Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 14


Hi friends, here is next part of my story. I am still in my break (study leave) as my exams are going to start in 1week so no time to write. And today i got sometime so i thought to write a this part. After my exams i will try to write regularly. I am really sorry for it.

Here is the link of 13th episode : http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-geet-love-stories-episode-13/

Next day :

college entrance
Swasan reached the college and waiting for Raglak in the car. Raglak reach their. Swara : how was ur journey ? Raglak ( remember when ragini felt on laksh in the camp and smile) : yeaaaaah it was nice and what about urs ? Swasan reamember thier closseness in the jungle house.. sanskar smiles while swara blush (u all know that nothing happen between them). Swasan : its good (they didn’t say abt the drunkard as they don’t want to give any stress to raglak). Sanskar : so now shall we move as ur family will waiting for u and ours also. Ragini nods and goes to take her luggage. Swara : yes sanskar (she turn and look at laksh who is looking lovingly at ragini). Swara : laksh if u r finished shall we leave ? Laksh (shocked as she reacted very casually eventhough he is looking at her sister) : yeah yes yes. Swasan laugh while laksh is embaressed. Ragini come-back : what happen ? Laksh : nothing. They all get into the car.

In the car : Sanskar is driving and laksh is sitting in front seat while swaragini in back seat. Ragini : swara i am really angry with u.. Swara : why what did i do ? Laksh also say the same. Swasan look at them confusingly and again ask why.. Laksh : bcz we always shared everything with u (laksh with sanskar and ragini with swara) and u didn’t tell abt ur love story. Raglak make faces. Swara : ragini that time we decided tell everything to the family when we are ready to settled in our life. Ragini : we are sisters but at the same time me and geet di is ur best friends na ? (she say this and winks at laksh). Swasan notice this and understand that they are teasing them. Sanskar : luckyyyy !!! Swara : raginiiiii !!!! Raglak make puppy face while Swasan give (fake) angry look. After a while both couple start to laugh. Swaragini hug each other while sanlak give hi-fi (as sanskar is driving so they can’t hug). Ragini : jiju, laksh come with us na.. u can meet our family. Sanskar hesitate : but ragini.. Ragini : we can introduce u ans laksh as our friends.. Laksh : intelligent !! Ragini : i am always intellingent not like u.. Trio (swasan and rag) laugh. Laksh : not funny !!

Swara : yes sanskar its good idea and i am sure u and luck will like our family. Sanlak (in mind) : how we can’t like the family who give the princesse to light our life. Swaragini : did u say anything ? Sanlak : no nothing. Swara (to laksh) : by the way can i call u lucky or its just sanskar can call u.. Laksh : u can also call me lucky as u r my bhabi (then teasingly) i mean bhabi JI.. Swara (hit lightly laksh) : am i looking old.. Don’t use this JI.. Laksh : so i can call u bhabhi.. Swara smile and sanskar look at her lovingly through the mirror. They reached swaragini’s house. Ragini : if ur devar-bhabhi conversation is finished shall we go inside ?. They nod yes.
Swarageet house

Swaragini enters the house. Swara : ma, dadi, dida, di , papa where are u all ? Everyone comes to the hall and shocked to see swara’s smiling face. Swara : what happen guys ? are u not happy to see us (swaragini) back ?. Everyone become emotinal. Shomi, dadi, dida come and hug swara. Then geet and Shekhar. Ragini : so u all forget me na ? (she make a puppy face). Dadi : no ladoo how can we forget u.. but we are really happy to see our old shona back.. Dida : yes really happy. They all had a group hug (swaragini bgm plays). These all are seen by sanlak who is standing near the door step. Geet : Ragini how this all i mean swara.. Ragini : i know u all want to know the reason na ?. Shekhar : yes tell us na. Ragini turn and point towards the door. They all see sanlak but confused. Swara : do u need any invitation to come inside.. Ragini laugh. Sanlak enter and greet all. Shomi and dadi welcome them and ask them to sit. Swasan and raglak notice that everyone (dadi, dida, ma, papa, geet) is looking at them confusedly. Finally ragini break the silence. First Ragini introduce her family to sanlak. Ragini : (pointing at laksh) this is Laksh , swara’s class mate and now my friend. (pointing at sanskar) this is Sanskar j(she want to say jiju but stops), he was swara’s senior in Delhi college, swara’s best friend (she did’t say that he is swara’s lover bcz swasan decice to say it later ) and he is one of the kolkatta’s big bussinessman. Swara : Laksh and sanskar are brothers.

