Swaragini – FS (Few shots) Prologue


Nikhil’s POV :

Nothing hurts me more than this, her tears don’t stop at all. I hate him I scream in my head as she weeps on my shoulders, how could he leave her like that and go, how could he die? But then my innerself chuckles at my stupid question, can anyone control death? It remorses and I sigh.
“I’m sorry” she says wiping her tears and getting away from me. I hold her hand and stop her, she stares at me her eyes red with all the crying and pain. I smile at her, “You know Swara will never believe you, she won’t…”
“Will you marry me?”
Her question is like a shock for me as I stare at her my jaw hung open, “I’m sorry again, I mean we can act as liking each other and want to get married in front of others. Till Swara believes us and gets back to Sanskar then you can leave, I’ll make some excuse as we didn’t get together well anything just please be with me” she pleads.
I smile holding her hands in mine and nod with a smile, “I am with you Ragini…”

An Unknown girls POV:
“I hate you!” I hit him hard and he chuckles pulling me into a hug, “Welcome back” he kisses my hair and I sigh defeated. As we pull apart he picks up my luggage and we walk towards his car.
“Hows Di now?” I ask dancing and walking at the same time, “You’ll never change will you?” he laughs and I frown. “Just walking is so boring La… I mean jiju!”
“Abhimanyu… “
“I won’t call you that never!” He sighs pulling the car open for me, “Stubborn Ahaana!”
“Yes I am just like you Jiju!”
“Jiju is better” he nods going to other side and takes the drivers seat, “We all missed you chotu!”
She hits him, “Ouch!”
“Don’t call me that I’m big and have a neice who is 6 years old now!”
He nods as they drive off.

At the Baadi, Swara’s cellphone rings and she stares at it annoyed, “Guess Mr Maheshwari got another thing to blame one me. Go and I’m not going to talk to you!” she yells at the phone and turns to leave. To her shock Sanskar is standing right infront of her, she gets afraid and is about to yell but he keeps his hand on her mouth.
“So you forgot me so much in these days or is it that Nikhil is so much in your mind nowadays that you forget to acknowledge me.”
She rolls her eyes at him and he removes his hand from her mouth, “I was thinking Mr. Maheshwari is such a long name to call so how about giving you a new Name and thanks to you I found one.”
He stares at her dubious, “Mr. Jealous! What do you say?” she fake smiles at him.
He stutters, “I’m.. I’m not jealous” he grabs her hand and turns her around so that she’s facing opposite to him as he whispers in her ear, “I’m not jealous because you’re not mine anymore and you mean nothing to me but then you and me both know that I can make you mine in seconds.” A wind passes and they both close their eyes.
Swara tries freeing her hand and pulls away from him, “It hurts Sanskar!” she says rubbing her hand and he smirks. “Its nothing compared to the pain you gave and are still giving me every moment of the day…” They share an eyelock.
He removes something from his jacket’s pocket and hands it to her, “You asked for this, just make sure you don’t hurt her more Swara… “
“She’s my sister Sanskar and I’m not like you!” she snaps and he smirks. “You can never be like me Swara.”

Precap : “I wont let you hurt yourself Laksh, it wasn’t your fault.”
“I’m trying to be responsible for the first time Ahaana please let me be.”
“This isn’t being responsible this is sheer stupidity!”

“Oh comeon Swara Gadodia are you serious? Making her cry and repent on her decision thats what you do to prove yourself a good sister?” Sanskar questions Swara who smiles at him sadly, “Atleast I didn’t try to kill her with a stone did I?”
Sanskar lifts his hand to slap her but someone else gets slapped instead…

Hope you like it having my exams so can’t post Sangini right now and Ae dil hai mushkil too so giving try to this few shot or I’ll go mad without writing something 😉

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