Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 18

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Recap : maaneet accident, geet unconsious, maan look after her whole night, Swara come first time to her to be sasural to give tution to laksh and Maheswari family impressed with her good nature, Par-ap-suju think there is something between swasn but decide to wait, ragini thinks about laksh
Precap : Maaneet scene, maan realise his love, swasan romance and etc

Episode 18
Maan is sleeping the sitting position holding geet. Geet wake up and finds maan holdng her hand.. she look at him lovingly and tres to get up.. due to her hand mouvement maan wake up.. he feel really very happy and hug geet.. Geet is suprised with maan’s sudden hug.. but she hug him back.. There was a complete silence between them.. After few minutes maan realise his position and step back.. Then maan things something something and get angry..
Maan (angry) : what u think abt ur self ?
Geet is puzzeled bcz few minutes back he was hugging her and now scolding her..
Geet : what sir ?
Maan (angry) : why did u take off ur seat belt ? that’s why u get hurt and felt unconsious.. do u know how much i was worried..
Geet get happy to his concern for her but doesn’t saw it to him.. Even maan realise what he said and stay calm. Suddenly geet notices her dress is changed and shockingly look at maan.. Maan understand her hesitation
Maan : when u got unconsious i brought u here but due to the snow fallu r dress is totally wet and u were shivering soi t was necessary to change ur dress.. the lady of this house chenge ur dress so don’t worry..

Geet (relieved) : thank u very much sir for saving me..
They share an cute eyelock (maaneet bgm plays) but knock of the door by the old lady of the house.. they break the eyelock.. maan open the door..
Lady : did see wake up (then she sees geet) oh how are u feeling now?
Geet : i am fine aunty thank u so much.. for ur help
Lady : don’t thank me.. thank him (pointing at maan). . he take care of u whole the night
Geet smiles while maan is little embaressed
Lady : when u was unconsious i can see the pain, love in his eyes for you.. U r really lucky to get a husband like him. .
Geet : HUSBAND ? (look at maan) (maan didn’t dare to look at her)
Lady : yes.. i came to tell in evening there will no snow falling
Maan : thank u aunty.. if u don’t mind can we stay here till evening plz ?
Lady : sure beta ! now u 2 take care and if u hungry ask me (she leaves)
Geet still thinking abt the word husband..maan call her but she didn’t reply then maan shakes her little and she come to sense
Geet: why she is telling me that u r my husband and i am lucky to have u etc etc ?
Maan : bcz she thought i a mur husband when i bring u here and i didn’t say anything as i don’t want that she deny to help us..
Geet : oh i see
Maan : but she is right in one thing?
Geet (confused) : in what ?
Maan (teases) : u r very lucky to have me bcz who can take care of u whole night after knowing that u will come back torture me with ur non stop bakwas
Geet (pout) : how mean sir !!
Maan start to laugh seeing her chilidish behaviour.. geet is suprised and happy to see maan laughing..
Geet : sir u look good while laughing
Maan realised that he teased and laughed at geet for the first time of his life.. A bright smile come on his face.. He ask her to take rest and he goes out of the room..
Maheswari mansion

@ lucky’s room
Swara is teaching laksh for few hours.. She understand that he get every point very quickly but its just his play full nature make him little weak.
When she is teaching him pari bhabhi come inside with juice for swa-lak..
Pari : can i come in ?
Laksh : yes bhabhi from when u start to ask permission from me ?
Pari : just bcz ur studying (lol) (turning towards swara) don’t forget to come to the lunch at 2PM ?
Swara : ok bhabhi ooops can i call u bhabhi ?
Pari (smiles): off course (and she leaves)
Laksh : bhabhi in one day ur trying to impress my whole family this is not fair !!
Swara : ha ha lol lucky but ur family is very nice
(accidently she drops the juice in her dress)
Swara : sorry.. can i use the washroom..
Laksh : they is a leakage problem till morning in my washroom but u can watch bhai’s (sanskar’s) wash room which is opposite room..
She says ok and leaves to clean her dress.

@ sanskar room
She come back from wash room and look at his room.. Its a beautiful bleu and white colour room with red curtains.. very need and clean..
Swara (smiles): not bad Mr.Maheswari u didn’t change at all..
Then she notice sanskar’s photo in night table.. she take the photo in her hands and caress the photo..
Swara : u know sanskar i really missed u so much and i love u (she kiss the photo)
Suddenly she hears the lock sound of the door and turn.. she is shocked to see sanskar..
Swara : ssss sanskar you..
Sanskar (smile naughtyly and walks towards her): when i am here why are u confessing ur love to my photo and also kiss my photo (winks )
Swara : sanskar i didn’t kiss ur photo
Sanskar : don’t lie i saw you.. i came here when u come out of washroom but u were looking my room very lovingly so i want to see what are u doing so i stayes calm..
Swasan/sanskar BGM plays
Saying this he come close to swara.. swara try to run but he hold her hand and pull her towards him.. but he slips and both fall on the bed.. Swara fall on sanskar.. but he roll them and now he lays on swara.. Swara breath heavily
Sanskar : sssSanskar what a are you doinggg ?
Sanskar : shhhh i am seeing the beauty of my wife ?
Swara : wife ?
Sanskar : they day we confessed i considered u as my wife.. and do u remember that night while returning from village my hand blood fill ur maang.. so u r my wife
Swara (over whelmed) : hug him and says :thank u sanskar for coming into my life..
He kiss her forhead and then she feel sanskar cheeks carassing her cheeks and she blush.. He kiss her cheeks and stop for while.. When she look at him his eyes are asking permission for kiss her lips.. She shyly smiles and close her eyes to give him th permission.. When he get the positive signs his lips captured her lips immediately.. While swara is one hand is caresing his hair and other one his neck and sanskar one hand on her waist and other one caresing her back.. Both are so much involved in the kiss.. And after ten few minutes they broke the kiss due to the lack of oxygene..
After few minutes laksh knock the door…. Sanskar open the door
Laksh : is ur romance is over ?
Sanskar : what ?
Laksh : don’t act like innocent bhai
Swara (change the topic) : did u finished the next chapter ?
Laksh : oh bhabhi pls don’t change the topic.. u were romancing na (winks at both)
Swara : yes we were (sanlak look at her suprised) and when will u confess ur love to raginio u will not romance with her (she winks at them but they are shocked)
Laksh : bhabhi !! Sanskar : Swara !!
Swara : what do u thing i don’t know abt ur love from starting i know abt did but i kept silence
Sanskar : but how ?
Swara : in village when he became frd with ragini i can see the love in his eyes for ragini.. and everytime when he looks at her he lost in her
Sanskar : not bad swara !! very intlligent
Swara : yeah that’s i’m.. (turn to laksh) lucky u r rally a good choice to my sister
Laksh : What abt ragini ?
Swara : I think even she has feeling for you bcz she speaks with u or speak abt u there is a spark in her eyes but she didn’t realise till now..
Sanlak feel happy..
Laksh : now i will make realise her

Screen freeze on swasanlak happy face

Precap :
How maan will realise his love ?
How ragini will realise her love for laksh?

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