Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 12


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Next day

San-maan office
Geet come to office. She greet maan and dev who came just now also. Geet : Good morning maan sir ! Hi dev ! Maan (usual rough tone) : good morning Geet ! Dev : Good morning Yaar, how are you ? Geet : i am fine dev. Dev : so u r going to manali with bro.. Geet nods yes and then excuse herself as she goes to her cabin. Maan : How u know it ? Dev understand his mistake but he know how to manage : actually bro i was speaking about Geet (he tell geet name purposefully to make maan little jealouse) with adi and he told me that she is leaving with u 2 morrow evening.. Maan says ok and goes to his cabin (little angryly). Dev smiles.

Geet arrange everything for the trip. She comes to maan’s cabin to inform abt it. Geeet : sir, everything is ready for the trip. Maan (with attitude) : ok and by the way 2mmorow no need to come to office so u come directly to the air-port at the evening. Geet get suprised and also happy. Geet : thank u sir. Maan doesn’t say anything and start to work with his lap-top. Geeet thinks this much attitude and rude.. he never smile and stays like eating bitter food.. Maan : did u say anything.. Geet : no nooo sir !!! Maan : so what r u doing go and do u r work ! Geet nods and leave from maan’s cabin.

Its a rainy day. Every student is getting ready to spent their few hours in village as evening they are going to leave. Just then sanskar come in his car. Everyone greet him. Sanskar comes to swaraglak. Swara : sanskar, At this time.. What are u doing ? Sanskar : i come to take u 3 with me as i am also returing today. Swara : but sanskar.. Sanskar : no but no excuses.. Ragini : jiju u don’t worry swara will come with u.. Sanskar : but u and lucky also can with us na ? Ragini : no jiju actually i don’t to leave shilpa alone and i like travelling in bus with friends (thinks and also one more reason that i want to give some privacy to lovebirds). Sanskar : And lucky what about you ? Before laksh say anything ragini speaks.. ragini : lucky will also come in bus with me to give me a company.. yes na ? Swasanlak is shocked. Ragini hits laksh. He says yes i will come by bus. Sanskar : ok as u wish.. (turn to swara) shall we go ?. Swara nods yes. Sanky hug laksh while swara hug ragini. Swasan leave.

Ragini : i am sorry laksh. Laksh : why ragini ? Ragini : for stoping u to go with jiji.. actually i want to give them some privacy as i am seeing my swara happy after 2 years.. Laksh : its ok ragini.. i am also happy for my bhai so u don’t need to say sorry.. and by the way i like to travel in bus with friends also (indicating ragini). Ragini smiles. Ragini : laksh i am going to arrange my stuffs.. we will meet later.. Laksh : ok ragini.. and laksh leave from there.

Road and smaal house
Sanskar is driving the car while swara is sitting near him. Outside it’s raining non-stop. Sanskar is looking at swara continuosly.. Swara : Look and drive.. Sanskar : that’s what i am doing.. Swara : i mean see the road and drive.. Sanskar : little embaressed.. ok ok (and then smile at eah other). They are chatting abt many things while driving. After 6 hours of travelling, they are in type of jungle area. they are stop by police officers. Sanskar : what happen ? why u blocked the way ? Police : Actually due the heavy wind many trees are fallen and due the heavy we can’t remove it now so we block the road and u must wait till 2mmorow morning and its very dangerous to drive so u must wait until we clear.. Sanskar : oh ok.. is there is any place to stay ? Police : i don’t know. Police leaves. Swara : what shall we do now ? Sanskar : don’t worry swara i am with u na.. Now we should find some place to stay till 2mmorow morning. And he turn the car. They are searching some place but didn’t get it and finally they find some lights of a small house in a distance . Sanskar : i think we can go and see is there is someone is there ? Swara : hmm. They get down from car as they can’t go in car there (no route). They reach the small house house and knock the door 2-3times but no body is opening. Swara : i think there is nobody here.. what can we do ?. Sanskar take one stone and break the lock of the house. Swara is looking at him shocked. They enter the house. Swara : a big businesse man of kolkatta entering someone’s house by breaking the lock (she start to laugh).

Sanskar is irritating of her continues mocking laughter. He hold her hand and pull her closer. There is cute eye lock. (Swasan/sanky bgm plays). Swara (in a tensed voice) : what are u doing sanskar ?. Sanskar : nothing and why did u stop laughing ? laugh na.. Swara can hear his breathing and her heart start to beat so fastly. After looking at swara’s tensed face sanskar smile and leave her. Sanskar (teasing tone) : now u know what Businessman Sanskar can do when somebody tease him.. Swara : i will not leave you and see u later. By the i must inform ragini that we are staying here. She open her back and says oh shit !!! Sanskar : why what happened ? . Swara : i have took ragini’s phone also with me.. Sanskar : don’t worry i will call lucky and he will inform ragini.. Sanskar call kucky and inform everything to him and cut the call. Swara : did u told him ? Sanskar : yeah i told him and they didn’t start their journey due to rain so we will all reach kolkatta 2mmorow.

