Swaragini : she gave us pain… only pain two shots (part 2)



Episode starts with ragini going to a clg it is the same clg which I mentioned in the 1st part actually ragini is the owner of that clg and also the dean.(guys may be its not possible but u know na everything is possible in stories) 😛

Ragini’s parent are having the chain of schools and clgs in more than 3 cities.. Ragini and laksh’s families are family frnds from generations to generations like ragini and laksh great grandfathers our friends than their grand fathers are best frnd and after than ragini’s fathe Shekhar Gadodia and Laksh’s father Durga Prasad Mehashwari were best frnds because guys Laksha parents died in a plane crash 3 years before..

One more thing both the families are billionaires.. Ragini’s family are having schools and clgs chain and they also having a news channel.. Mumbai clg is under ragini’s supervision and others are in the supervision of sumi and other family members and shekhar is running news channel.

Laksh family is having a business of interior designing around the country. They are having one of its branch in London also.

So let’s start ragini is going to clg after reaching the clg before going to her office she goes at the back side of clg and sees the basketball court and the big lock on its door with teary eyes.. There is also a board hanging on it in which “RISTRICTED AREA” is written..
Ragini immediately goes from there and starts her work in her office..


A hospital is shown in which there is a room where 2 people present one is lying on the bed and the other is sitting on the nearby by sofa and reading some files (who are those people) u came to know after some time.

Scene change to india:

Piyali came back from school and greets Ragini in the same time laksh also came back and all starts eating there lunch after changing..

While eating piyali sees the girl’s photo and said mumma when swara massi is coming?? (yes guys the girl in that picture is swara)

Ragini and laksh stop their hands while eating and become numb

Piyali: mumma u told mee that she will come back after some days but look na she is not coming and also not calling mee why mumma??

If she calls you then say her that her piyali is not going to talk to her… im very much angry she said with a cute pout na dafter eating bid bye to both her parents and goes to her room.

After she left ragini starts crying and said piyali what can I say to u thay your sawara massi is very bad she is not going to come she is not listening to anybody.. she is very stubborn…

Laksh consoles her and said don’t’ worry everything will be fine and hugs her..

Leap of 3 weeks:

Morning time ragini is getting ready suddenly her cellphone starts ringing she receives the call and become shocked…

She immediately wakes up laksh and said something he also become shocked and becomes ready and both of them goes to the clg in a hurry..
After reaching there the scene which they saw gave them a double shock :O

What they saw?? So let’s see what they saw

When they reach they saw that there are many students standing around the basketball area and the lock of the court is also open and there is a person with a hood is playing basketball.. Ragini’s eyes become red after seeing that site and goes inside the basketball court and shout who r u mr.?? and what are u doing inside the court? Don’t u read the board that this area is restricted nobody is allowed in this area
And how dare u to open the lock??

Who r u??

The person who is playing stops and turned around and remove the hood from his face..

Ragini who is in very angry mood become shock after seeing his face tears start flowing from her eyes

Laksh also becomes shocked as well happy after seeing that person

Ragini who is crying suddenly remember something and gives a death glare to that person and said in a very harsh tone how many days??

The person gulp and said 10 days before.. after listening this ragini gives a tight slap on that person’s face two times and in the next moment hugs that person very tightly laksh who become shocked after slapping scene also becomes happy and runs to them and hug both of them very tightly.. the whole clg is seeing this scenario with open mouth :O

Guys let’s see the next scene:

Ragini breaks the hug and slaps the person once again and said swara how could you do this?? (yes guys the person is non-other than our swara) how could you??Answer me dammit from the last 8-9 months im cursing myself for that horriable incident and praying to God every day to give me back my sister and you what u did haan?? You come out from coma 10 days before and nobody tells me not even mom and dad?? Swara who is listening every complain of ragini silently hugs her again very tightly and said dii please stop crying I want to give u a surprise that’s why I told everybody to not inform you I know u r very hurt and from last 9 months u r cursing urself but di there is not your fault in it.. Laksh who is listening to their talks said swara im soooo happy to see you again.. but swara where is he?? Is he not came with you??

To be continued…

Whats the reason behind swara’s condition?? About whom laksh is asking to swara?? What is the reason behind the closing of basketball court?? There are few more thing which are going to reveal in the next episode till then thankuu guys for appreciating my story luv u all….

So guys howz the chapter?? Actually I don’t have any specific plot regarding the story in my mind so that’s why I said 2 shot story but while writing ideas automatically start to come in my mind so I decided to complete this story in next or in a two episodes..


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