasan & raglak and some suggust me swalak and ragsan. i already choose the partners with your suggestion and which is also my favorites i like the three jodis. I am really sorry if my choice hurt anyone’s feeling and i really don’t want to hurt anyones feeling. Pls continue read it and also comment it pls.
Frds pls suggust me song romantic or love songs to use in the story.

Credit to: lucky

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