Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 11


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San-maan office
Starting from maaneet eyelock. Two of them forget everything and its look like they are in a different world. Geet heart is increasing due to maan’s touch ashe is holding her waist. (Mahi maaneet bgm plays). After a while both come to the sense and avoid each other’s eye contact. Geet immediately leave from the cabin while maan is embraced. Dev is looking this from window. He smiles and remember something.
Fb (2 days before) : Dev calling daadima. Dev : hi dadima how are you ?. Dadi : i am fine beta. Dev : By the dadi u didn’t tell bro that i am coming na ?. Dadi : no dev beta ! u want to suprise him so i don’t want spoil it. Dev : that’s my dadi 😉 . Dadi : Dev beta, i think maan beta is start to like one girl. Dev ( he is drinking water and split it with shock) : What ?, no way are u making fun of me. Dadi : no beta, i just feel it but not sure and i also like that girl. Dev : wow its really a good news. Dadi : i don’t know if that girl like maan or not.. bcz if she doesn’t like maan then we can’t force her and i don’t know how to know about their feeling. Dev : don’t worry dadima i am here na and i think i am coming in a right time and also if they really has some feeling for each other then i will make them confess it. Dadi : ok beta ! u take care of ur self bye. Dev : bye dadi !!! Fb ends
Present : Dev now i am sure dadi is right.. bro is falling in love. And it’s seems that this girl also has some feeling for bro. After my first meeting with her i can say that she is total opposite to bro but as everyone says opposite side attracts each other.. now i must think some plan to unite them. He smiles and goes from there.

Village : camp
Swraglak is working in the camp. Sanskar is coming with professors. He is introducing sanskar to every group. Last group is swaraglak’s. Professor come with Sanskar. Swaraglak is happy to see him. Professor : students, meet Mr.Sanskar Maheswari.. he and his family are one of the big sponsor of our camp and also so many helping camps in the past. He is one of the top business man in kolkatta and soon he will be the number one. Swara is glad to know that sanskar is keeping his promise even though they were not in touch bcz of break up.Laksh whispers in ragini’s ear : i think this professor want to ask some favor from bhai bcz he never praised anyone in my 5years of college. Ragini says shut up and smile. Sanskar and professor leave from there. Swasan look at each other but can’t say anything so speaking with eyes. Raglak notice this and plan to tease swara. Ragini : Laksh, u know what ?. Now Swara start to listen their conversation. Laksh : if u don’t tell me then how could i know ? Ragini : Laksh i always heard that when we are in love we will forget everything around us and only want to feel / be with our loved one without any distrubance. Laksh thinks even i want to be with u always but how to say that..then he ealise abt their plan and say so what ragini ?. Ragini : can’t u see it u r brother forget u and my sister doesn’t even bother about me as they are lost in their own world… 😛 . Swara understand that they are trying to tease her and pinch ragini. Ragini : ouchh swara.. why did u do it ? Swara : keep quit and work now and don’t forget i will also get my time to tease u.. who knows may soon (indirectly telling abt laksh as she can see laksh love for ragini in his eyes). The trio start to work. Sanskar is checking abt financial matters with professors and organizers. But in the middle he look at swara few times. After the discussion sanskar is sitting and looking at swaraglak working together. One of the organisator (rahul) come to sanskar.. Rahul : sir, i noticed u while talking also that u were looking at that girl.. Saskar turns and about to say something but rahul interrupts.. Rahul : she is swara, she is very reserved type bcz she never speak with anyone than her friends.. Sanskar : how do u know her ? Rahul : sir she was my junior last year. I got my diploma last year.. and as she is beautiful many boys who was in my batch try to speak with her or flirt with her but there was no use. Saskar smiles (he is not jealouse bcz he knows that time she was in a deep shock and etc). Rahul : And she is the topper of her batch with 98% . Sanskar is shocked bcz he know swara very well (she is intelligent but always in 75-85 % bcz she liked to spent time with frds her childish behaviour everything). Rahul : sir i came to say as i don’t want that to someone (swara) insult u when u approach her as u r a respectable person in this society and u r a good man (as he is helping the people).but now i am late so i must leave sir. Sankar : Thank u so much. Rahul leaves. Swaraglak is finished there work. Everyone leaves to take some rest. Sanskar signs swara to come. She ask how ?(by pointing at raglak). Raglak notice this. Ragini : swara u go to jiju and i will go with laksh to a small working in village as evening climate is looking fresh. Laksh is shocked and happy. Raglak leaves from there. Swara goes to meet sanskar.

