Swaragini : she gave us pain… only pain (part 6)



Swara tries to free herself from the person’s grip but the person whispers in her ear that don’t you dare to move if u move a little then I will throw your this basketball swara eyes widen after listening this and she stops.. when the person drags her to a room which is actually an office swara frees herself and start shouting on him how dare you sanskar??? (yes the person is sanskar) how dare you to drag me here and how dare you to talk about my basketball like this?? Don’t u know it is gifted by my januu by saying this she throws the ball on sanskar but sanskar catch it on a time..

Sanskar: ahannn januu by the way who is your janu my darling swara?? And winks

Swara: gave him a death glare with an angry bird face pout and said unfortunately my janu is one and only sanskar maheshwarii

Sanskar: oo I see but by u throw this ball to me?? Don’t forget im also a basketball player not more expert than u but im also the best and laughs

Swara: whatever now tell me why u drag me here its ragini di’s office

Because I told him to bring u here a voice came and both turns towards the source it was ragini who came from washroom..

Swara hugs her and says dii why u called me??

Ragini pull her ears and says u r becoming more dramaybazz day by day whats the need of that drama u should come to me and informs me about the indident

Swara: aww dii first leave my ear ragini leave her and swara said dii when this all happens there is no time to inform you because that girl runs immediatelt after that that’s why I’ve

done all that and u know naa I like entertainment said with a wink..

Ragini and sanskar signs in disbelief and said kuch nhe ho sakta tumhara by seeing dis swara pouts and hugs boh of them..

Ragini : okay know u both goo I’ve to do my work

Swasan left on the way sanskar hugs swara and said im going to London for a month soo u have to take care of yourself okay?? And give her a peck on her lips

Swara: okay boss and u to take care and I’ll miss you be back soon and hug him tightly

Sanskar left..

Leap of 3 weeks 1 week befaore sanskar’s arrival.. ragini is going to her office when she sees that the door of room in which all the exams are there is opened actually in 2 days exams are going to start ragini goes inside and she sees a boy name rajat who was once a gang member of viqas’s gang but not know because viqas gang break their frndship with him because rajat is a very bad and such a spolit brat he is having a case of rape on him but due to pressure and not solid evidence he escapes and ragini’s clg is also bound to allow him because his father is one of the board member of the clg.. soo ragini when sees rajat she shouts and say what are u doing here?

Rajat who is stoling exam paper first shocked but after that start stammering who mam nothing mam I just… before he completes his sentences ragini gave him a tight slap and drags him out and jerk in the corridor everybody stops seeing the scen and came near ragini and asked what happened principal also came ragini said sir he is trying to steal the exam papers I catch him red handed.. rajat said no sir mam is lying but before that ragini slaps him again and said u r calling me lair?? We r just tolerating u because ur father is a very nice and honest man or else who wants a rapist in their clg

Rajat shouts mammm!! U r crossing ur limits u don’t know mee

Ragini: don’t u dare to raise your voice against mee u also don’t knw mee by saying dia again slaps him but rajat stops her hand and pushes her with full force ragini is going to fall down but someone holds her from the back.. she is non-other than swara… her eyes turned red after seeing her sister’s insult ragini who saw this she get scared because she knows swara never tolerates anything against her she tries to stop her but she already goes towards rajat and slaps her very hard that he fall don but swara doesn’t stop she again grab him and slaps him continuously which shock everyone because all knows that swara always tackle with the situation very calmly but her this avatar shocked everyone and by listening her talks they all become more shocked and open their mouths wide

Swara: how dare u mr. rajat to push my dii?? Slaps him and said nobody has the right to insult my di or harm her but uuu how dare you by saying this she again slaps him twice
Everyone shocked and said diii??

Swara: yes dii my full name is swara gadodia the daughter of shekhar gadodia and the youger sister of ragini laksh mehaswari the 50% owner of gadodia’s property

Everyone was hell shock viqas and his gang was also present their they get scared after seeing this side of swara and moreover listening that she is the sister of ragini mam they became numb and feels guilty for teasing and irritating swara..

In the mean while police came and arrests rajat but rajat said ragini meheshwari because of u I have to bear this insult u have to pay for this and ur sister will also pay..

Ragini came forward and calm swara and says what the need of all this swara I can manage naa..

Swara: enough di u know very well that I don’t tolerate if anybody says something to u by saying this she runs in a very angry mood and ragini signs.. viqas and gang came to her and apologies for their behavior toward swara ragini said no need of this I know that u all our not bad by heart so don’t take tnsn.. by saying this she leaves..

