Swaragini- A Game Of Obsession And Revenge (Chapter-2)

Chapter 2- The Planned Job

Convocation Hall, Maheshwari’s Food Agency, Mumbai


“Come in” Ragini entered inside the hall dressed in a white shirt black Jeans and her hair tied in a high pony tail. She gave a glance to the room and then to the two person sitting right in front of her..Her hands clenched in a fist out of hatred watching them. Her betrayers were right in front of her and for a second she thought to throttle their neck that very moment but then she calmed her boiling nerve..”You need to be calm and focused” she soothed herself and silently took her seat when Sanskar signed her through his hand without looking at her.

She forwarded her resume towards them and that’s when they raised their heads from the laptop and took a glimpse of her. For a sec the world froze for Laksh. He forgot to blink.
“She’s Hot..”he thought checking her out from head to toe. His eyes travelled all her body, and he couldn’t help his mind to muzzle from getting filled with all the dirty thoughts he knew..

“Quite Impressive” Sanskar commented analysing her resume..”What do u think Laksh.?” he asked turning to Laksh..
“Hott..” Laksh whispered still staring Ragini totally unaware of the situation.

“Whattt..”Sanskar raised his brows up in confusion and that’s when Laksh came back to reality ” I mean.. impressive..really impressive” he quickly corrected himself and mentally face palmed himself for sounding so stupid..

Sanskar shifted his gaze to Ragini who was all the while silently observing the two brothers-“Miss Gadodia..lets make it simple..I will ask u one simple question..and everything depends on ur answer..Suppose we are offered a contract which we know would cause immense loss to us..still do u think we should accept that contract..”

Ragini thought for a second and answered-“Well.. In my opinion we should accept that contract..When we know that contract will harm us , our rivals know that as well and they will assume it to be our stupidity to accept a offer like this..They will become a bit lenient and that’s when we will turn the table around grabbing a much benificial contract..”

It was a good answer Sanskar had to admit it. He looked at Laksh for his opinion who not knowing what to say just came up with two words during the whole interview”Impressive..really impressive”

Sanskar gave him one “U r impossible”look and turned to Ragini..”Miss Gadodia..u r hired ..we will send u an official appointment later and u can join from tomorrow..welcome to Maheshwari’s food agency.” He completed and two people sighed in happiness in that room..First was Ragini whose planned worked and other was Laksh who can now get close to her daily..

Mumbling a thanks Ragini left the cabin while Sanskar dialed someone-“Deepak..get me every detail of Miss Ragini Gadodia till evening..”he ordered and held the call..

Laksh got confused-“And why do u want her detail..did u liked her” he asked a bit hesitant.

Sanskar got on his feet-“Lucky..thats the first rule of business..In business don’t even trust ur own shadow..and before hiring someone do their background check up.” He smiled sheepishly..

While moving out Ragini phone buzzed with a message and she read it.Her POV-“In business don’t assume ur enemy to be such a fool Mr. Maheshwari..enquiry as much as u want about me u will find nothing.” Her sly smug matched perfectly with her eyes.

Cafe Coffee Day, Kandivali, Mumbai

“So what are u here for..” Sahil asked taking a sip of Café Frapple..

Swara-“Well..I m a Chartered Accountant. Looking for a good payable job in Mumbai..

Sahil excitedly spoke-“Hey..then I can offer u one..”
“Oh really..And who r u to offer one..Bill Gates or Mukesh Ambani”.Swara let out a sarcastic laugh before sipping her cappuccino.

Sahil got annoyed-“Oh hello..Dont underestimate me..Have u heard about Avinash Sengupta owner of Sengupta’s Food Club..m his son Sahil Sengupta” “Sengupta…Sengupta..”he repeated for her to believe.

Swara matched his tone-“Then do u know who am I..m the great grand daughter of Subhash Chandra Bose..Swara Bose”
” Bose..Bose….”she mimicked him and burst into the balls of laughter..

Sahil raised his eyebrow-“So u think I m joking..”

“Nope.. flattering” She instantly replied and laughed again..

Sahil raised his t-shirt collar up as an indication of elegancy -“Okay..then let me show u who am I” He picked his phone and dialed someone- “Karthik send me an appointment later in the name of Swara Bose as our senior accountant..and quickly” He ordered fixing his eyes on Swara who couldn’t stop herself from smiling for she had played her cards well. Its human tendency to become anxious when someone hurt ur ego and in order to satisfy ur ego and prove urself u do things without thinking and that’s ur biggest stupidity..”Sahil was no less” she thought and made her expressions a shocking one when Sahil showed her her appointment letter on his phone “What do u have to say now..”he asked proudly.

Swara-“Okay..I trust u but how can u give me a job just like that..”

Sahil pays no heed-“No But..u r joining tomorrow..will text u the details..and take this as an order from ur boss Sahil Sengupta..”

“Yes Sir…”Swara saluted him smirking and they exchanged their contact..

Maheshwari’s Mansion , Bandra

Ladies dressed in expensive saree flaunting their hifi status were well seated in the drawing hall of Maheshwari Mansion enjoying themselves with delighting cocktails amid the kitty party playing another round of Rummy.

“Have u seen the new expensive diamond set of Mrs. Gupta..her husband gifted it to her on their 25th anniversary and its just eye capturing” said Mrs. Kapoor playing her cards.

“Well played Mrs. Kapoor but not better than me..” Annapoorna Maheshwari smiled putting her three Aces on the table..”and about that diamond set..my husband had gifted me plenty of such necklaces and much more expensive than hers..but what to do..u know I don’t believe in showing off.” She retorted proudly. Annapoorna Maheshwari was a housewife. People assume her to be typical devoted Indian wife but she was a shark. Masking behind her innocent fame she was a business women in true sense. She very well know how to play the cards well without dirtying her hands and was a kinda of self obsessed women who love to flatter her royalty to the world. She was a hawk and its impossible for anyone to fool her.

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