Swaragini (Friendship,Love,pain) Intro


Hello Friends……

My Name is Aarohi Sen.I am a very big fan of SWARAGINI…..I read all the fanfiction stories and i am speecless after reading all are awsome writer many stories made me cry seriously…..i never cried by watching a film or serial but ff stories has made this possible….
So i thought why dont i also try to write one and impress you all……
My writting skills are not good u all will come to know but still a story i want u all to read…..u will comment or not i dnt knw coz its upto u i cannt force anyone…….
Today is my Best friend ‘s birthday so i will write my story from today…

Before intro i want to tell what this story consist of :
Its a story of friendship love commitment betray and also destiny ……….Love story will start after a few episods because i will start the story from teenage(from class 8)and gradually it will go….r u all ok wid it????

Swara Bose:Cute sweet talkative only wid her close friends a little mysterious fun-loving as i said only wid her close friends.She is not very much popular average study student.But the one quality for which she is famous is that she is very much loyal to anyone anyone can share anything wid her she can die but will never revel anyones secret….for this reason she has many friends and they all love her.Best friends(i will revel it soon)
Ragini sen:She is the topper of her school fun loving allrounder talkatibe straight forward whatever she think or want to do she will do or say straightly….she is the star of her school every teacher likes her n (as we knw famous people have many enemies)so does she …..she is liked by all infront of her but nearly everyone hates her coz she is very intelligent+beautiful(we can say beauty wid brain)

my story will be focus on how swara and ragini will be friends and from friends solemates(not lesbo guys) after that i will intro our heroes and ya pairs are not selected but i will reveal it soon……But for nearly 10episodes i will focus on friendship coz there are many love stories…….ok????


Credit to: Aarohi

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  1. I didn’t liked it dear ……I loved it….plz do continue and plz make it swalak

  2. swalak please there r too many swasan ff

  3. pla arohi make it as swasan nd raglak…..

  4. Hmm plz give imp to both equally

  5. Swalak plzz

  6. If it will be swalak it will be fun to read this

  7. OK…agree…..n luv my ragini……

  8. Nice continue but plzz make it swasan

  9. good i like the story line

  10. good i like the story line.good luck

  11. Nice dear….wish ur friend a happy birthday…and who say that u don’t have good writing skills your passion in writing can be seen clearly in ur story…
    And if u like than plz make the pairs swasan and raglak

  12. Nice plzz continue

  13. nice start and plz make it swasan and raglak

  14. awesome i lov it keep updatng

  15. Raglak plz

  16. Plz make it swasan yaar plzzzzz nd if you want to focus on friendship then focus it till 5 episodes because 10 parts will be so mch nd plzzzz swasan

  17. nice intro and raglak plz

  18. nice intro..

  19. swasan please episode is nice

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