Swaragini : she gave us pain… only pain two shots (part 3)



Swara gadodia age 23 little sister of ragini a very cute and bubbly girl who loves to play basketball and a champion of it.. ragini and laksh also studied in the same clg where ragini is now a dean.. swara is in final year of mba in the same clg..

Guys this is the small intro of swara now let’s start the story..

Scene start’s from laksh asking swara where is he?? Didn’t he came with you??

Swara after listening to laksh question become numb for a moment and said in a very low tone that he don’t know about me being here infact nobody knows that im here she said all this by bending her head down because she know what is coming further…

Ragini after listening this start scolding here and said swara are u out of your mind??? U wake up from coma just 10 days before and u came here without informing anybody??

Forget all this and u also starts playing basketball?? Have u any sense or not??

Noo she is completely out of her mind and a big fool said by someone

all three (ragini,laksh’swara) looks back and saw a man of age 26 is standing there and giving a death glare to swara..

Swara after seeing that man gulp in fear and hides behind laksh’s back..

Man who saw swara hiding said now why u r hiding behind bhai?? Come out right know in front of me…

Swara after hearing him comes out and said with a cute puppy face and a with a cute pout that sorry sanskarrr januuu.. (yes guys the man is non-other than our sanskar)

Sanskar becomes more angry on hearing her sorry

He said swara u always gives pain to other don’t you have any other work?? Huhh

Laksh who is seeing sanskar hugs him very tightly and said my little bro how r u?? u know I and ragini missed u soooo much..

Sanskar hug him back and said I also missed u soo much bhai and goes to ragini by ignoring swara and hugs ragini and said how r u bhabi?? And howz my sweety pie piyali??

Ragini hug him back and said sanskar I’m fine and piyali is also fine
U tell howz u?? both starts there talk by completely ignoring swara and swara who is seeing all this start crying in a loud voice actually in a fake tone 😉
And goes to laksh and said look jijuu they both are talking with eachother withour giving mee a damn look she complains to laksh..

Ragini and sanskar who is seeing her said chup dramebaaz we know all your antics so stop it right know by giving her a death glare…

(Sanskar Meaheswarii :age 26 done masters in interior designing from the same clg and know taking care of their London branch.. he is the little brother of laksh and very close to his bhabi raginii…and luvs his family a lot )
To be continued….


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