On the other side swara is playing bastketball with full rage she is very angry but after playing continuously 1.5 hr she calm downs and goes towards ragini’s office when she enter’s ragini said come I’m waiting for u soo did u calm yourself by playing basketball?? Guys swara always starts playing basketball when she wants to calm herself

Swara nodes and hugs her tightly and said sorry ragini says it’s okay now move we have to go by saying this both leaver

In a way viqas and gang said sorry to swara also which she accepted wholeheartedly and handshakes with them

Like dis few days were passes it is a day when sanskar is coming back but swara and ragini were in clg ragini is because some office work and swara is because after 5 days there is a competition of basketball on statelevel soo all were practicing.. when suddenlt they hear a firing sound all became scared but before they run 2 jeeps came they shocked after seeing rajat and ratika with 7 other goons were sitting in the cars both step down and came toward basketball court where viqas, Rahul,Vicky,neha,rashmi and swara practicing with their respective teams.. rajat came toward them and stares swara angrily but before he says something viqas,Rahul and vivky came infront of him and said rajat what do u want??
And what the hell this ratika is doing with you ratika starts laughing and said we both are crime partners beacuase we both have the same enemies that is gadodia sisters its an evening time and the weather is cloudy seems like its going to rain heavily..

In the same time in ragini’s office she is feeling restless because of swara she is getting negative vibes because from todays swara is getting small wonds like slipping from the stairs,hand in the door etc. then she hears firing sound she panicks and runs toward the ground.

Swara after seeing rajat and goons said what are u doing here and how dare u to enter in clg again where is the security

Rajat: we killed all your security babess

Everyone shocked and scared suddenly ragini shouts from back what the hell is going on and come forward by seeing rajat she became more angry and said rajat how dare to came here?

Rajat: to seek revenge from u both but firstly from u mammm

In the same time it starts raining heavily

By seeing rajat and goons viqas,Rahul,Vicky with other boys attack them all the girls goes to side but more goons came and empower them rajat goes towards ragini and slaps her hard and grabs her hair by saying u insulted me in front of the whole clg swara by seeing this shouts dii and start going toward her but ratika grabs her hand and twisted at the back swara shouts in pain raginii shouts ratika leave my sister u have a problem with mee plz leave her she starts crying after seeing swara in pain

Swara tries to jerk her but her grip is strong everybody in on goons gunpoint rajat slaps ragini 2,3 time in the same time swara is trying her level best to free herself but fails her hand is paining like hell but when rajat slaps ragini again very hard she falls on the ground and her forehead starts bleeding swara pushes ratika with her full force and runs towards ragini but rajat fires from his gun toward ragini before it hits ragini swara came in between and it hurt at her chest and she falls down on ragini laps..

Ragini and everybody shout swaraaaaa and one more voice came from behind swaraaaa and it was sanskar’s voice who came to surprise her he goes toward swara and shakes her plzz get up swaraa no don’t have the right to leave mee and on the other side rajat again tries to shoot ragini but from behind laksh grabs his hand and starts beating him viqas and other boys also starts beating them ratika tries to run but neha and rashmi grabs her and starts beating her police came that arrests all of them but ragini and sanskar were sitting like a lifeless by seeing this laksh also starts crying but he compose himself and shakes them and picks swara and runs to the hospital ragini and sanskar also came in senses they also runs behind him whole clg is present in the hospital and praying for swara..

After 2 hrs doctor came and said we take out the bullet but we are very sorry because mis gadodia has slip into the coma everyone shattered by listening this ragini and sanskar sat on a floor with a thud and laksh is crying like anything after seeing the situation of his lifes 3 imp person one is struggling for her life and the other two were lifeless..
After 1 month sanskar who stops speaking with anyone and always in the hospital has decided to shifts swara to London and he also decided to go with her ragini laksh,shekhar and sumi first denies but after seeing sanskar they agreed with him.. swara has been shifted to London and sanskar is also becoming normal but he didn’t talk to much he is looking London branch but all the time by staying in the hospital only 2, 3 hrs he goes to office..

Flashback end


Whole clg is very happy after seeing swara fit n fine viqas and gand is also present their they all came and hug her all become very happy and after that raglak and swasan leave.. after reaching home piyali who is playing in the lauch sees swara and runs towards her swara picks her up and hugs her very tightly and said I miss u sooo much piyuuu..

Pyalii: massi u are very bad why didn’t u came in these days im katti with u by saying this she turns her face with a angry pout everybody laughs on seeing her swara kisses her and said sorry piyyyuu massi is not well na that’s why it takes time sorryyy by holding her one ear because she is carring piyali in the other hand piyali seeing her sorry face hugs her tightly and said massi don’t leave me again sanskar and raglak hugs both of them

After 1 yr swara represents her clg in the state level competition of basketball and wins the competition and after this 1 week swasan gets married and leaves a happy life in London because laksh and ragini decided to shifts all their businesses in London because ragini don’t want any hurdle again in swara’s life soo both the families shifts in London after the marriage of swasan…

The end


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