Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 10


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Village : Camp (morning)
Laksh is standing in the garden. Somebody touch his shoulder. Laksh turns and see. Its our hero Sanskar. They hug each other. Sanskar : Is everything is ok ? Ragini : yes everything is ok. Laksh and sanskar look at ragini. Ragini : i am Ragini, swara’s sister. Sanskar : thank you ragini for helping me. Ragini : jiju don’t say thank u.. Laksh : where is Bhabhi ? Ragini : i asked her to come to the garden in 10minutes so she will be here in 10minutes. Swara is coming there.. Laksh and Ragini says best of luck to sanskar and go and hide behind the tree.
Swara come to garden which fully decoreted and in sand its writing « i love you swara » with rose flowers. Swara and sanskar see each other (Main rahoon ya na rahoon plays). Swasan become emotional. Swara is about to towards sanskar but the past is coming infront of her eyes and she stand there. Sanskar : SWARAAA… Swara : Why did you come here sanskar ? what do u want ? Sanskar : to get my love back bcz i know u still love me.. Swara : yes sanskar i still love u and Whenever i see u i become week but i can’t forget abt neil death. One voice coming from swara’s back side : Neil is alive swara.. Swara turn and shocked to see neil infront of her. Swara : NEILLL.. Neil : yes swara its me. He come and hug swasan and then give a bundle of rose to swara. Swara take it but didn’t understand what is happening. Nei explain everything to swara (sanskar coming to his appartement, fighting, apology, accident and how they searched her and also how sanskar was heart broken). Now swara feel guilty for not give a chance to sanskar to speaking and she was about to fall but sanskar hold her. She take out her hand and run from there (to the middle of the garden). She sit down and cries.

Laksh : what happen to her ?Ragini : i told u na.. swara is in guilt for not trusting jiju.. Laksh : don’t worry ragini and bhai will clear everything.
Sanskar come near swara and make her get up. Swara : i am sorry sanskar.. how can i misunderstand u ? how can i think about u like that ? i am really bad sanskar.. I don’t deserve your love sanskar.. Sanskar put his finger in swara’s lip : don’t say this swara, in this world only u deserve my love only u and what happen was the dsestiny and its our past.. we can’t change our past but we can make our present and future beautiful.. Our life is incomplete without each other. We are each other strengh so don’t cry.. u also suffered to much in these 2 years and now our good timefor both of us.. Sanskar hug swara and she also hug back sanskar. (Honge juda na hum plays). Swasan are very emotinal.

Ragini and laksh become happy. In happiness ragini hug laksh. Laksh is shocked. After a while ragini realise what she is doing and break the hug. They had an cute eye lock.
Neil come near swasan. Neil : i am really happy for both of you.. you 2 are made for each other. And i am really sorry for what happened in the past. Sanskar : its ok neil. Swara : yeah its ok i am really happy to see u back. A voice come from back says i am also happy to see u my dear frd.. Its Anjali. Swara run and hug anjali. Swara : i am really happy to see u and sanskar together.. we searched u everywhere but couldn’t find u.. Swara : i am sorry anjali.. Anjali : its ok dear.. Swara : where is adi bhaiya ? Anjali : he went to london for an meeting but i told u that we found u he was really happy. And ask me to buy ur favorite choclates and give it to you. Swara : thank u anjali. They had an group hug anjali, neil, swasan (Ye Doste Tare Dum Say Hai plays).

Ragini : Swara how is my gift ? Swara (suprised) : you did everything with sanskar? Ragini : not only me.. ur deverji also with us in this plan.. Swara : Dever ji ? Laksh : yes, i am sanskar’s younger brother. Swara : lucky… Sanskar : yeah he is my brother lucky. Sanskar explain swara how he confesse their love story to laksh, then laksh to ragini and Raglak plan (muted in last episode) to bring sanskar to the camp and also raglak asked sansakr to bring video message of neil to show swara. But sanskar think to bring neil here. Swara hug ragini (Swaragini plays). Sanskar hug laksh. They had also a group hug.

All decide to go to sanskar’s residence as today is Sunday. They (swasan, raglak, anjali and neil) spend good times together. Having lunch together, talking about theire college days till evening. Anjali and neil leaves to delhi as they had urgent work and they came here to meet swara. They promise to come to kollotta. Ragini says we are also late. Sanskar says i will drop three of you. They reach near the came gate. Sanskar : My project work is finished and 2morrow i will be with u all n the came as a sponsor. Swara is happy . Swara hug sanskar. Raglak cough and says we are here. Swara blush while sanskar smiles. Sanskar thank raglak for bringing them together. Raglak smiles and give hi-fi. Sanskar leave from there by waving bye. Swaraglak also enter the camp. Swara goes to her room happily. Raglak stand there and see each other. Finally laksh break the silence. Laksh : our partnership is working good.. Ragini (smiles) : yes.. Laksh : ok ragini i will go and meet my friends.. we will meet tommorow. They also leave.

In night : Swara in her room. Finally she is going to sleep well and happily after 2 years. Ragini also happy for swara. Laksh is thinking about ragini while sanskar is thinking about Swara.

Next day : San-maan office

Geet come to office. Geet is in white salwar kammez and loose hair she is looking like angel.. Maan comes there and see geet and mesmerished. One boy is coming from opposite side of geet. Boy and Geet collids with each other with their head. Geet : oouchhhh.. Boy :i am sorry, i didn’t saw you.. Geet : its ok.. Boy : By the way i am Dev singh khurana, maan’s younger brother and you ? . Geet (thinks Mr.Rude’s brother): I am Geet gadodia, maan sir’s PA.. Dev :From when my bro start to keep beautiful girl as his PA.. Geet thinks Elder brother is rude and never speak with girls and younger is looking little flirt.. Dev : What are u thinking ? .. Geet : nothing sir.. Dev : oh don’t call me sir its looking that i am so old so u can call me dev.. Geet : ok dev. They smile. Maan sees and listen this from distance and feel little jealouse. Maan goes to his cabin. Geet too leaves to her cabin. Then dev goes to maan’s cabin. Dev and maan hug each other ( dev lived in canada). Maan : How this sudden visit..how are u dev ? did u met dadima ? Dev : i am fine bro..no i am coming directly from airport and i just felt to meet u all so i am here.. Maan : ok now go to house we will meet in the evening. Dev : no i will stay little here then i will go and by the way u r PA is very beautiful.. Simple and also cute. Maan (shocked) : this is my office and the place to flirt. Dev smiles seeing maan. Dev : ok bro i am hungry i will be back.. Dev leaves. Maan is thinking abt dev-geet meeting, dev praising geet and feel strange. He thinks why i am feeling bad when dev praise geet ?? he is confused.

After few hours : Geet is searching some files. She remember it is in the shelf of maan’s cabin. She see the cabin and maan is not in the cabin. She thank her babaji and goes inside. The file is in so height. So geet stand in the chair and try yto take the files. She tries hardly and finally she took it but she slips and that time maan comes and hold geet. Geet dupatta is over maan and geet (mahi maaneet bgm plays). They had a cute eyelock. Dev sees this from window. He thinks something and smiles strangely.

Screen freeze on maanet eyelock and dev’s strangly smiling face.

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