Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 15


Hi friends, i am back.. my exams are fnished fridayso now i will try to give quick update.. i hope u all still remember the story 

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Next day
Maan wakes up and remember abt his last night thought (did geet also feel strange like me when i am with her ?). Then he see the time and leave to the washroom. Geet come to maan’s room and wait for him. Maan come back from washroom and see geet who is looking at the the window (is a snow day so she is enjoying it while watching from window). By opening sound of washroom door geet turn and see maan.. He is wearing a black pant, grey shirt and black half coat (maan’s style). He is looking so handsome.. She is fxing at him while maan also look at geet and get mesmerished by her beauty.. She is wearing simple pink colour salwar kameez with net duppatta. (maannet bgm plays). Maan is moving slowly towards geet and she still keep looking at him. But they come back to real world by the knocking of the door.. its a room boy.. he bring their breakfast. After taking the Breakfast they leave for the meeting.
Sanlak house
Everyone is taking break fast. laksh wake up early and coming towards dinning table. Adarsh saw laksh coming.. Adaarsh : wow ma (mom) i think today sun rise in west direction ? Elders look at him questionly.. Ap : sun rise in east.. what are u saying.. are u alright ? Adarsh : yeah ma i am prfectly fine but u all look there (pointing towards laksh). Everyone look suprisingly but sanskar smile as he know laksh want to go and meet ragini. Ap : laksh you ? that too early ? everyday we forced u to wake up and today u are already wake up and even ready to to the college. Laksh (little embaressed) : what maa (mom) even u.. Sanskar : badi maa why are u making fun of my brother.. (turn to laksh) sotoday can i drope u in college as u told me u should sent ur car for service? Laksh understand that sanky want to meet swara. Laksh (teasingly): no bhai its ok i can manage u shouldn’t be late bcz of me as work is ur priority. Sanskar (understand that laksh is teasing him) : oh really lucky then ok i will see u later when u will ned my help (winks at him as its regarding ragini). Laksh (rapidly) : bhai i know u love m a lot so i will come with u.. Sanskar : that’s like good boy and then sanlak laugh together. All family members are really happy to see sanskar smiling and laughing after 2 years. Sanlak bids bye and leave from there. Sujatha : jiji sanskar is looking happy after so many days.. Ap : yes sujatha after coming back from that village he is looking very happy and i can see the old sanskar’s bright face.. Sujatha : i pray that my son should be always have a smiling face like this. All have some smile in their face.
Shilpa (swara’s frd) and pooja (ragini’sfrd and shilpa’s sister) are waiting for swaragini. Swaragini enters into the college. 4 girls are chatting with each other near car parkinng. Shilpa and leave to see the notice board as they are many peopl are standing there. That time Sanlak enter into the college. Many girls fall for laksh in the college so when he come to the college girls like to watch and try to speak to him.. being little flirty he too like to get their attention.. but this is a first time sanskar is coming to swaraglak college. By seeing sanskar .. one girl start to say : wow what a handsome ? another girl : yeah he is looking hot but who is he ? Swaragini turn and see sanlak coming towards them. Swara is happy + suprised to see sanskar but same time angry + jealouse bcz of that girls comment. Sanlak greet swaragini. Swaragini tell laksh that class will start After 1hour as there is an important meting of professors. Laksh get happy.. Sanskar (teasingly): for the first time laksh wak up early and class is post-poned. Swara : don’t tease my dever ji okay ? Laksh : thank u bhabhi.. Sanskar : its look like my brother is close with his bhabhi than his bhai.. Swara and laksh at the sam time : obviously YES !!! Ragini : Don’t worry jiju i am ur side.. Swara look at ragini then all laugh. Swara goes with sanskar while laksh come near ragini.

Swasan convo (in college back side garden)
Swasan sittinig in the bench under th big tree. Swara : don’t u get late to ur office ? Sanskar : are u not happy to see me in ur college ? Swara : i’m happy even really happy to see u but when u enter the girls are looking at you and giving many comments.. Sanskar like and enjoy her jealouse (teasingly) : what ? where they are ? Swara get angry : why are u asking abt them ? Sanskar (smiles): just like that to if that girls look beautiful or not ? Swara(get more angry) : don’t u dare to look at them then i don’t know what will i do.. she says and try to leave from there but sanskar holds her hand and pull her towards him. She fall on him.. her hairs ar dancing due to the wind and both lost in each others eye (sanskar/ swasan bgm plays). After a while swara try get up but sanskar hold her tightly and says : swara i couldn’t ven look at any girls when u was not with me in these 2years.. my mind my heart always just think abt u .. u don’t know how much i was happy the day i found u near the riverside (village) i was in cloud nine.. and i promise that Me Sanskar Maheswari belongs to You Swara and always be loyal towards you.. u are in each and every beat of my heart.. Swara get emotinal and tears are falling from her eyes. She hug him tightly. Swara : i know sanskar i am not doubting u its just i am very possesive abt u bcz once again i can’t bear the pain of separation.. Sanskar too become emotinal and says i will be always with u my dear and kisses her forhead. They smile.

Raglak convo (near the car parking)
Ragini : swara and jiju are looking made for each other. Laksh : yeah that’s true and i am sure my family will like bhabhi.. Ragini : my family already like jiju so no problem.. Laksh : only ur jiju not me. Ragini teasingly say why should they like u.. u r not SIL of our house na.. Laksh feel little sad with her statement. Ragini notice this and unknowingly she feel bad for she said. Ragini : laksh but my family like both of u as u both are good and polite. Laksh (exitely) : as SIL ? Ragini is shocked and laksh realise what did he said.. Laksh : i am just joking don’t take it serious.. Ragini : yes i know (her heart is saying somthing else but she is not aware abt it). Then laksh says jokes and etc both are smiling and laughing.
Swasan come back to parking area and see raglak speaking and enjoying eachother’s company. Theys mile looking at them and goes near them. Sanskar : guys now i must go to office as maan also not there so take care. Swaraglak says bye to him. Sanskar give side hug to swara and says bye to 3 and leav from there. Laksh also leave to meet omi. Swaragini leave to meet their frd (shilpa and pooja).
Maan and geet are in conference room. Many dealers are coming inside. Geet is tensed as she is going to her first presentation. Maan notice it and goes near her. Maan : geet don’t worry and if our work is done correctly and properly then Geet is giving presentation infront no need to be stress.. when we want to something from whole heartly then we can do it for sure.. just take a deep breath and then start ur presentation.. Geet get confidence from maan words and go to start the presentation. She is give a good prsentation and everyone is getting impressed by her presentation. But maan didn’t listen anything he just staring at her. Few close moment and eye lock they had are running in his mind. This is the first time he is not concentrating on his work. Finally presentation is over and the deal get finalished. Everyone leave from there. Geet hug maan due to exitement. (mahi bgm plays. Maan feel like some current passing through his body.. But geet suddenly realise what she was doing and release the hug and says : i am sorry sir i was really exited that’s why.. maan cut her words.. Maan : its ok geet.. shall we go now.. Geet nods and they leave from there.
In their way back to hotel.. they need to take a long route du heavy snow fall.. Even in that route they couldn’t see the way clearly.. road is not looking safe as its not straight.. Maan try his best to drive care fully.. Geet also tensed. When he was abt to turn left Suddenly there is a truck coming from that direction hit the car.. Maan lose the control and car is turned to right side (there is big fall that side) and is moving towards that side back wardly.
Scrren freeze on maan’s tensed face and geet scared face.

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