Swaragini – FS (Few shots) Shot 2

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Shot 2 : I’ll win Mr. Maheshwari.

“Are you sure about this Ragu?” Sumi asks her concerned as Shekhar has his eyes still on Nikhil who just squirms besides Ragini. “Papa!”
“What? Just look at him, he can’t even act properly in front of me let alone be Swara and the Maheshwari’s!” Shekhar complains. Ragini keeps her hand on Nikhils reassuring him, “Papa he’ll be fine its just you that scares him” she rolls her eyes at shekhar.
“What? Do I look so scary?”
“Shekhar!” sumi reprimands him and smiles back at Nikhil and Ragini, “We are with you but Betu we need to inform atleast Durgaprasad and Annapurnaji about Laksh” Ragini nods hearing his name her heart feels stabbed but she holds on. Nikhil understands this and presses her hand comforting her.
“Maa!” Swara comes in just then, “I’m in the office send the breakfast there and yeah I won’t be having lunch as I got a new assignment to work on” she turns to leave.
“Swara wait I’m going for the new assignment” Swara turns to her surprised. “I’m too bored sitting here and crying on everything besides” she smiles gazing at Nikhil. “We’ll get some time to spend together with each other and Nikhil also will learn to handle such meetings.” Nikhil nods and so does Swara, “Fine, You guys go then”
Swara is in her office (Dida’s house) suddenly the wind comes in making all her papers fly in the air as she tries to catch them they get more far. She collects them and turns to leave but her leg slips on one of the fallen paper and she falls down hurting her leg badly.
Sanskar who has visited the badi to meet Ragini hears her squel and rushes to her aid, “Can’t even do one work properly” he sits in front of her as she holds her leg in pain, her eyes meet his and they share an eyelock. “I’m already in pain and yours taunts make it even worse Mr. Maheshwari” she pouts at him her eyes turning watery.
He shakes his head and gets up, “Fine then, walk yourself to the office I’m have no intentions of seeing you and taunting you all the time.” He turns to leave and she fumes in anger as she holds on to the wall and gets up, “Huh! I don’t need your help even If I’m in pain can look after myself Akdu!” She stands proudly and turns to leave but her leg doesn’t support her she looses her balance but this time Sanskar holds her on time and picks her up.
“I can walk!”
“I can see that” he snaps glaring at her, their eye’s meet again.
“You guys said you had no hate love story then whats this?” Ahaana stares at the duo and smirks evilly. She walks towards them, “Can’t just stay away from each other can you?”
“Uh… No its just that she has hurt her leg and can barely walk so I…”
“You could have helped her walk by giving her a helping hand why pick her up in your arms? Flaunting your abs or still have some feelings for your Ex?”
The duo stare at her wide eyed, “Who?”
“Oh comeon, a man and a woman know each other so much so that if one is hurt the other one just lifts her up publically what they say Haq se? And you said she’s not my wife yesterday so definitely she’s your ex. I’m so intelligent wow Ahaana superb!” she pats herself proudly as they just stare at her and then each other.
“Yes you are correct but no there’s nothing sort of haq se in between us she’s hurt so I picked her up out of courtesy HUMANITY!” he emphasizes and she chuckles.
“Wow, your so NOT FUNNY” she sticks her tongue out at him. “By the way I’m here for work no time for your stupid Romance judgement but if you want any help I’ll give you my cell number just call me okay” she winks and turns to leave.
“What the hell? She stopped, she interfered, she gave us lecture and now she has problem with our Romance?”
“We weren’t doing Romance you idiot!” Swara hits his arm and he sulks, “Whatever!” and takes her inside the office.
Ahaana is standing inside the Gadodia’s house watching some of the photo frames, Nikhil comes there just then. “Excuse me?”
“Yes” she turns to him, “Oh so sorry, I’m Ahaana” she says coming towards him.
“Oh No get out!” he points towards the door and she frowns.
“Excuse me?”
“No I know your those marketing students who sell things but no one needs anything here. If shekhar uncle sees you inside he’ll kick us both out together.”
“Oh no no, your taking me wrong I’m here to meet Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari”
“And how do you know her name?”
“She and her sister have to sign a deal with the khurana’s I’m here for that” she states and he sighs, “Oh! For that?”
“Yeah, for that!” she shakes her head.
“But who are you?”
“Yeah you!” he points his finger at her stating as if obvious.
“I… Uh I am Ahaana their … their secretary!” she’s lies.
“Okay, come I’ll take you to their office” he says turning to the door as she nods.
“Swara!” Nikhil enters the office and behind him is Ahaana who smiles at her sheepishly.
“She has come from the khurana’s office, for the evening deal she’s their secretary”
“Oh, come take a seat My sister is…” she sees Ragini entering the room, “Oh she’s here”
Ahaana turns to see Ragini entering the office and rushes to her, “You are Ragini?” Ragini stares at her confused but nods and Ahaana hugs her tightly.
Swara and Nikhil are confused at her gesture, Ahaana is taken into emotions but realizes and separates from Ragini, “Oh I’m so sorry, it’s just that people who give me good vibes I hug them.”
“It’s okay” Ragini nods at her. “I’m Ahaana and “ she turns to Swara, “I’m so sorry but you guys need to get Ready now, Abhimanyu sir has some important meetings in the evening and the party that we want you to host for is tomorrow so…”
“Party? I guess you’ve been mistaken we take Marriage orders not parties” Nikhil utters but is interrupted by Swara.
“Actually I agreed for the deal Nikhil, Parties and Marriages have a great difference but I think we should try our hands on them too besides it will be a good experience and who knows we could get more clients there” she says sitting on her seat.
“Sure Swara, I’ll go along with Nikhil but you’re gonna stay here until your leg gets fine” Ragini orders and she nods.
“Okay fine but I want an intro official one first, especially about this one” Ahaana remarks staring at Nikhil.
“Oh yeah sorry, he’s Nikhil my sister Ragini’s would be fiancé” Swara replies staring at Ragini who forces up a smile on her face.
“Oh” Ahaana’s heart hurts at the word fiancé as her mind whispers, “It’s okay, after all for her he’s dead. Laksh Maheshwari is dead remember?” she nods at Nikhil briefly trying to hide her reverie.
As Ragini and Nikhil leave to get ready, Ahaana turns to Swara who pouts at her cutely, “You’re Vibha Khurana’s sister right? Then… “
Ahaana makes a puppy face, “Actually My di is a sweet heart, Vibha Khurana. For a orphan like me she gave me a home and took care of me and my expenses everything. I thought why not atleast payback the money she gave me little little so I work in their company. My monthly salary goes to her she doesn’t ask for it but I give it.”
“Oh she’s so good.”
“She’s the best!” Ahaana chirps thanking her brain for such a stupid story, orphan? Secretary ? Perhaps, Laksh has got another thing to get frustrated on her and what happens when Di knows about this. “Nothing Much Ahaana, perhaps she’ll just make your cooked up story true by throwing you in an orphanage!” her evilself taunts her and she fake smiles.