Laksh come to ragini’s room and knock the door. Ragini open and says laksh u ? Laksh : actually i got a call from bhai and bhai-bhabhi is blocked somewhere in the middle of the travel due the rain. Ragini (tensely): if they are fine na ? laksh : don’t worry they are fine. Ragini : but why swara didn’t call me ? and thinks.. laksh says bcz ur phone is with bhabi u fool (teasingly) and he start to run in the room.. Ragini : lakshhhh (she start to chase him). Ragini is about to fall but laksh hold her and both fall on the bed. Ragini is above Laksh. (oh re piya plays) They share an eyelock. After a while they hear sounds from outside and come back to sense. They both compose their self and avoids eye contact. Laksh (without seeing her eyes) : i am going to my room.. see u .. Ragini : ookk see u. Laksh leave from there. Both feel something. Laksh understand that’s his love but not ragini.

Small house
Swara is searching something while sanskar is trying to light the wood (as its very cool). Sanskar : what are u searching ? Swara : something to eat but nothing is here and i don’t bring anything too. Sanskar : its ok in my bag there are biscuts and dry fruits given by mom as i didn’t eat. But suddenly he realise something. Sanskar : oh no ididn’t took my bag. I will go and get it.. Swara : no sanskar i can be hungry but i can’t stay alone here.. Sanskar : no swara i should go bcz this match box also wet and its too cool we can’t stay like this. Swara : but sanskar.. Sanskar : don’t worry in half an hour i will back. He kiss swara’s forhead and leave.
Sanskar come back after 30minutes and find house door open. He says to his self already its cool and swara didn’t close the door. He enter in to house and call swara.. no reply.. He didn’t find swara inside the house.
Screen freeze on sanskar’s tensed and worried face.

Precap :
Geet realise her love for maan
Maaneet accident
Family time.

I am again sorry for this late and also short update. Pls comment.. Thank u so much for reading.

Credit to: lucky

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  1. loved it !!!!
    best of luck for ur exams!!!!

    1. Thank u so much Shagun 🙂

  2. awesome epi..ha ha ha i dont know y how every hero-heroin find out small house to stay in or near jungle ? but actually that’s amazing na after all we can see the best moments of them..swasan raglak were too cute..waiting for next part..

    1. thank u so much niti 🙂 Yeah when i watched the serials i also feel the same but i think its a best way to imagine some romance between the couple. 😉

  3. awesome .
    what happened to swara…

    1. Thank u so much deae 🙂 don’t worry she is with her hero 😉

  4. Oh no what happend to swara

    1. Don’t worry dear she is with her hero so he will save her from everything 🙂

  5. Swasan nd raglak nce

    1. Thank u so much akshatha 🙂

  6. I hope swara is fne swasan vry nce bt i thnk some family drama is needed na nly romance is not so good bt i love swasan❤❤

    1. Don’t worry dear when sanky is with her 🙂 and after the manali trip of maaneet u can see more family time.

  7. Omg… Where s swara?? Osa she in trouble??? N maaneet accident???

    1. Don’t worry dear sanky is with her so he can save her if she is in truble 🙂 And maanet accident is necessary to the story.

  8. Awesome epi

    1. Thank u so much Shabrin 🙂

  9. loved it…

    1. Thank u so much sindhuja 🙂

  10. vinay karthik

    even i m having same doubt…. how serials lead pairs easily get tent r small house in a jungle…. anyway jokes apart…. i love ur ff…. u carrying it nicely… well grear job….

    1. yeah i had a same doubt vinay but i thought this is a best way to write some romantic scene between them 😉 . Thank u so much 🙂

  11. wr s swara..

    1. Don’t worry nive .. swara is with sanskar so she will be safe 🙂

  12. Wow amazing

    1. Thank u so much devi 🙂

  13. even i has doubt how evey hero heroine get house in middle of jungle…
    so funny na…

    1. yeah i also have a same doubt but this is a best way to see some romantic scene between the couple 😉

  14. raglak n swasan part awsome
    wt happend to swara..

    best of luck for xm

    1. Thank u so much meghs 🙂
      Don’t worry sanskar is with swara so nothing bad will happen..

      Thank u dear!

  15. All the best for ur exam
    And superb story but what happened to swara

    1. Thank u dear!

      Thank u so much and don’t worry sanskar is with swara so nothing bad will happen 🙂

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