Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 19


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Same day Evening
Maaneet return to theire hotel.. Geet was really weak and tired so maan make her checked by doctor and ask her to take rest in her room (geet’s room)..
Maan is in washroom and Maan’s thinking..
Mann’s inner self ( mirror’s reflection ) : Why am i worried so much abt her ?
Maan : bcz she is my staff ?
mirror ; oh really ?
Maan : yes bcz she came with me and she is my responsibility..
Mirror : then what was that worry when she was inconsious ? and what abt that hug when she become consious..
Maan (get thinking but still his mind doesn’t agree so he deny it) : so even if there was anyone else i would have saved him or her..
Mirror : then why you feel jalouse when she was taking freely with dev .. he is ur brother for whom u can do anything still u could n’t see geet with him.. isn’t it jelouse ?
Now he couldn’t deny this fact .. He start to thinking abt geet.. from their first meeting How he was angry with her (in road she is helping peoplke and de to her he was late for the first time for his meting), Theire second meeting in office How he saved her from falling and her brave reply, then theire cute fights, eyelocks, and yesterday’s incident, his worry, their hug.. A smile come in his face..
Maan (happyly) : Am i in love ? am i jalouse ? yes i am.. u changed me i still couldn’t believe that i fall in love with u..
Mirror : finally u understand ur feeling..
Maan : but what does she abt feel abt me.. did she love me ?
Mirror : what ur heart say ?
Maan : i don’t know but i feel that she also feel same like me.. bcz if i am not wrong i can see some change in the way she see me..
Mirror : then why are u waiting ?
Maan : i want to confirm that if she love me or not then i will never let her go away from me.. tommorow we are leaving to kolkotta.. and once we reached there i will make everything good (he smiles)
He come out from wash room and lie on his bed..

Swarageet house
Swara come back from MM.. Everyone is in hall (expect dida and dadi)..
Shomi : arey swara.. how was ur day ? did laksh studied well ?
Swara : it was good.. (smiles) yes mom..
Shehkar : and i am sure even his family was so good with you ?
Swara (suprised) : how do u know papa ?
Shehkar : bcz of sanlak
Swara : WHAT ?
Shomi : yes swara they are really nice guys , they respect elders.. we only met them one time but still we can see his goodness so that’s why..
Swaragini smiles listening to it..

Dida and dadi come back from temple..
Dadi : oh i am really dirt..
Didi : that’s why i don’t like go anywhere with u my old marwaden..
Dadi : what did u say.. don’t forget ur age..
Dida : i am not complaining abt anything.. (everyone smile seeing their cute fight..)

After dinner swaragini goes to their room
Ragini : so how is ur to be sasural ?
Swara (smiles) : they are really nice.. elders of house are really good.. i become frd with sanskar’s bhabhi she is really nice.. (then she look at rag) even laksh also very good i am really happy to get a dever ji com frd like him..
Ragini smiles listening laksh name and swara notice this and smiles in mind
Swara : Ragini 2 morrow is Sunday ?
Ragini : so what ?
Swara : sanskar ask to come to the restaurent..
Ragini : oh so my jiju is romantique..
Swara blushes thinking abt what happen in his house (his room) few hours before..
Swara : even ur coming with me..
Ragini : what will i do with u two on ur date?
Swara : its not a date even laksh will come we just plan to go out.. sou r coming na ?
Ragini : yes i will ok swara u will be tired go and change ur cloth..
Swara comes back from washroom and both keep talking..
Sanlak house
Sanskar is working in his laptop.. while laksh is chatting in face book in sanskar’s room.. He receive a call from his P.A who inform him that he and maan are selected for best business man award and ceremony will held in 20 weeks… He get really happy bcz its promise to swara.. and more happy bcz swara’s exams also finished after 2 weeks so now they can tell abt their love story.. As he was working he put his his phone on speaker so laksh also listen to this.. When he cut the call laksh congratz him with the hug and then laksh go and inform everyone.. All family get happy and congratz sanskar.. and he take blessing from his bade papa, badi ma, papa, mom.. Hug from adarsh and parineeta bhabhi.. Ap distrubute sweets to everyone..

Everyone goes to their room.. only sanlak is left
Sanskar think to inform this to swara but then decide to inform her directly (face to face) to see her happiness and for now he decide to call maan and inform this to him..
Sanskar take his laptop to make a video call to maan. ;
Laksh interrups : Don’t u want to share this with bhabi ?
Sanskar : no !
Laksh look questionly : but why ?
Sanskar : i want to give her suprise ??
Laksh smiles and goes to his room..

SanMaan convo (video)
Maan : hi sanskar
Sanskar : hi maan how are u ? i got the mail congratz for the deal
Maan : thanks man and u call me this time anything important ?
Sanskar : yes (he tell abt the award)
Maan : that’s great news.. its our big achievement.. congratz
Sanskar : thanks and congratz
Maan : thanks.. by the way u r looking so much happy the smile which u lost is now back.. what happen to my warkholic partner ? Maan smiles
Sanskar : from when Maan singh khurana start to tease people ? and this smile is totally new
Maan : (in mind) bcz of geet she made me smile and i like this change (to sanskar) i will tell u everything once i will be back .. and abt u ?
Sanskar : i will tell u also once u r back bcz its a long story..
Then they discuss abt some business things and cut the call..

Precap :
Love confession
Broken hearts

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    1. don’t worry its a twist and i am sure at last u will like it.. thank u 😉 ..

  3. Broken hearts oh no

    1. don’t worry its a twist and at last u will like it.. thank u 😉

  4. I think laksh family misunderstood that swara love laksh…

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