Ragini : bcz of them today our swara is back. Swara smiles. All get happy. They want to ask what happen in the past but stops as they don’t want to spoil the mood (past is past na). Dadi and dida bless sanlak. Shomi : don’t u feel hungry ? Swarageet in same time : yesssss we are hungry. Everyone laugh at their childish behaviour. Shomi invites sanlak for have food. After little hesitation finally they agree. While taking food, swaragini tell them abt their camp trip , how they enjoyed. All are very glad see them happy. After having food.. Swara : can we bring them to our room ?. Dadi hesitate but dida agrees. Ragini drags laksh while swara drag sanskar with her. Geet also goes with them.

In room : They speaks many thing and they all start have a good bonding. Suddenly Swara sees the a packed bag : why bag is bag is packed ? Geet : its my dresses as i am going to manali for an office work. Swaragini get sad. Swara : today only we came and u should go. Geet : its just for 3 days na and i will miss u and rags. Swaragini : we will miss u too di.. They had a sister’s hug (swaragini plays). Sanlak smiles seeing their bonding. Ragini : so u r going to enjoy? Geet : ragini i am going for the project presentation.. Swara : but u r going to manali.. its a best place to visit very cold also and u can also enjoy with ur collegue. Geet : not with collegue. Swaragini : then ? Geet : with my boss (she thinks abt maan and she get happy). Ragini : ur kadoos bose ? Geet : he is rude but also good. Swaragini : ohhooo someone is hiding something to us. Geet blushes but change the topic. Geet : u r talking with me and ur frds are just looking at us talk to them also.. Swaragini remember that they just forget abt sanlak and turn towards them. Swaragini : sorry.. Sanlak : its ok.. Laksh : where are u working geet di ? Geet : MSK & SM group of companies Sanskar understand that geet is maan’s P.A (bcz he is always updated abt what is happening in office and he knows this time maan is going with his P.A).

Sanlak laugh. Swarageet look at them with a confused expression. Swara : why are u laughing ? Laksh : actually Maan bhaiya is bhai (sanskar’s) business partner.. MSK mean Maan singh khurara and SM mean Sanskar maheswari. Swara : oh i see so geet di is working in sanskar’s office. Sanskar nods yes. Ragini : That’s so cool. Geet : so now i need to call u SIR also.. Sanskar : no geet di i am really comfortable if u call me with my name and also first i got know u as swara’s sister before knowing as maan’s P.A. Swarageet smiles. Sanskar : i think now we should leave.. Laksh : yes as mom and chachi will wait for us. Sanlak take blessing from elders and bids bye to swarageet. They leave to their house.

After few hours : Geet is ready to leave. Dadi : geet beta take care of ur self, don’t talk with unknown people, don’t stay outside in night time (dadi continue to give advice while everyone smile). Dida : hey marwarden my Grand daughter know how to take care of ur self so don’t spoil her mood. Dadi and dida’s knok-jhok. Geet : pls stop na i will be late.. They stop. She take blesssing from every and leaves from there in the car (sent by maan).

Geet come to air-port. Maan is already there. Geet see him from distance and walk towards him (she thinks abt shomi’s word which is « if you are loved, that will show, too. You will recognize it by the way you are treated »). Geet come near maan and greet him. Geet : good evening sir ! Maan (with no reaction) : good evening shall we move ?. Geet : yes sir (in mind he can never express any feeling i think i am fool..) Maan : u again went to ur dream land ? Geet : no sir i just.. They enter in the plan. Geet and maan sitting near each other. Maan sit near the window. Geet is tensed and nervouse. Maan notice this. Maan : are u ok ? Geet : actually i am so scared to travel in the plane so i always avoided it but i can’t say no this time as its a offical work but i really scared. Maan : don’t worry geet i am here na i will never let anything happen to u so relax. Geet is suprised and shocked by just what maan said.. and maan also shocked to think what he said… Flight take on.. Tensed geet close her eyes and hold maan’s hand tightly. Maan look at her innocent and afraid face and smiles. After a while she open her eyes and look at maan who is also looking at her (mahi mannet bgm plays). They had a cute small eyelock.

Then geet notice that still she is holding maan’s hand and take her hand back. After few hours they reached manali air-port. Business dealers car is waiting for them and they get in and goes to hotel. Geet and maan’s room are opposite each others. They enter to theire room. Maan goes to freshen up and thinks abt geet. Maan : what is happening to me ? i feel something strange whenevere i am near geet i think i should avoid her now.. suddenly he thinks how few days back geet avoid him and his eye contact.. Maan : geet also feel strange like me… no this can’t …

Screen freeze on maan’s confused face.

Precap of Few episodes :
Manali trip & Maaneet accident (its necessary for the story but don’t worry)
Family, sisters, friendship and love bondings.

Thank you so much friends for reading fan fiction and pls comment.. I am sorry if this episode is not good as u expected

Credit to: lucky

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