Swaragini – FS (Few shots) Shot 1


Thanq for the love here we go with the first

Shot No. 1: Abhimanyu or Laksh?

“Ahaana!” Abhimanyu’s wife Vibha smiles at her younger sister as she enters her room, “Di!” she rushes to her bedside and hugs her following her is Abhimanyu who smiles at his wife. Ahaana sits beside her, “I missed you so much!”
“How was your conference?”
“No more work talks please” she pleads and turns to Abhimanyu, “Where’s our princess?”
Abhimanyu shrugs his shoulders, “Upset?” he nods and she gets up. “Well, she’ll be fine once she sees her gifts” She’s about to leave Vibha holds her, “Not now, already you’re so tired go freshen up have something and then you can pamper your princess.”
“Di, it’s okay her smile makes my tensions away” she smiles at her and leaves. Abhimanyu sighs, “Are you fine?” he asks her and she nods.

“Nikhil?” Ragini stares at a tensed Nikhil, “Ragini, are you sure you want to do this? Your father almost grabbed my collar on the thought of me staying here what if he kills me when we tell him that we want to get married?” Ragini frowns as he continues, “I’m the only child for my parents who’ll look after them if I die? And this is not my age to die Ragini.”
Ragini starts laughing at him as he just pouts, “Nikhil” she breathes trying to stop her laughter, “You were right, you’re even harmless and innocent than Ayush.”
She continues laughing as Nikhil smiles seeing her thus, “And your Beautiful…” he murmurs.

“Uh.. Nothing” he shakes his head as she smiles at him.
“What do you want woman?” Sanskar asks frustrated as Swara frowns at him. “Leave my Hand you jerk, it hurts!” He does and she lands straight on the floor. She rolls her eyes at him and he gives her a WHAT look, “You asked me to leave and I did.”
“Atleast you did something as I said” she says dusting of the dust from her clothes while getting up. “I always did as you said like a fool Miss. Gadodia but not anymore” he leans closer to her and they share an eyelock.
Unaware of someone watching them, as the duo togather turn to look at the person it’s none other than Ahaana who’s smirking at them. “No worries please continue I love hate love stories. Killer entertainment!” she winks at them as they separate.
“I’m serious guys you both look so good together Swara and Sanskar Maheshwari what a couple!” she says stretching her hands in a frame position.
“We are not a couple” Swara says bluntly trying to avoid Sanskar’s gaze, “Just a sec you know our names?”

Ahaana stutters, “Uhm… yeah you both only said na while you were arguing cutely” she says as if obvious, “But I never said that his name is Sanskar”
“Yeah she didn’t”
“So that means if she says your name is hitler then that becomes your name does it?”
Sanskar stares at her confused, “Forget it what do you want?”
“Oh yeah, actually I’m new here can you please take me to this place” She hands him over a chit with some address written on it, “Sure I’ll drop you there”
“I want her to come too” Ahaana points out at Swara making him angry. “I’m sorry?”
“Well I’m a girl and handsome men shouldn’t travel with me alone” he stares at her in disbelief, “What if I lose my control and fall for you your wife would be a reminder for me that your taken” she blinks.

“I’m sorry but she isn’t wife”
“Oh comeon! Just for a fight don’t abandon your wife please” she leans closer to him and whispers in his ear, “What if you don’t give her lift and some handsome stupid boy does she’s so beautiful she can be at risk Yaar”
“Okay fine!” He sighs defeated as Ahaana grins wickedly to herself, “Both brothers are so stubborn!”
“You said something?” She shakes her head in a no.
While driving Sanskar has his eyes on the rear mirror making Ahaana grin, “Eyes on the road Mr. Maheshwari, I don’t want to die so soon!”
Sanskar licks his lips nervously while swara looks outside the window, “Stop!” she jumps and Sanskar stops the car immediately, “What happened?”

“My home happened” she says pointing at the Big Bungalow with the name Khurana Mansion, “Uncle!” she yells sitting inside the car.
Sanskar and Swara glance at each other, “Ahaana Beti”
“Uncle open the gates please”
“It’s okay we’ll leave now”
“Shut up! Di would be upset if she knows I let you guys go without even a small thank you.”
Sanskar sighs and takes the car inside.
“Di!” Ahaana chirps entering inside, Vibha is sitting infront of the Tv as she turns her face goes pale, “This is my Di, Vibha Khurana!”
“Maasi!” A little girl comes running downstairs and hugs her, “And this is our princess Viya!” she bends down and kisses her.

“Swara Aunty!” Viya runs to Swara and hugs her bringing a smile on her face, “Maasi remember I told you last night one aunty helped me in the market its her” Viya chirps as Swara caresses her face.
Suddenly they hear some noise it’s a frame that has fallen down broken and next to it is Vibha a little bit tensed, “Mumma are you fine?” Viya rushes to her so does Ahaana.
As she picks up the frame Vibha signs her in a no and she stares back at her extremely upset, its their family frame with Abhimanyu Vibha Viya and Ahaana in it. Ahaana holds back her anger and smiles at the duo, “I guess we should leave now have some urgent work” Ahaana just nods at them blankly.

