Swaragini : she gave us pain… only pain two shots (part 4)

Ragini and laksh are childhood frnds and same as swara and sanskar but sanskar is 3 years elder than swara…

Guys now the story is all before the horrible incident… now the story starts from when swara is the the 2nd yr of her clg and she is 20 years old and sanskar is 23 yrs old

So let’s start:-

when sanskar is in 4th year of clg swara joins the clg but before joining clg swara frequently comes to the clg for playing basketball because basketball is her passion and the court of basketball is also in the name of swara’s nick name shona.. and she is quite famous in the clg due to her bubbly nature.. sanskar is also very protective in case of swara he also plays basketball but not better than our swara 😉

Guys one more thing nobody knows in the clg that swara is the daughter and sister of the owners they only knows that she is a gud and intelligent student that’s why all luvs her… this is all done on the request of swara because she wants to enjoy the her clg life being a simple student not as an owner’s daughter and the reason why swara comes before clg to basketball court is that the school in which she studied was also owned by them and from there students who like to play basketball sent to the clg for better training..
When the swara is in 2nd year of her clg that time sanskar is in final yr.. one day swara was playing basketball she is also the caption of her teams and also the junior coach of both boys and girls team because she is a trained basketball player.. soo one day when she is practicing a group of 5 people containing 2 girls and 3 boys came to her..
Girls are rashmi and neha and boys are Rahul, Vicky and viqas

Rashmi and neha are very jealous of swara because of her they always scolded by the main senior coach of the basketball team.
And the boys hate her because they also scolded by coach and ragini for their non-serious attitude in clg and in basketball.

Rashmi: swara don’t you think u r flying soo high after being appreciated by everyone??

Swara: in the same tone rashmi donttt you think that u r getting to much low everyday by talking this rubbish every day?? Said swara with a frown..

Neha : swara you have to pay one day for all this the insult we all face is due to you because u r the blo*dy most obedient student in the whole clg..

Swara : whateverrr (guys swara is very frndly with everyone but those who shows attitude to her she talks with them in the same attitude) there are also many reasons behind her this attitude towards them that will reveal in the coming episode..

Rahul: due to you swara….. ragini mam gave us the last warning of rusticating u will pay for this mark my wordss

Vicky and viqas are only giving death glares to swara

After saying this all storms out from the court.. but this whole conversation is listened by someone..

In clg office ragini is doing her work and when somebody came and tells her about the whole scenario after listening ragini become worried because she knows all 5 students are from a political background and their fathers are really corrupt and dangerous..

Bhabiii now what to do?? Yes the one who listened the whole court conversation is our sanky

Ragini : u don’t worry sanskar I’ll talk to laksh about this matter.. u go and attend your class

Sanskar nodes and goes out..

Guys I’ve decided to extend this ff to more episodes.. but it depends on the ideas which only came while writing 😉

So guys these 5 students are the reason for that incident?? I’ll let u know in the coming episodes..


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