Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 16


Here is the 16 part of « Swaragini and geet (love stories). Thank you so much for ur suppport.. i couldn’t reply u in last part comment section due to some personnel issus so really sorry friends.

Its a break time.. Swaragini is sitting with pooja and shilpa in canteen while laksh and omi coming to the canteen. Omi while walking says : laksh i think this trip make u friends with swaragini.. Laksh thinks abt ragini and smiles. Omi look at him like « what is going on ? ». They come near swaragini and take seat. Shilpa didn’t say anything as she already thing and teases ragini abt laksh from the day of their trip but pooja don’t know abt it so he is little confused. Swara : lucky u know what ? . Omi is confused as laksh never leave anyone call him lucky than sanskar. Laksh : what happen bhabhi ? . This time omi, shilpa, pooja 3 are shocked. Omi and shilpa in union : BHABHI ???? . Shilpa (to swara): why laksh is calling u bhabhi ? Omi (to laksk) : yeah why ? and u always said only sanskar bhai have right to call you lucky then how she ?. Swaraglak look at them. Laksh : For ur both question answer is same. Trio (shilpa, omi and pooja) give a confused look.

Laksh : its true that that i never allowed anyone else than bhai to call me lucky but she (pointing towards swara) is my bhai life and love which means she is his better half and so now she have full rights that bhai have on me.. listning to laksh Swaragini become happy and smile while the trio is SHOCKED. Trio in union : what ? and u people hide this from us… Swara start to explain. Swara : Actually me and sanskar love each other from My 2nd year of college in delhi but due to the misunderstanding we got separeted but we didn’t forget eachother and when we met in th village after 2years we clear all misunderstanding and now we are back together. (Swaradidn’t tell the reason abt th separation even though they are friends she like to keep family matters between family members and raglak understand this). They congratz swara. Shilpa and pooja leaves from there.

Laksh : bhabhi what u want to tell me when i come here ? Swara : oh yeah i forget.. Laksh look at her. Swara : actually our final exams which was supposed to come after 20 days is preponed .. Laksh (shocked) : what ??. Swara : yes its after one week that’s why morning there were many people near th notice board.. Laksh : oh no i thought to study from this week end.. how can they do this ? Swara : its due to some official issue..
Laksh looks worriedly.. Ragini start to laugh seeing laksh tensed face.. He is mesmerished to see and hear her laughing but then again think abt exams and say (irritated) : so ragini u r making fun of my situation ? .. Ragini : then what laks hits look like u are scared like u didn’t even open my books.. Laksh : u r right i didn’t even open my books as i thught i have still time.. but now papa will kill me if i got less marks in my final exams.. Ragini : so u r scared to ur father ? Laksh : when u will meet even u will scared of him.. and by the way even ur also like me so dn’t tease me k !! Ragini : haha very funny but i have my sister’s who help in exams time and now what will u do ? Laksh think for the while and says when college topper is my bhabhi thn what is the need of fear and smirks at ragini..
Ragini : so u are going to ask help from my sister ? Laksh : no i am going to ask help from my bhabhi.. They start to fight abt swara belongs to whom. Finally swara fed up with their fight and says : u 2 just shut up now.. Raglak see swara’s angry face and put hands on their lips. Swara smile to see there childish behaviour. Laksh : bhabhi will u help me pls ? Swara : of course laksh tomorrow is Saturday so we can meet in public library and then i will clear ur doubts.. Laksh : bhabhi why don’t u come to Maheswari mansion ? Swara is shocked : no no i mean how can i ? Ragini : swara what is the problem u r scared to going to ur sasural ? Swara hit ragini.. Raglak somehow convince her. Swara think for the while and finally accept. Break time is over so ragini leave from there. Omi also get call from someone so he too leave. Swara and laksh don’t have class now but she wait for ragini. Swara : u r not at like ur brother han lucky? Laksh : why ? Swara : i mean in studies matter.. Laksh : yeah u r right and smile. Swara also remember something from her past
Flask back :Swasan exams time.. Sanskar’s final year final exam and swara’s 2nd year final exam (in delhi)

Sanskar is studying in his appartement and swara come to meet him. Sanskar open the door and swara enter in his appartment. Sanskar says so finally u are here. Swara : yes i wake up so late but its not my fault my alarm didn’t work.. Sanskar smile at her childish behaviour. Sanskar clear swar’s doubt in few subject and start to study again. Its more than few hours sanskar is studying without even looking at swara. Swara : when will u finished studying? Sanskar : yes i am finished !! Swara get happy. Sanskar : but i am revising it again. Swara’s face color change again. Swara ( slowly to her self) : how can he involve in his book when i am with him in his appartement that too we are alone..what an unromantic boyfriend u have swara.. Sanskar listens to her words and smiles : swara did u say something ? Swara (tensely) : no btw did u hear anything ? Sanskar : no i didn’t hear anything. ; and if u r hungry then take something from fridge ? Swara : and what abt u aren’t u not hungry ?

Sanskar : no swara i want to for some more time and i am not hungry.. Swara Thinks this to much and says I am also not hungry but i am angry .. Sanskar look at swara. Swara come to him and close his book. She touch his face with her her fingers. Sanskar feel her touch (Swasan bgm plays). Swara : how can u concentrate in ur studies when ur beautiful girlfriend is just infront of you ? for u your exams is more important than me ? Sanskar : yeah exams are important but.. She didn’t let him complete his sentence.. She says ok i see and goes near the window angryly. Sanskar smiles and goes near her and hug her from back.. Swara smile but still little angry so she break the hug.. Swara : go and spent time with ur second Girl frd ? Sanskar : seceond gf ? Swara : yeah ur books u told me ur exams are more important than me… Sanskar (laughs) : swara i can’t belive this that my gf is jealouse of my books (ha ha).

Swara look him angryly. Sanskar : swara u didn’t let me complete my sentence i want to say that exams are important to me but not more than you.. Swara become happy (turn) and hug him tightly. Sanskar hug her back and kiss her forehead. Sanskar : now happy ? Swara : yessss and now u can study.. Sanskar :no way Swara : why ? Sanskar : bcz my gf think that i am unromantic so i want her to know that i can be romantic too.. Swara (says slowly) : did he listen to me ? Sanskar : yes dear i listened to u.. He pull her close to him by holding her waist and caress her cheeks with his.. swara start to breath fastly due to his clossness and move back.. while moving she slips and both fall on the sofa.. They look at each other and burst out laughing. Flash back ends

Laksh sees swara’s smiling face and ask thinking abt my brother ? Swara : yes (then suddenly realise what she said and hit him). They smile and talk for sometime till ragini’s arrival.

Maan’s car is going in backwards and he couldn’t control it. Geet is totally scared. Tensed geet take off her seat belt and hold maan’s hand tightly. Maan is tensed but not for him but for geet..even though he didn’t realise his feeling completely he can’t let anything happen to geet.Every momnt spent with geet come in his mind. Maan is looking by window and see that there are reaching near the edge. But by god grace car slipped due to the snow turn little and hit in the big tree and stop.. maan is relieved and turn to geet and his expression change in to shock..

Precap of few episode : what happen to geet ? , scenes, swara meet sanskar family, laksh speak abt ragini, swasan romance, laksh confession to ragini and some twist in the tale

Thank you so much friends for reading fan fiction and pls comment.. I am sorry if this episode is not good as u expected.

Credit to: lucky

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    1. Thank u so much nikhar.. i am really happy that u like my story.. actually i write when i get time as i am getting little busy with my university projects and practical classes so i can’t say when i will post it but i will try my best post it every 2days.. Once again thank you so much!

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