Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 17


Here is the 17th part of my ff « Swaragini and geet (love stories) . i try to give importance to every couple so i am sorry if i dissappoint anyone. Thank you so much for the ur comments and for ur support.. it motivate me to write. . Thank u silent readers ! i hope u will like this part too

Maan turn and see geet unconscius. he turn her face towards him and shocked to see blood from her head is bleeding. Maan (worriend and tensed) : pls wake up geet plzzz ? But there is no answr from geet.. He really get tensed and try to call someone but he couldn’t get good signal.. He is really worried. He try to to open the door but its locked after must struggle he open the door of his side and come out.. there are many houses near so he decide to seek help from them.. he never seek help from anyone for anything but this time only get’s safety is important for him..he come to geet door side and open the door.. He lifts geet in his arms and walk till the near by house.. when he knock the door one old lady open the door.. Old lady : beta what happen ? Maan : aunty we are returning to our hotel after our work but (he expained abt the accident).. now i need ur help.. Old lady : yes bring ur wife inside.. Maan is shocked to listen the word wife but didn’t say anything bcz now he need her help..Maan : thank u so much.. Old lady : u take her to that (indicating toward the room) and i will come in few minutes.. Maan bring geet to the room and lays her on the bed.. he look at her lovingly and worriedly.. Old lady come with some oil (for warm geet hand and leg), herbal mix (to her wound in head) and cloth of her daughter as geet dress are wet (bcz when maan bring her from car to house it was snowing and now snow turn into water drops so her dress is wet). She give it to maan and says if anything needed u can call me and don’t forget change the dress of ur wife.. Maan is shocked as he can’t change geet dress. Maan : aunty can u change her dress pls ? Old lady : why are u feeling shy to change ur wife dress ? Maan don’t know what to say .. But finally the lady says i will make her change but i can’t stay whole night to take care of her but she really need it bcz due to the cold anything can happen.. Maan : u don’t worry i will take care of her whenever i am with her i will not let anything happen to her.. Maan didn’t realise what he said.. He leave the room and she change geet drees. Full night maan take care of geet.. he start to realise that geet is important to him but think why.. he was awake whole night and early morning he felt asleep..
Next day
Swarageet house
Swara wake up early as she is going to help laksh in his studis but ragini is still sleeping. She already got permission from her parents. She try to wake up ragini but ragini want to sleep more. Swara get ready in bleau denim jeans with full sleeves knee long white top with bleu net scarf and simple make up but she is loking really beautiful. She look her self in the mirror and smile thinking that its first time she is going to meet peoples of her future sasural.. She thinks to call laksh..
Sanlak house
Laksh is sleeping.. Laksh phone is ringinig and sanskar who is paasing by laksh room enter inside due to the phone sound.. Sanskar see swara’s name in phone screen.. When he was abt to go near the phone laksh wake up and receive the call.. he is still in sleepy mood so didn’t notice sanskar..
Phone convo « Swara : good morning lucky, i am ready and u ?
Laksh : yeah bhabhi i will be ready in 30minutes so u can depart from ur house..
Swara : still sleeeping ? u r also so sleepy just like ragini.. same to same
Laksh smiles listening ragini’s name : ok bhabhi see you.. Swara : bye»

He turn after kept his phone in side table and shocked to see sanskar (sanskar is giving qustion look guys its just a confuse look bcz he trust swara and laksh more than his life so he will not doubt at them).. Laksh : bhai what are u doing ? Sanskar : nothing i just enter the room due to the phone sound.. Laksh : oh ok but bhai now i should get ready if not bhabhi will kill me as i was the one ask her to come.. Sanskar : come ?? where ? Laksh : our house !! Sanskar (shocked) : but why and why u 2 didn’t tell me ? Laksh explain the reason. Sanskar : ok and btw what did u say in the house ? Laksh : i told them that i need help in studies so someone is coming to help me as she is batch topper.. Saying this laksh leaves to washroom. Sanskar get happy that swara is coming.. little tensed to bcz she is going to meet his family as he want their first impression should be good.

Whole Maheswari family in the hall expect Sanskar and laksh. Swara come and ring the calling bell. Servant open the door and swara come inside. They all see swara. She greet everyone by folding two hands (sayining namastey) and with bright smile. Everyone smile seeing her cute smiling face and greeting maaner as its show the respect. Ap : who are you beta? Swara : aunty i came here to.. Laksh come and interupts : to help me in studies.. Sujatha : so she i sur college topper.. Laksh : yes chachi bha(he want to say bhabhi but stops)swara ji is my college topper.. Swara : LUCKY !!! Laksh : i am not wrong u r the topper (he use polite form while speaking i mean like speaking with elders as he already start to consider her as his bhabhi). Everyone is suprised and shocked bcz laksh using ji and polite and swara calling laksh as lucky. Before they could come out from this shock sanskar come and greets swara with bright smile. Sanskar (with bright smile) : good morning swara ! Swara : good morning sanskar ! Sujatha : chora u 2 know each other already ? Swasan not know how to answer immediately but laksh manage the situation. Laksh : yes chachi they already know each other for more than 4years.. Swasan is tensed as they don’t know what laksh will say.. Pari : but how devar ji ? Laksh : pari bhabhi swara ji was sanskar bhaiya’s junior, they studied in same college in delhi and that time she was in bhaiya’s best friend group. Ap : ok that’s really good. Swasan is relieved. Laksh ask swara to come to study room.While going with laksh swara turn and see sanskar and they both smile at each other and its noticed by sujatha, ap and pari but they didn’t say anything.. Both of them leave from there. Sanskar : ma i have meeting only for 3 to 4 hours so i will be back early.. Sujatha : ok sanskar ! Sanskar leave from there. Dp, Rp and adarsh also leaves from there. Pari : Ma, chachi am i feeling something fishy (talking abt swasan and swasanlak talking) or u also ? Ap : even i feel the same.. Sujatha : han jiji sanskar smile was priceless by seeing swara its look like that they are more than best friends.. Ap : yes sujatha and swara is also looking liking nice girl but we can’t decide anything now so just wait for sometime. ; Trio smile and goes to do their work..
Swara and laksk are studying in study room.
Swarageet house
Room : Ragini is now awake and listenning to some music while closing her eyes.. She remember all the moments spent with laksh and their cute small fight.. But suddenly due to some noise she come out from her dream land.. Ragini (to herself) : why are u thinking abt him ? r u mad ? he is just swara’s devar and my friend that’s it.. nothing else.. but i feel happpy when he is with me.. i even enjoy our small fights.. She slowly goes to terrace..
Screen freeze on ragini’s smiling face

Precap: Maaneet scene, maan realise his love, swasan romance and etc

Thank u so much for reading my fan fiction story.. sorry if u don’t like it or if i disappoint anyone.. pls comment.. thank u so much for ur supports

Credit to: lucky

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