Swaragini and Geet (love stories) Episode 1


Hi Friends, i want to write a fan fiction of swaragini and Geet. I hope u will like this. If u like it pls comment
introduction of Roles
Maan .S. Khuranna (Business partner of maheswari family and sanlak friend) and he is living with his grandmom
Sanskar Maheswari (2nd elder son of MF), joined to the family business
Lakshya Maheswari (younger son of MF), still studying
Sanlak lives with Dp, Ap, Ap, Sujatha, Adarsh and Parineeta.
Geet Gadodia (Daughter of Shekhar’s brother, Cousin sister of swara and ragini), she is living with swaragini bcz she lost her parents in childhood.
Swara Gadodia and Ragini Gadodia (daughters of Shekhar and sharemista )
Swarageet lives with shehkar, sumi, dadi and dida.

Story 1 (introduction)
Gododia house
Swarageet room
At morning Geet wakes up. Then she see swaragin sleeping and tell them to wake up as they will be late for there college. They all get ready and then goes to house temple to do the prayers.
At breakfast
Sumi : Geet beta, are u well prepared for ur interview
Geet : yes mom but little nervous (Geet consider them as her parents)
Sumi : Don’t worry beta, everything will be alright.
Shekhar : yes beta I am sure u will get this job
She thanks them. At the time swara ask for the permission for to the college camping(medical and helping camp) in the village and also to bring ragini with her (they are not in same class and swara is in final year and ragini is studying one year inferieur than swara). Shekhar and sumi want to give the permisson but worried bcz of Dadi but to their surprise dadi give them permission bcz after longtime swara want to go somewhereand dadi ask . Swaragini thanks them. Then swarageet take blessing from everyone and leave (Geet to office, swara and ragini to the college).

Maheswari house
Sanskar wake up with alarm sound and after get ready he then then goes to the hall. All are in breakfast table (dp, Rp and adarsh) while womens are serving them. While taking breakfast Dp ask about laksh and ap says that she will call him and she goes to laksh room. dp says ok and then ask sanskar about his tour to the village for the the new project.
Sanskar : yes bade papa, everything is right i will leave tommorow early morning .
Dp : ok beta. You must also supervise the camping (Maheswaris are one of the sponser of camping)
Sanskar : ok bade papa and i will update u everything via adarsh bhaiya.
Dp : ok beta take care of your self
At the same time : When Ap enters laksh room he is still sleeping in room. After some effort by Ap, lakskh is finally wake up. He get ready and goes to dinning table. Laksh also ask the permisson for camping for which dp agrees. Laksh is very happy bcz its his last camping with his college (he is in final year also).
Everyone leaves for their destination.

Maan house
Maan get ready and goes to greet his dadi (he love his dadi so much). While eating dadi says she find a girl for him but maan say’s he is not interested to marry someone and doesn’t belive in marriage bcz of his parents divorce. Dadi (in mind) prays to make maan belive in love and also make him to meet his humsafar. He also take leave from there and goes to office.
In the road
Geet watch some school students try to cross the road and she goes help them by stoping the vehicules. And that time maan is in his car and he is very angry bcz of geet he is late for his important meeting. And aftera while he leaves in the car and she also take the taxi and leave from there.
In college
Swara and ragini reach to the college (shilpa is waiting for swara and pooja is waqiting for ragini) and all goes to their classes.
Laksh also reach the college with his friend omi in his bike. They also goes to the classe.
Sanskar and maan works in many projects together.
Sanskar is waiting for maan (Sanskar thinks its first time he is late and he knows this meeting was very important). Just then maan arrives with angry face and says because of that idiot girl i am late for the first time sanskar didn’t understand about which girl he is speaking). Then he ask sanskar about meeting. Sanskar says as you was late i just asked them to to start 15minutes late but we must be carefull like you they are also punctual. They goes top the presentation hall. After the presentation, they got the project ( his late arrival didn’t affect it). Then sanskar tell him that he leave to the village tommorow.and Maan says yes i remember and also tell him about the interview for selecting his new PA are going on.

Geet reach to the office and prays god to get her job as she want to help the family also.
The screen freeze on geet tensed face.

Precap :
Geet interview and maanet meet
Sanskar reach to the village.
Swaragini and laksh going to village.

Guys pls tell me may i continue ?
Thanks for reading.

Credit to: lucky

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  19. Thank you guys for your support. i am really glad that you all like my fanfiction. In few episode you will come to know about the pairs 🙂 once again thank you so much

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