Swaragini : she gave us pain… only pain two shots (part 1)

Salam everyone here is my new 2 shot ff which is totally my new idea i hope u all like it im already writing a ff which is Swasan: tujh sung mehaknay lugay raastay which is actually im translating from urdu to english but this new ff is totally on my imaginations please pardon me if u dont like it i’ll try my level best to not copy any concept or idea from any ff..

There is a college in Mumbai city in which there is a basketball court which is very famous all over the clg few months back but now there is a big lock on its entrance door.. why?? What is the reason behind it and why the basketball court is famous??

A lady of age 32 is getting ready for going somewhere she is looking at the clock after every few minutes. After getting ready she moves to a bed where a man is sleeping peacefully..

She shakes the man and said get up laksh (yes the man is laksh age 33 a business man) u are getting late today u have a meeting na so get up fast.. After listening to his wife laksh open his eyes and said ragini (yes the girl is ragini) plz yr let me sleep for some time only for 5 mins ragini gets angry and said laksh if u don’t wake up in the next second I put a bucket full of water on you.. by listening this laksh wakes up immediately and rushes to the washroom.. and ragini smiles faintly on his this antic.

After waking laksh ragini goes to a room where a cute little girl of 6 years is sleeping peacefully she is the daughter of laksh and ragini her name is Piyali. She is very adorable and obedient child of their parents.
Ragini wakes her up and help her in getting ready for a school. Piyali gets ready and kisses her mom and after breakfast goes to school.

Ragini after snding piyali comes to the hall there is a picture of a girl in the hall. Ragini gets teary eyes after seeing that picture and said why u do this? Why??? 8 months have passed away but I cannot forget that horrible day it’s just because of u… when she is saying all this laksh came to the hall and back hugs ragini and says ragini stop cursing her it’s not her fault it’s just the situation..

Ragini: but laksh u know na because of her he is not with us.. because of her we all r in great pain.. it’s just because of her..

Who is the girl?? What she done??? And who is the boy about whom they both r talking???

It’s a 2 shot story u came to know all the secrets in the next part of the story thankuuu…


  1. nikky

    superb its seems nice story why only two if it possible make it ff like 20 -30 episode by the way plzz upload next part soon

    • Rabia



      Actually im very poor in writing any romantic scenes if i make it long then that scenes are required which i dont know how to write ?? so this is the main reason actually im writing for the firs time

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