In cultivating area
Raglak is walking. Ragini is enjoying the nature while laksh feel happy to her smiling face. (tu hi tu plays) There is so much wind so Ragini feel cold. Laksh notice this. He takes his coat/jacket and give to ragini. Iniatlly ragini refuse it but after much insistance by laksh she accept it. They are walking, speaking and enjoying each others company. After a while both of them get little tired and decide to take some rest under the big tree. Raglak is sitting. Suddenly ragini notice a monarh catapillar (one dangerous type of catapillar) in the leaves of a tree. She start to scream. Laksh couldn’t understand anything. Ragini hold laksh’s hand and run. Laksh : what happen ? Ragini : catapillar.. Laksh says ok and smiles. Laksh realise that ragini is still holding his and sign her. Ragini is little embraced and leave his hand. There is a complete silence for few minutes. Laksh start to speak to change this akward silence. Laksh : by the way ragini, if u are scared of catapillar we could have moved from there but u start to run like a marothon race. (he laughs). Ragini : okkk okk don’t make fun of me i was scared and i react like this.. now leave it we can continue our walking as we must reach camp before i twill be dark.. Laksh : as ur order madame. Raglak look at each other and smile.

Sanskar residence (in village)
Swara and sanskar reach their. Swara enter and). Sanskar enter after swara and hug her fromm back.. (tu mere samne plays). Swara (in slow voice) : sanskar what r u doing ?. Sanskar : don’t i have right to romance with my would be ?. actually i want to spend time with u so i bringed u here. Swara smile and turn and hug him back. Sanskar (teasingly) : I think i should call u topper.. Swara : what ? Sanskar (teasingly) : i mean u r the toper of u r batch but how is it possibe ?. Swara break the hug and look liitle serious. Sanskar notice this : what happen swara ? Swara : actually sanskar, after i left delhi i was totally in trauma bcz of guilt and to change my mind i started to give my whole time to my study.. and i totally avoid the contacts of people bcz of the scare.. in house, in college i passed my time by reading my books. Few drops fall from swara’s eyes. Sanskar come near swara, upper her chin, and his the eyes and then forhead (tum hi ko plays). Then they hug each other. After a while swara says i am really happy for u sanskar as u achived ur dream to become a sucessful businessman in on own choice of business and also family business. Sanska : its ur word motivated me swara ! u were not with me in these 2years but ur each and every word echo in my mind and as i promised u i try my max best to win the best business man of the year and u know what i am nomitated for it. Swara is reallyyyyyyy veryyyyyy veryyyy happyyyyy. They spent some quality time together and then sanskar decides to drop swara at ccamp before its too late.

San-maan office
Geet is ready to leave the office so she come to maan’s cabin to tell him. At the time adi sir come to the cabin also. Adi sir : maan sirrr, actually i want to say something imporatant to u.. Maan : yes adi tell me.. Adi sir (tensed) : actually sir after 2 days i must come with u to manali for a project presentation but there is a family emergency so i can’t come with u sir.. Maan (angry) : adi this project is every important for us if u didn’t then who will present it.. Adi sir : there is one staff who worked and helped in this project so she knows everything about the deal. Maan : who is it ? Adi sir : Sir GEET. Maan and Geet is shocked and little uncomfortable bcz they feel attracted to each other. But maan don’t have any option says ok and ask geet to prepare for the trip. Geet is shocked as she didn’t think he will say ok. Geet (In mind) : with all the staffs its very difficult with him but alone i think i will become crazy in the end of the day.. babaji why u want punish me.. Maan : GEET !!! Geet : yes sir. Maan : Come out from ur dream land and 2morrow morning prepare everything as we will leave in 2 days. Geet nods yes and leaves from there. Adi also leave from there. When adi come out from cabin he sees dev and thumbs up (it means its dev plan to stop adi sir from going) . Screen freeze on Dev smiling, geet tensed and maan’s face.

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