“What the hell Ahana!” Laksh yells at her frustrated and she squirms. “You fixed a meeting with the Maheshwari’s you know… “
“That you can’t go in front of them?” she completes or rather counter questions him. He rolls his eyes at her, “Oh comeon! Abhimanyu Khurana!” she taunts him, “Your Abhimanyu Khurana my jiju why are you scared to meet some stupid rich family of Kolkata?”
He glares at her, “Is this on purpose?”
“Nope, as the CEO of the company you should attend this meeting and as the owner of Khurana group of industries I decide who I want as our company’s partners. Besides, Sanskar Maheshwari is a big deal he can handle and help you with everything”
“I don’t need anyone’s help to handle business because I know this is so not for helping me” he states frustrated and she smirks. “Such a genius My my, and about the face thing. Lets tell them you didn’t like your old face so did a face surgery”
“It’s plastic surgery Ahaana!”
“Whatever, my feelings have reached you and that’s enough. Or even better go for that, Duniya mai hum jaise dikhnewale sath log hote hain and I’m one of them” she claps “That’s so filmy please go for this one okay?”
He sighs, “Anything else Madam?”
She giggles, “I had to face them someday so like this maybe, but know it Ahaana I’m not gonna break and sorry because for the first time I can’t let you win”
He leaves from there brushing his hair, “Aww Laksh baby, I always win and for you not letting me to. Lets bring you out of the myth this time, I have a surprise for you”
“His Nikhil, My sister Ragini’s fiancé”
“Maybe a surprise with a surprise, DOUBLE SURPRISE!”
Ragini is talking on her cellphone, “Nikhil where are you? Fine come up fast I’m” she turns to find something, “Ahh, Its’ their CEO Abhimanyu Khurana’s Cabin” she states and cuts the call rushing towards the cabin she dashes into some one and looses her balance but is held by someone.
Laksh stares at the woman holding her worried, her eyes closed in fear and her breathing getting heavier every second. He pins her strands of hair behind her ear, her beautiful face in full sight as she opens her eyes.
Their eyes meet and a realization dawns him, her eyes have a look of shock more of a confusion as she mumbles, “Laksh… “
“Abhimayu Khurana!” Ahaana states smirking at the sight infront of her as she stairs up as if thanking her partner in crime, “I love you Kanhaji!” she winks and then turns aside revealing the shocked faces of Sanskar, Durgaprasad and Nikhil.
“He’s our company’s CEO” she replies staring back at the Maheshwari’s and then she turns to Ragini and Laksh who separate, “and the reason I hugged you this morning”
Ragini stares at her confused while Laksh has a look of anger regret don’t know what! All his emotions surfacing at once as he sees his family his brother and his… Ragini.

Precap : “I love you Nikhil” Ragini holds his hand and they share an eyelock, suddenly they hear something break. “Abhimanyu?”
Abhimanyu glares at Nikhil as Ragini keeps her hands on his shoulder Laksh flinches taking in a sip of his juice as she speaks, “He’s the best Ahaana afterall he’s my fiance” Laksh spits out the juice from his mouth and coughs.

So waiting for some super tashan and Romance?
Suggest someone supercute actress to play Ahaana’s role please, how about Tanya as in Meera from Sath nibhana sathiya?
Lastly the important part, your views on todays shot
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