Abhimanyu is watching all this from upstairs but doesn’t come down, Sanskar suddenly feels something he turns back and stares at the direction where Abhimanyu was standing, there’s no one. He leaves so does Swara as Abhimanyu sighs frustrated, “Ahaana!”
Ahaana’s eyes are blurry now with tears forming as they start to flow she runs to her room and shuts the door tight, Abhimany rushes down to her as Vibha signs Viya to go to her room and study.
Ragini smiles as Nikhil tries to entertain Ayush suddenly they hear a car enter Ragini signs Nikhil to sit with Ayush as she goes out it’s Swara and Sanskar fighting again.
“Atleast I didn’t try to kill my sister like you!” Sanskar raises his hand and slaps her hard, but is shocked when he sees it to be Ragini. Swara is also shocked, “Sanskar!”
Ragini holds back Swara, “Please guys stop this now! Its enough” she wipes her tears as Sanskar seems extremely upset, “I’m sorry Ragini, I’m… “
“You’re repenting aren’t you this is the same way you’re going to feel when you divorce her Sanskar. Swara why don’t you give him one chance? Just like I’m giving my life a new chance, I’ve decided Me and Nikhil we are going to get engaged. I was going to inform Maa and Papa first but seeing you guys like this I couldn’t keep it inside me.”
“Ragini?” Sanskar stares at her in disbelief.
“Please Sanskar out of all people I think you know me very well, Swara is blinded in her love for me but I’m selfish I can’t cry anymore for someone who doesn’t even think once for me. The truth is plain and simple he never loved me it was me who always tried to hold him onto me but now I wont anymore. Me and Nikhil like each other and if we are compatible we would even get married.”
She leaves from there as a cold feeling surrounds the duo, Sanskar hits his hand on the wall frustrated and Swara jumps in fear, “How could I raise my hand?” he hits his hand again and Swara rushes to stop him.

She holds his hand, “Get out! You can’t hurt your self here, go repent somewhere else Mr. Maheshwari” saying this she just leaves from there Ragini’s words still ringing in her ears.

“Please don’t believe her will you?”
Swara smiles sadly, “I know her good side Sanskar and you know her bad side but the thing is she’s become so cold I fear something worse that she’s hiding from us something… I just don’t know” Swara goes inside and Sanskar closes his eyes in pain, “Just admit it once that you’re sorry just for once say that Sanskar I love you! I promise I’ll forget everything every pain you’ve given me Swara but just once… “
“Ahaana open the damn door!” Abhimanya shouts frustrated as the room door opens and Ahaana stares at him blankly. “Why did you do that?”

“Because I love you and I want you to be happy and stay where you belong that’s it!”
Abhimanyu closes his eyes frustrated he sighs, “But I am where I belong with you guys my family, my wife , my daughter and you my sister in law!”
“No! You have a family of your own damnit a place where people love you and yearning for you waiting to see you” Ahaana scolds him.

“Ahaana” he smiles and pulls her into his embrace, “The family your talking about is not mine but his…” Ahaana pulls away from him, “Lakshya Maheshwari, Lucky that who you are! My college senior my best friend and not my jeeju and not Abhimany Khurana!” she yells. Vibha closes her eyes in pain as a tear trips down her cheek, “That man was a monster, he left her when she needed him the most and came back for what? Property and money?” she laughs sadly. “I’m surprised he saved you that night and crashed his car, a good sin by him surprises me. The man who did bad all his
life finally did something good and died, he deserved it and trust me I’m happy that he died so is everyone.”

“That’s not how it is Ahaana” Lakshya’s expressions become painful, “The man who is searching me errands is the same man, my elder brother Sanskar whom I didn’t trust. I hurt him, the family whom you’re talking about thinks I am irresponsible and they were right I was irresponsible back then. You guys changed me when Viya called me Papa I felt a strange feeling to protect her be with her. When Vibha was lying unconscious there I took care of her and you being my friend helped me stood with me gave me a new identity as Abhimanyu Khurana. Maybe at that time it was just for Viya for her custody but now I want to stay here and be responsible just like Mr. Durgaprasad Maheshwari said Laksh was irresponsible but Abhimanyu he is a doting father, a responsible person, a good hus…”

“Husband?” Ahaana questions him, “She is trying to move on that’s what she says for now just like you’re saying I’m happy here and Bla bla!”
“Fine, I’ll go” Lakshya states, “from here somewhere far but not back to that place!”
Ahaana stares at him frustrated, “You want me to go right?”
She hugs him tight, “You’re stupid! You would repent for this Mr. Abhimanyu Khurana!” He chuckles “lets see”

Precap : “You guys said you had no hate love story then whats this?” Ahaana smirks watching Swara again in Sanskar’s arms.
“This is Nikhil my sister Ragini’s would be fiance!” Ahaana shakes hands with Nikhil.
“Ahana what the hell? You fixed my meeting with Maheshwari’s you know… ” Ahaana cuts him, “That you can’t go infront of them? Oh comeone you said you are abhimanyu Khuran forgot so soon? and for the face tell them that stupid saying Duniya mai humare tarah dikhnewale sath log hothe hain and Blabla??” Lakshya stares at her in disbelief as she grins evilly turning her face she whispers, “The Game begins!”

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